11 Biblical Meanings of Hearing your Name Called

Hearing voices is nothing physical. It has a spiritual meaning that must be deciphered. This is the reason behind many events in our lives.

Spiritually, we should never take the voices we hear for granted.

While others might refer to it as being psychiatric, we must choose to see it as a spiritual indication that needs your attention.

One of the voices you will hear is the sound of your name. Whenever this happens, it is beyond doubt that something is fishing. This can be a good sign or a bad sign. However, it depends on other factors surrounding the spiritual event. 

In the bible, there are 11 meanings of hearing your name called.

All of these will be discussed in this article. What does it mean to hear your name called? How can you understand the reason behind the voices you hear? Read on to find out more about the 11 biblical meanings of hearing your name called.

Why do I hear my name being called?

This is because something needs to be communicated to your soul. Oftentimes, you will hear your name because a spiritual message needs to be passed across.

This is similar to what happens in real life.

When someone needs your attention, they will call out your name, and then deliver the message you need to hear.

Spiritually, the pattern does not change.

Anytime you hear your name being called, it is saying that God wants to send a powerful message to you. There is something you need to know, and you need to pay attention.

Another reason for hearing your name being called is tied to your past.

Whenever you need to remember something from your past, you might hear your name being called. This does not happen every time but is a possible spiritual reason for going through such an experience. 

It’s Normal hearing someone call your name?

No, it is not normal to hear someone call your name – especially if nobody is around.

You might term it as normal if someone calls you. However, if you were sleeping, or alone in a place, and suddenly hears your name, this is not a normal event. It has several spiritual messages, which will be discussed in this article.

Hearing your name out of nowhere is spiritual.

This is one of the common mediums of communication with prophets and messengers of God.

However, it can be used by any other person.

Therefore, be open to experiencing this at one point or the other.

Now, apart from getting a message through this experience, do you know that you can also know about the intentions of people through this? Yes, it is possible. The voice of the person calling your name, and what is said after can give you a clue about what the person is saying. 

This is why hearing your name out of nowhere is spiritual. Through this experience, you can get access to diverse messages that can transform your life.

11 Biblical Meanings of Hearing your name called

Biblically, hearing of name is found.

Therefore, it is normal to hear your name called from heaven.

The task lies in getting the best message from this experience.

The following 11 biblical meanings will explain what happens every time you hear your name being called. Furthermore, it will open you up to the different spiritual messages that come from hearing your name being called.

1) God wants to send you on an errand

In the bible, this is a common occurrence.

Whenever God wants to send people on an errand, he calls out their names and sends them the message. An example of this is Samuel.

God called him 3 times and sent him to go to Eli the prophet.

There are other examples scattered all over the bible. Therefore, if you hear your name, it might be a sign that God has a message you need to deliver. He has a task you need to accomplish.

2) Correction

If you are treading on the wrong path, God might call out to you in the middle of the night.

This is when you will begin to hear your name loudly, and with a stern voice.

Whenever this happens, it does not bring bad energy. It is only a spiritual way to tell you something is wrong.

Through this experience, God is saying that you have taken a wrong decision, and the time to repent has come.

This is one of the reasons why you will hear your name at the midnight, and with a stern voice. It is called a voice of correction.

3) Study the Bible

If you ever hear your name alongside a bible verse, God is instructing you to study the bible.

Does this mean you should spend hours on that bible verse? Yes, and No.

The answer will only be affirmative if you are at home. You can use that bible verse to study a whole lot of concepts, and draw out spiritual revelations.

However, if you are on the move, or at work, this bible verse might be for guidance.

It might be telling you what to do, or warning you of something. Therefore, always pick up that bible verse to see what God has to say from it.

4) Something good is about to happen

If you suddenly hear your name with laughter, it is saying that something good is going to happen soon.

In the bible, isaac was called the son of laughter because Sarah laughed at the message from God.

Laughter can be a sign of mockery (which we will see later), and it can be a sign of good luck. In this case, it is a sign of good luck. Anytime you hear some call your name with laughter, it is preparing you for a great uplifting and favor.

5) People are mocking you

Whenever people begin to mock you behind your back, hearing your name can give you the sign.

Whenever you hear your name with people laughing in the background, this is a sign of mockery. It is saying that people are speaking ill of you behind your back, and making jest of your mistakes and failures.

