11 Spiritual Meanings of Seeing a Blue Jay and Cardinal Together

Blue jay and cardinal are birds of high esteem. They are known for their beauty, elegance, pride, and strength.

Even though they look small, both birds possess such a deep quality of life, which has kept them as survivors in the world of birds today.

In addition to this, their spiritual significance cannot be denied

Over the years, I have noticed carvings of both birds in highly spiritual places. This was the first time I realized that both birds could be used together for a spiritual purpose.

After many findings and research, it became clear to me that seeing a blue jay and cardinal together is possible

Although, many quarters claim that it is impossible to see both birds together because they don’t belong to the same family.

However, it is important to note that spiritual signs don’t follow natural laws.

Don’t rule out the possibility of seeing both spirit animals together in one place. 

What you should seek to do is to understand the spiritual meaning of seeing both birds together.

This is why you should also read this article.

Having a complete understanding of the spiritual significance of these birds can be refreshing to the soul. 

You don’t want to miss out on that, right? Then, read on till the end. 

It’s Normal Seeing a Cardinal and Blue Jay Together?

Blue Jay
Blue Jay

It is not normal to see a cardinal and blue jay together. In the natural world, blue jays are one of the most intelligent birds in the world.

They can process things faster. This quality makes them see other birds as lesser in knowledge and intuition.

Therefore, they flock around themselves

Except in extreme spiritual circumstances, it is almost nearly impossible to find blue jays and cardinals together.

Biology explains that both birds belong to separate families of birds. They are distant creatures that should NORMALLY not relate with themselves. 

Those who argue that it is impossible to see a cardinal and blue jay together use this particular standpoint to present their arguments.

However, does this rule out the decision of the universe?

Biblically, God created all birds of the air. Therefore, He can manipulate them to do certain things according to His will and desire.

This is why the concept of seeing cardinals and blue jays together can only be understood from a spiritual standpoint

Let us get into the spiritual meanings of seeing both birds. 

What does it mean when You See a Blue Jay and a Cardinal Together?


This sign encourages people to never look down on one another. Blue jays are brilliant birds. They will never agree to flock around other birds of lesser intelligence (which cardinals belong to).

The moment you see these birds together, it means that the blue jay has decided to let go of its pride to relate with birds of lesser quality.

This teaches us a lesson. 

The fact that you belong to a higher class does not allow you to look down on someone else.

Getting this omen from the spiritual world emphasizes a lot on the power of humility and friendship.

It helps us to live together irrespective of our levels of success and accomplishments. 

In addition to this, seeing a blue jay and a cardinal together calls your spiritual attention.

It triggers curiosity in you, which creates the best opportunity for the universe to reach out to you.

Sometimes, seeing a paradoxical situation like this could be an attempt of the spiritual world to communicate certain truths and facts to the core of our souls. 

Could it be a Spiritual Sign?

Signs from these two birds

Yes, it can be a spiritual sign

Anytime you see something that is beyond human explanations and predictions, it is from a spiritual source.

Therefore, seeing a blue jay and a cardinal together is a spiritual sign.

Through this sign, you can get encouraged, motivated, and inspired to accomplish great things in life. 

Furthermore, the spiritual energy surrounding both birds makes them the perfect combo to deliver certain messages to us.

Whenever you get a sign with both birds, don’t ignore it or explain it as an error of the universe.

It was strategically designed to get your attention and communicate a lot of messages to your soul. 

Seeing a Blue Jay and a Cardinal Together: 11 Spiritual Meanings

Spiritual meaning of seeing a blue jay and cardinal together

The thought of seeing both birds together is impossible. But when it happens, there are certain spiritual signs and messages you can get. Through these messages, a lot will become clearer about your life and your environment. 

Spiritual messages are given to help us understand what we should do.

They are also sent to us as a form of encouragement and healing omens.

It is important to know WHY the spiritual world is using blue jays and cardinals as a channel of communication with you. 

1) Love and Passion

Spiritual love

When you see both birds together, they send a message to your heart concerning your dreams.

This experience reminds you to never lose your love and passion for your goals and pursuits. Sometimes, things will become hard and difficult to solve.

This is not enough reason for you to give up on your plan.

Your love and passion should be burning every time

2) Spiritual Foresight

The energy of these birds can bless people with spiritual foresight.

Spiritual foresight is the unique ability that:

  • Sees the future;
  • Predicts events;
  • And spot danger signs.

We need to have this. When you are blessed with spiritual foresight, it becomes easier to know when there is danger ahead or not

This is why you had a dream of seeing both the blue jays and cardinals together.

Your spiritual senses are about to be activated. 

3) Spiritual Awakening

Blue jay

Your spiritual attention is required at all times.

Severally, multiple spiritual signs and omens have gone past us without notice.

We have suffered from several issues in life due to our carelessness and spiritual insensitivity.

