13 Signs your Cat is Protecting you Spiritually: The 8th is unusual

Cats are spiritual protectors. They ward off evil from our environment. This is why you should have a cat in your home. Having a cat around is one of the ways to ensure your safety from evil occurrences. In this article, I am going to share the 13 spiritual signs to look out for in a cat. These signs will give you an inkling into whether your cat is protecting you or not.

Now, another interesting fact about a cat is concerning its spiritual atmosphere. It is believed that whenever a cat is present in your house, it is a sign of spirituality.

I love having cats around because of this reason. Therefore, you should consider having a cat around you.

The universe will use a cat to protect you from danger and bad luck. However, you might not observe these activities if you are engulfed with the beauty and cuteness of the cat.

Therefore, this article seeks to reveal the different signs and body movements of a cat when it trying to protect you from spiritual attacks and other negative occurrences.

You might be asking the question “Can cat protect me spiritually?” .

Well, read on to find out how a cat can protect you spiritually.

Are cats spiritual protectors?

Cats in spiritual world

Yes, cats are spiritual protectors. They can protect you from harm and danger whenever you keep them around.

You don’t need more than one cat. However, having more cats gives you a concrete assurance of protection.

In the spiritual realm, a cat is revered as a warrior of light who fights off the darkness. Therefore, keeping a cat around embraces this spiritual energy, and activates it

Furthermore, it is believed that the claw of the cat is strong enough to protect anyone from danger.

For example: if a spiritual snake is coming to hurt you, the cat in your home will use its claws to ward off the spiritual evil snake.

Do Cats Protect You Spiritually?

Cat protecting someone

Yes, cats will protect you spiritually. It is common knowledge that a cat is a pet.

However, people with spiritual knowledge know that keeping a cat at home goes beyond having a domestic animal.

It embraces the energy of the universe and sucks out every evil in your environment. It is also believed that cats are a terror to darkness

The spiritual realm will send a cat into your house whenever you need protection.

For example, if you don’t have a cat in your home, the universe will send a cat into your house whenever you need protection

Before I got my four beautiful cats, a strange grey cat always comes into my house every weekend and stays till the beginning of the new week.

At first, it was strange. However, as I began to grow in my understanding of the spirituality of a cat, I became comfortable with its presence.

13 Signs your cat is protecting you spiritually

Signs your cat is protecting you spiritually

If your cat shows the following signs, it means that you are spiritually protected by the cat. 

1) The cat is staring at you

Have you ever found your cat staring at you intently in the morning? This is a sure sign that you are being protected by the cat.

In the spiritual world, when you see a cat staring at you, it means that the universe is staring at you through the eyes of the cat.

Now, this means that your moves are being observed, and you will be protected by the universe if you are about to make a mistake.

2) The cat is walking around you in circles

When you see a cat walking around in circles, it means that you are being protected by the cat. The cat is building a spiritual circle around you to serve as a boundary against negative spirits and bad luck.

If you suddenly find a cat walking around you in circles, it is time to feel confident about your life.

The cat has built a spiritual wall around you for protection. If people try to penetrate your life, it will not be successful because of the spiritual boundary around.

This is a powerful message from the cat. If you find a cat walking around you in circles, take it as a sign of protection. Now, what I do in this case is to sit in the center of that imaginary circle, and say a word of prayer.

3) The cat is running after you

When this happens, don’t be scared. It means that there is an evil spirit around you that is trying to harm you, but the cat is running after you to catch up with the spirit, and possibly ward it off your back.

Don’t be scared of this situation whenever it happens.

Let the cat continually run. When it catches up with you, it means that the evil spirit has been vanquished and all is well with your spiritual environment.

It does not matter what time of the day it is. As long as you see a cat running after you, it is a sign that the cat is protecting you spiritually.

4) The cat is running ahead of you

If this happens to you, it means that there is danger ahead of you that needs to be averted. The cat is running to take away the danger. Don’t try to call the cat back.

Allow the cat to run ahead of you for your protection.

This will create an atmosphere around you, and in front of you to ward off every form of evil. This is one of the signs to look out for in your cat.

Once you find your cat running ahead of you in the morning, it is a positive sign of protection for your environment. If there is any danger ahead, you will be free from it by the cat’s presence in front of you.

5) The cat touches your eyes with its paws in the night

If you are about to sleep, and your cat suddenly touches your eyes with its paws, it is a sign that your cat is protecting you.

Now, what is your cat trying to protect you from? The cat is protecting you from nightmares. In the spiritual world, nightmares are a sign of spiritual attack, and you have to protect yourself against this.

