13 Praying Mantis Meanings in the Bible: It’s Good Luck?

Do you want to know the spiritual meanings of a praying mantis in the bible? Then, this is the best place for you. In this article, we will look at the different messages of a praying mantis from the biblical perspective.

A praying mantis is a beautiful-looking creature. Although, it has a curious look, which makes a lot of people dread its presence.

The praying mantis is believed to be a creature from the alien world.

This explains its strong thin legs and big sharp fore clips. However, there is more to a praying mantis than this belief.

In the spiritual world, a praying mantis carries a deep spiritual meaning than what you can conceive. It has been revered in the spirit world as a creature of high intelligence and spiritual significance.

Therefore, seeing a praying mantis should be counted worthy of honor. If you find a praying mantis on your clothes, the spiritual meaning becomes very personal to you.

There are several meanings for a praying mantis in the bible.

Therefore, as a Christian, you should pay attention to what you are about to read right now. 

What does a Praying Mantis mean?

Praying mantis spiritual meaning

A praying mantis is a sign of mystery. Whenever you see a praying mantis, it means that there is a mystery around you and your family member.

If you see a praying mantis in your home, it means you should ask questions from the people you live with.

There is important information that someone is holding back from you, which might be crucial to your transformation.

Praying mantis is mostly around to bring to light everything that is hidden in the hearts of people. This is why you should always be eager to ask questions from the people in your home about everything that comes to your mind.

Furthermore, if you see a praying mantis at work, it is an indication of great spiritual awareness. That is, the spiritual realm is watching over you as you perform your clerical duties at work.

This is a good sign because you can be assured of the protection of the universe.

With this, you will be free from negativity and an unbalanced spiritual vibrational frequency.

Now, there is more to this. Therefore, don’t run along with the slightest idea that you have the accurate answer to the spiritual meaning of a praying mantis.

In the 13 different meanings of a praying mantis, you will discover more amazing things about the praying mantis. 

Therefore, read on to find out more.

Praying Mantis Symbolism in the Bible

Praying Mantis Symbolism in the Bible

In the bible, the praying mantis has different symbolism. One of the symbols is peace. The bible says that the kingdom of God is in peace in the holy ghost.

Therefore, whenever you see a praying mantis, it is believed that the spiritual world is trying to show you the way to peace. This will come to people that are going through a difficult time in their lives. 

Another spiritual symbolism of a praying mantis is the ability to pray.

It is believed that the praying mantis assumes a posture of prayer every time.

Therefore, whenever you see the praying mantis, it is a sign that the universe is inspiring you to pray.

There is a need for you to pray against enemies, it is a sign that you should pray for good luck. The bible encourages everyone to pray without ceasing.

Therefore, the praying mantis is a symbolism of prayer for every Christian.

The praying mantis is also a sign of your angel. Whenever an angel from the Lord wants to visit you, it can come in the form of a praying mantis to show you the way out of difficult situations.

13 Praying Mantis Meanings in the Bible

Praying Mantis Meaning in the Bible

In the bible, there are different spiritual meanings for a praying mantis. Now, you will not find a direct spiritual description of a praying mantis in the bible.

However, you can find a lot of spiritual messages that are closer in meaning to the praying mantis. This is what we are going to extract in its exact detail.

1) Peace

Have you been struggling with life lately? Then, the praying mantis is a sign of peace from God. Through the praying mantis, you will receive peace from God above the storms of your life.

The praying mantis has come to show you that you can achieve peace amid storms.

With the praying mantis, your soul will be refreshed, and the bowels of your spirit will receive fresh strength to keep your peace in hard times.

2) Your prayers will be answered

Whenever a praying mantis sits on your bed, God is revealing to you that your prayers will be answered.

Seeing the praying mantis on the bed is a state of rest in God.

Therefore, God is telling you to rest assured in the answers to your prayers. God is revealing that all the requests you have tendered to God will be granted in no time.

Therefore, if you have been doubting the power of God, this might be the best time to quit doubting and embrace the faith that brings answers to prayers.

3) Prayer

If you see a praying mantis flying from one point to another in your room, it means that you should pray.

In the place of prayer, you will stand to watch spiritually.

This is how to become spiritually sensitive to God and all of his instructions. The bible says that we should watch and be sober against the attack of the enemy.

Therefore, whenever this happens, begin to say prayers of protection, be attentive to the spirit of God, and you will receive answers from God.

This message came to me at a point of spiritual lukewarmness in my life, and it fired me up to serve God in prayers.

4) Stability

Of all the qualities of a praying mantis, the one that stands out to me is its ability to maintain its stability in the face of threats.

This passes a spiritual message to you concerning persecution.