Now, why will God reveal this to you? It is to make you stronger. After getting this message, you might feel down for a while. However, you will become stronger, and learn to trust yourself more than others.

6) Direction

If you don’t know what to do, and you suddenly hear your name coming from behind, it is a sign of direction.

The bible says that “a voice will come from behind telling you to walk in a path”.

Therefore, hearing your name from behind (during a confusing phase) is a sign of direction.

Once you hear your name, pay close attention to the signals and messages that follow. You will instantly know what step to take, and how to go about things.

7) Danger sign

Anytime you feel scared after hearing your name, this is a sign that danger is coming.

It gives you a quick signal to protect yourself from spiritual attacks.

This is not to create fear, but caution. Through this sign, you will become spiritually alert. In addition to this, you will look out for loopholes, and try to fix them before danger comes.

8) Someone is thinking about you

The sound of your name can indicate the desire of your friend to see you.

If your friend misses you, God can show this to you through the calling of your name. However, you will hear the voice of your friend calling out to you.

This has been proven to be 100 percent legitimate.

Anytime you hear your friend calling out to you with a plain voice, it reveals that he/she misses you.

9) You need to pay attention to your career

Dreaming of hearing your boss calling out your name is a sign from God.

This means that you should pay closer attention to your career.

This is saying that you are beginning to lose touch with your career goals and objectives.

Therefore, take time to reflect on your goals, review your strategies, and see if you are still on track.

If you aren’t, then, this is the best time to change the narrative. Through this dream, you will find your footing in your career and climb up the ladder successfully.

10) You need to remember something

Through the calling of a name, you can remember an important detail.

This happened to me some days ago. There is this energy that comes out of hearing your name, which immediately triggers your mind to remember everything you have forgotten.

Biblically, every time you call Jesus, you remember what he has done for you in the past. This is the same pattern for you.

Every time you hear your name being called, it brings memories to your mind and helps you organize your thoughts.

11) You have a spiritual calling

Just as God called Samuel to be a prophet, he can also call you to a spiritual position.

This is one of the spiritual meanings of hearing your name called.

Whenever you hear your name from a far distance, it is most likely a sound from heaven.

This is a spiritual indication that you have a prophetic gift that can hear voices.

The next step is accepting this divine ability, and functioning in it.

Hearing your name when no one is calling you meaning

It means that a spirit is calling out to you. Every time you hear your name when no one is actually calling you, take time out to reflect on spirituality. 2 spiritual beings can call out to you in this manner:

  1. Your guardian angel: If your guardian angel calls out to you in this manner, it is likely to provide direction. This is why you will hear your name when no one is actually calling you.
  2. The spirit of your lost loved one: This is another possibility. It is said that deceased loved ones can come to check up on their relatives. When they do, you will hear your name in a soft tone. It will almost sound like a whisper. All this is doing is to create an awareness that a familiar spirit is around.

Hearing your name called while falling asleep

This is a call to be on alert.

Anytime you hear your name while falling asleep, this is saying that you are beginning to lose your guard. It also means that your spiritual senses are not sharp enough to pick spiritual signals.

Therefore, the calling out of name is to awaken you from your slumber and set you on your watchtower to see what lies ahead, and what the spiritual world has to say.

Hearing someone call your name while awake

The 11 spiritual meanings above fit into this category. Whenever you hear someone call your name when awake, one of the spiritual messages in this article is for you.

I heard my mom call my name, but no one was there

Whenever this happens, it is saying that your mom is doing one of these 3 activities:

  • She misses you;
  • She is praying for you;
  • And she is worried about you.

Therefore, make sure to check up on her after hearing your name in her voice.

Hearing your mum’s voice when no one is there establishes a deep connection with your parental source.

Could it be bad spirits?

No, bad spirits cannot speak to you through your mom’s voice.

Mothers carry an energy of love, compassion, and kindness. Therefore, they cannot be used by bad spirits.

Could it be my Guardian Angel?

Yes, our mothers become guardian angels after they die.

However, they perform this role even while they are alive.

Therefore, hearing your mom call your name when no one was there is a sign of your guardian angel.

Final Words

In this article, it is clear that hearing voices is not necessarily a sign that you are losing your mind – especially when you hear someone calling your name. Therefore, look forward to having this experience, and be prepared to take advantage of it.

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