11 Spiritual Meanings of Dogs Barking or Howling at Night (at you?)

Dogs are loyal companion animals, little wonder they are commonly referred to as a man’s best friend.

Therefore, many people believe that it is a good idea to have dogs around for so many reasons

Meanwhile, everything in existence has two sides to them – the physical and the spiritual.

And we all try to find a balance between these two sides.

However, dogs have a better sense of awareness about their physical and spiritual sides than humans.

Hence, they can sense the slightest change in their environment which can be oblivious to humans.

If you are a spiritually-enlightened person who has ever wondered what spiritual meanings are associated with the behavior of dogs such as barking and howling, continue reading this article to find out. 

What is the spiritual meaning of a dog barking?

Dog barking in spiritual world

It is a habit for dogs to bark, but sometimes there is more to it than just a habitual sound. When you hear dogs barking, you need to pay critical attention to what happens around you

You also need to pay attention to the body language of dogs when they bark to help you deduce what spiritual message they are trying to convey.

For instance, if a dog barks excitedly while jumping and wagging its tail, this could be a positive sign.

On the other hand, if a dog barks while hiding its tail between its legs, this could be a symbol of danger. 

In some religions, it is believed that when people die untimely without completing their mission on earth, they transmigrate to other regions to start a new life.

They can live among humans but they now have a stronger connection to their spiritual sides than real humans do.

Dogs will often bark at the transmigrants because they see them for what they are.  

Here are other spiritual beliefs associated with dogs barking:

  • Dogs bark to keep your spiritual mind alert and charged up when your spirit is getting weary.
  • Another spiritual meaning of dogs barking is that they can feel the presence of a spiritual force. It could be an angel, demon, or ghost.
  • Hearing dogs bark can bring fresh ideas to your mind that you can execute to achieve great success.

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What is the spiritual meaning of a dog howling at night?

Dog howling

Dogs are otherwise known as domestic wolves. Hence, just as wolves communicate by howling, dogs do this also.

However, there are several spiritual interpretations associated with dogs’ howling, especially at night. 

Dogs have a stronger connection to their spiritual sides better at night than at day. When you hear a pack of dogs howling at the same time at night, they are celebrating.

Some psychics can communicate with spiritually-connected animals like dogs. Such psychics can tell what the dogs have seen in the past and what they foresee for the future from their howls. 

Additionally, dogs can howl continuously at night because they are scared for you.

They might have sensed an impending danger that cannot be averted.

For instance, dogs can sense death even before it happens. If a dog owner has a terminal disease, the dog can foresee the death happening and will howl because they are sad about that. 

In addition, just as humans sing praises and pray, dogs do too. And one of the ways they do that is by howling.

Other spiritual beliefs associated with dogs howling at night include:

  • Dogs are spiritually connected with themselves even from a distance. Howling at night could mean they are mourning the loss of one of them
  • Nighttime is the most convenient for spirits to move around on the earth. Consequently, dogs will howl when they see spirits and other ancestral bodies.
  • Another reason dogs howl is to announce their presence to spirits invading their territory uninvited.

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Spiritual meaning of a dog barking at you

Dog barking at you

A dog barking at you could mean that you have evil intentions against someone and you need to stop. This person might have hurt you and you find it hard to forgive them because they are not remorseful.

Hence, you’ve been holding resentment in your heart against them or you might even have your revenge all planned out.

You need to learn to forgive this person so you can heal and be a better version of yourself.

Dogs barking at you could also mean you need to abort a mission.

This is something I can personally relate to.

I know you want to hear my story, so there you go.

Some years back, I was traveling from college to meet my family. And while on my way to the train station, I met my friend Anita with her dog – sherry. 

Sherry loves me just like I love her too. And she will often wag her tail, jump at me, and lick my face when she sees me. 

However, Sherry didn’t seem happy when I met them at the train station. Strangely, she went straight to my suitcase, pushing it back in the direction of home and barking at me. 

Eventually, Anita advised me to change my mind about making the trip which I succumbed to. And just a few minutes into our way home, Sherry was her bubbly self again. 

Meanwhile, we heard later in the news that the train derailed and plenty of people got hurt. I was grateful for Sherry. 

What does it mean when you hear a dog bark in your sleep?

Hearing dogs barking it's a bad sign at night?

During our sleep, lots of things happen.

For example, we build a stronger connection with our spiritual side during our sleep. Hence, some spiritual messages are communicated to us in our dreams. However, it can be quite difficult to understand the meaning of these dreams. 

For instance, when you dream of a dog barking excitingly, it could be a sign that your long-awaited expectations are getting fulfilled.