  • Have you been persecuted because of your faith in God?
  • Have people mocked you because of your faith in God?

Then, the praying mantis is around to encourage you. It has come to show you from the bible that persecution is only meant to make you stronger and not weaker.

Therefore, leverage the praying mantis, and draw strength from it for your emotional and mental stability.

5) Patience

The praying mantis is a creature of patience. With its slow movement, it can achieve anything it purposes. In the bible, patience is a fruit of the spirit.

Therefore, you have to embrace it. With patience, you will get to the peak of your career, life, and relationship.

You must learn to not rush the processes of your life.

This is a vital lesson that must be learned.

Therefore, if you see a praying mantis moving slowly across your window frame, it is a spiritual teacher of patience. Therefore, embrace this fruit of the spirit to your advantage.

6) Spiritual power

The shape of a praying mantis gives it the look of an alien creature. Now, in the spiritual world, this points our attention to the spiritual beings that excel in power.

If you see a praying mantis on your head, it is a sign of spiritual power.

This means that God is giving you the spiritual power to conquer all of your enemies. You need to meditate on this until it becomes your consciousness and eventually reflects in your lifestyle and endeavors.

7) The anointing of God

The praying mantis can create a desire for God’s anointing in your soul.

Therefore, if you dream of holding a praying mantis in your hand, this might be a sign of the desperation in your soul for the anointing of God.

Whenever you wake up from this dream, pray to God and ask him for his holy spirit power, and you will receive the request of your heart.

8) Wealth

If you see a praying mantis on the first day of the week, it is a sign of wealth and good luck.

God is revealing to you that your week will be filled with prosperity.

The bible says that God desires that we live in good health and prosper – even as our souls prospereth.

Therefore, take the presence of the praying mantis literally for prosperity, and look forward to it during the week.

9) Spiritual sensitivity

Seeing a praying mantis in the night means that you should be spiritually sensitive to the things around you. God is calling your attention to this important aspect.

You might have neglected your spiritual life for so long. However, the spirit of God has come in the form of the praying mantis to encourage you, and challenge your spiritual life.

With the presence of the praying mantis, you can become spiritually conscious of the things around you.

10) Love

It is said that a praying mantis loves its brother or kin.

Therefore, if you see 2 praying mantis, it means that you should show signs of love to your friends, and family members.

The bible says that Love rules above all, and it can make your enemies become your friends and close allies. Therefore, embrace love with the whole of your heart.

11) Secrets

If you suddenly find a praying mantis in your back, then, you should be cautious.

This is a sign that someone around you is keeping secrets from you. You need to be spiritually sensitive to everyone around you because this is how to fish out the secrets in their hearts.

12) Start small

A praying mantis does not grow big all of a sudden; it goes through its process. Whenever you see a praying mantis, God is reminding you to start small.

The greed and tendency in our hearts to achieve greatness overnight is nothing but a façade.

Therefore, the praying mantis will teach you the discipline of starting small, with the hope to become big.

13) God is with you

The praying mantis is also believed to be the presence of God. Whenever you are praying and a praying mantis flies over your head, it signifies the presence of God. It is also an assuring statement that God is forever with you and on your side.

Biblical meaning of seeing a praying mantis

Green praying mantis

Whenever you see a praying mantis, it means the presence of God. Therefore, make use of this opportunity in the best possible way. You can do this by praying, meditating, or giving thanks to God for the things he has done for you. 

In addition to this, a praying mantis creates an atmosphere of prayer. The name instantly reminds you of prayer and motivates you to pray.

Significance of a dead praying mantis in the bible

Dead praying mantis in the bible

If you see a dead praying mantis, in the bible, it is a sign of a lack of spirituality. The presence of a praying mantis gives you a sense of spirituality.

Therefore, if you see a dead one, it means your spiritual life is dead. You might need to go on a spiritual exercise to resurrect your spiritual life and bring it to order.

Another spiritual significance of this is a lack of prayer life.

It means that you have not been praying to God in recent times, and it is about to bring consequences upon you.

Therefore, once you see a dead praying mantis, lift your voice, and begin to pray.

Does Praying Mantis represent good luck?

Praying mantis and good luck

Yes, praying mantis represents good luck.

Whenever you see a praying mantis – especially in the morning, it means good luck.

It creates an expectation of good things in your heart, and it brings them to pass within the day.

If you see a praying mantis on the first day of the week, it attracts good luck to your life for the whole week.

Final Words

With a praying mantis, God can speak to you. Therefore, discover the message of God to you through this sacred and mysterious creature. Doing this will help you a lot, and unlock several spiritual virtues inside of you.

So, do you already know what is the paying mantis meaning in the Bible? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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