Therefore, if you find your cat touching your eyes with its paws, simply close your eyes and imagine the hands of your angel touching your eyes.

The paws of your cat will cover your eyes with its spiritual power against nightmares.

6) The cat sits at your door and stares into the thin air

Seeing your cat in this position is a sign that you are being protected by it.

In the spiritual realm, it is believed that whenever you find your cat sitting at your door and staring into the thin air, it is releasing spiritual energy into the atmosphere for your protection.

It is said that the breath of the cat is a combination of spiritual fire and air for your safety. It wards off negativity from your environment. In addition to this, it will cure your spiritual chakra and enhance its functionality.

7) The cat sits at your door and makes a loud shrieking sound

This is another spiritual sign that your cat is protecting you. If your cat sits at your doorstep and begins to make a loud shrieking sound, this is a sign of an offensive stance against ghosts.

It is believed that whenever ghosts seek to penetrate your home, your cat will sit at the front door and make scary sounds to ward off ghosts.

The shrieking sound will force evil energy to be dissipated. In addition to this, it will make evil spirits uncomfortable. 

8) The cat crawls over your face, and leaves its furs on your body

When this happens, don’t get carried away by the sweetness of your cat. Sit on that spot for some minutes, imagine yourself surrounded by light, and think about the spiritual meaning of a cat.

Now, if the cat is white, it means that you will enjoy peace.

For other colors, it means protection, good luck, and positive energy for every member of your household.

9) The cat begins to fight the thin air

When this happens, it indicates a fierce battle between your cat and a stubborn spirit.

Therefore, don’t try to call back the cat or stop it from fighting. Doing this will automatically invite the evil spirit into your house.

Therefore, allow the cat to win the battle.

When you discover your cat at peace, carry it in your arms, and pat its head for a job well done.

Anytime your cat begins to fight the thin air, it means that there is a spirit in your house that needs to be evicted but is not ready to leave without a fight. Therefore, allow your cat to finish the job.

10) The cat sits by your window frame with legs crossed

If this happens, it means that your cat is sensing an intrusion. It means that your cat is aware of a spiritual attack, and it’s watching to see when the attack will happen.

Therefore, leave the cat in its location.

Don’t touch your cat whenever you see it sitting by your window frame with its legs crossed. It is trying to perform its spiritual duty of protection against negative energy.

Therefore, be confident in the protective ability of the cat.

11) The cat sleeps by your side

This is another way to be protected from lack of sleep and nightmares. Whenever your cat sleeps by your side in the night, it is protecting you from nightmares or sleeplessness.

12) The cat urinates in front of your doorstep

This is disgusting – isn’t it? However, it is a powerful spiritual boundary against negative situations. The smell of your cat’s urine is believed to attract good luck into your life.

Therefore, one of the signs that your cat is protecting you spiritually is through its urine. 

13) The cat kills a rodent

This is a sign of victory. Whenever you find a rodent in the mouth of your cat, it is an indication of victory over enemies. This is another sign that your cat is protecting you spiritually. 

Do cats ward off evil spirits?

Do cats ward off evil spirits

Cats ward off evil spirits. This is one of the prominent functions of a cat in the spiritual world.

With its eyeballs and spiritual sound, evil spirits will not be able to penetrate your surroundings.

Therefore, to keep evil spirits away from you, have a domestic cat in your house. Its presence will keep you safe from negative spirits and ghosts.

Can Cats sense evil in a person?

Cat staring at you

Yes, a cat can sense evil in a person. One of the easiest ways to protect yourself from betrayals is by keeping cats around you.

A cat will reveal the evil in a person by attacking the person. Whenever you discover that a cat attacks a person consistently, it might be best to pay attention to such an individual.

It means that such an individual has a negative mindset towards you.

Therefore, by relying on the cat, you will be able to discern the motives of the people around you.

Do cats keep ghosts away?


The sound of cats can keep ghosts away from your environment.

If you have been disturbed by ghosts in the past, a cat will protect you from this.

It is said that whenever a ghost is coming to attack you, the cat in your house will begin to make a shrieking sound.

This sound repels evil spirits. Therefore, the ghost will be expelled from your surrounding through the sound of your cat. 

A cat can expel evil spirits from your environment through its sound. Therefore, you should keep a cat close to you. Anytime your cat makes a shrieking sound, it is a sign that the cat is repelling the presence of a ghost.

Final words

With these signs, you will understand how your cat is protecting you. Furthermore, you will be confident in the presence of your cat around you. By keeping a cat in your home, you have marked yourself safe from every form of negativity or spiritual attack.

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