This could also mean that you are about to make the loudest breakthrough you will ever achieve. 

If you hear a dog barking aggressively in your dream while snarling, this could mean that you are about to get in a lot of trouble.

It could be that you will be bullied or meet hijackers. If you have just recently moved to a new place.

This could mean that you need to leave as soon as you can.

Here are other things to bear in mind if you hear a dog bark in your sleep:

  • This could mean that you will experience bad luck or bad energy;
  • It could also mean that you are stepping on someone’s nerve knowingly and could get deeply hurt if you don’t step back;
  • You can hear a dog bark in your sleep if there seems to be some darkness in you, you should check yourself;
  • This could be a sign for you to share the ideas in your head with others.

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11 Spiritual Meanings of hearing dogs barking at night

Spiritual Meaning of hearing dogs barking at night

1) Your prayers are answered 

Whenever we pray about something, we might not always get answers immediately.

However, we often hope to get some signs that our prayers have been answered.

If you hear dogs barking at night during or after your prayers, this could be a sign that your prayers are answered.  

2) Protection from evil spirits 

Dogs are great protectors.

They don’t only protect you from predators and burglars, they protect you from evil spirits too.

Dogs can scare away evil spirits that might want to torment you at night. 

3) You are on the right path

Sometimes, when we have to make important decisions, there might be different options to choose from.

Some decisions will end up in regret but for you to choose one that will be successful, you need some spiritual guidance.

You might have taken a decision but still contemplating if you did the right thing.

If you find yourself in this situation, hearing a dog bark at night can imply that you are on the right path.

4) Negative energy around you 

People can have good and bad energy but because most people are not very spiritual, they can’t tell.

You might have friends and not have a clue that they carry negative energy.

If you ever got close to anybody with negative energy or even brought them to your house, your dog can let you know by barking.

5) Protection from bad luck 

Outcomes of events and occurrences can be attributed to bad lucks if they do not end up as we intend.

When this happens frequently, you might need to ask for spiritual help against bad luck.

Hearing a dog bark can be a sign that you are now protected from your recurring bad luck.

6) A reminder to fulfill your divine assignment

We are all sent to this world to accomplish a mission.

Your mission could be to help the poor, to strengthen peoples’ beliefs, to save lives, or to put an end to tyranny.

But sometimes we often forget how mission and focus more on living and loving.

According to spiritualists, hearing dogs bark will remind you of your heavenly sent assignments and you buy back on the course of achieving them.

7) A need to listen to wise counsel

Sometimes when you hear a dog bark, the spiritual interpretation is that you have been resisting wise counsel.

You need to check your life to see who has been telling you something, warning you, advising you, or chastising you.

When you can identify this person, you should listen to them and do as they say, so you don’t make bad decisions. 

8) You have a hero

Hearing a dog bark could imply that you have someone in your life who is constantly standing up for you.

Whenever you find yourself in tight situations, this person always comes through for you.

You need to appreciate this person and keep them close.

9) A sign that you should not be intimidated

You might be going through challenges where some people are trying to shut you up by bullying you or making you feel weak.

Hearing a dog bark could be an awakening of your inner fierceness telling you to be outspoken, unafraid, and unintimidated.

10) The symbolism of discovery

Dogs are smart animals, and that’s one of the reasons they are widely used in intelligent units.

They can uncover what is hidden from humans.

A dog barking at night could open your eyes and mind to an idea you haven’t considered before.

11) A sign that someone close to you is pretentious

If someone is trying to get close to you but you have a deep feeling that they are hiding something.

This feeling can also be accompanied by hearing dogs bark at night, this could be a confirmation that this person is not entirely who they say they are

Spiritual meaning of hearing a dog bark, but there’s no dog

Ghost dog

Several people have shared their experiences about hearing a dog bark but they can’t see any dog.

These occurrences have left many people wondering how possible that is and if it has a spiritual meaning.

The truth is hearing a dog bark when there is no dog is a spiritual occurrence.

This could be a warning that you are losing the connection to your spiritual side which can be detrimental to your spiritual life.

Here are other spiritual meanings associated with hearing dogs bark without seeing any dog:

  • There is something about you that is keeping your guardian angel from coming close to you.
  • A trap to lure you into danger.
  • A sign to look further and deeper to find solutions to your problems.

Final Words

It is very common to associate dogs’ behaviors like barking and howling with some spiritual messages.

This message could be good or bad, but whatever the message, it is important to understand what it means.

To help you understand the spiritual meanings of dogs, and behaviors you should pay close attention to their mood and how it relates to the situations around you.






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