This explains why you have been visited by both birds.

Their presence creates an urgency in your heart to become spiritually awakened.

By opening your soul to the energy of these birds, you will experience an inner transformation, which will lead to the beginning of a spiritual adventure

4) The Spirits of your Loved Ones have Come to Visit You

Through these birds, the spirits of deceased people can check on their loved ones.

This explains why different birds can flock together.

The blue jay and cardinal will fly to your home at separate time intervals.

However, because they are kindred spirits, they will sit beside themselves.

Whenever you miss your dead loved ones, seeing the blue jay and cardinal together is an omen of their presence.

This indicates that your lost loved ones have come to visit you and encourage you

5) Goodness and Mercy

Cardianl and Blue Jay

Biblically, both birds are a sign of goodness and mercy.

Anytime you dream of being followed by several blue jays and cardinals, it means that goodness and mercy are following you.

God has given you this dream as an assurance that your life is about to change.

For example, if you are going for a job interview, having this type of dream is a guarantee. It means that you will be favored during the interview and get the job you have been praying for. 

Just like the biblical verse in psalm 23 “surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me, all the days of my life …” this is how you will also enjoy the omen

6) Take Care of your Health

Have you ever seen a blue jay and a cardinal in the rain? 

This refers to sickness. It reveals that you have not taken good care of your health in the past.

Your health is about to deteriorate – if you fail to take heed of this message.

Anytime the universe brings this sign to you, it is the best time to watch out for your health.

Lookout for the aspects of your health you need to work on. 

If necessary, take breaks off work to rest and relax your mind. 

7) You can be friends with people of differing views and opinions

You need to accept difference

Blue jays and cardinals are birds of different species and families.

They should never be found flocking around with each other.

For spirituality, the universe can bring about a change in their behaviors to teach you the power of co-existing with people of differing views and opinions. 

You might never find a friend who thinks like you.

However, the ability to accommodate people can bring several people into your life who might be different from you but are supportive and loyal to your cause

8) It is time to plan

Spiritually, dreaming of both birds reveals that the time to plan has come.

You might have gotten some ideas, which need to be implemented. However, you felt the time had not come.

Well, the dream you just had is enough proof that you are in the season of implementation.

Therefore, begin to craft several plans while you trust the universe for wisdom.

9) Clarity has Come

Clarity and positive energies

Do you need the help of the universe concerning confusing areas of your life? Getting a tattoo of a blue jay and a cardinal can help.

It is believed that both birds possess the positive energy to bring clarity to people’s minds.

When this clarity comes, indecision is over.

Your mind will be illuminated with light, and you will know what to do.

10) Positive Energy

The presence of these birds around you eliminates negativity.

Apart from that, they also warn you against negativity. With the sign from both birds, ensure you stay away from negative thoughts, emotions, people, and voices.

Keep only positive things around you. With this, your mind will be rid of bad thoughts and energy.

11) Healing

Spiritual healing

When you see a blue jay carrying an olive branch with its beak, it is believed to be a spiritual message of healing.

This means that your body will be healed of every form of sickness.

By extension, this message can be received for your soul and spirit as well.

Is Seeing a Red Cardinal and a Blue Jay Together a Bad Sign?

Bad sign from two birds together

No, seeing them together is not a bad sign.

A lot of people have associated this with negativity. However, that is not true.

Individually, these birds possess a deeply spiritual quality that exudes positivity. 

The Blue Jay bird is a spiritual sign of intelligence. Whenever you dream of it, the universe is enhancing your ability to think creatively. Additionally, it brings a message of healing to the body, soul, and spirit. 

The cardinal is a message of hope. Anytime you see it flying above your head, it is a sign that all hope is not lost. With the encouragement from this bird, you will become mentally and emotionally strong enough to not give up on your dreams. 

Now, imagine the combination of both birds. 

Can you see how powerful they can be? The positive energy from these birds is mindblowing and can speak to us positively

Should I be Concerned?

Blue jay and a cardinal

Yes, you should be concerned about these birds. Anytime they show up around you, it is a moment of deep reflection on your life.

Ask yourself certain questions to expose the deepest concerns of your soul.

Since the energy from a blue jay and a cardinal can bring direction, exposing your mind to them causes their lights to shine in your soul, which brings about clarity, direction, and precision of steps

In addition to this, because the spirits of your lost loved ones can inhabit the bodies of both birds, they are spirit animals to pay attention to.

Never take this sign for granted. 

Final Words

The universe can be mysterious at times.

Through the way they speak to us, it is evident that certain unexplainable events are only meant to draw our attention.

This is why our eyes (both inner and outer) must be ready to catch a glimpse of certain strange things in our environments – just like seeing a blue jay and a cardinal together

And when we catch a glimpse of these strange signs, our minds must remain fixed on them till the intended message is extracted for our good. 

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