15 Lower and Upper Lip Twitching Superstitions & Meaning

In this article I will explain some lower and upper lip twitching superstitions and spiritual meaning. So, if you are experience your lips or mouth twitching, just continue reading this article!

Twitching can be commonly defined as the involuntary spasming of any muscle in the body. It is painless and unexpected in nature. It is usually repetitive, and it lasts a few seconds at most. However, there have been cases where twitching has lasted for days. The most common areas in the body prone to twitching are the eyes, fingers, lips, etc. 

It would be beneficial to remember that underlying medical conditions may sometimes be the cause behind unexplained twitching.

That being said, there are many superstitions surrounding the action of twitching. Some originate from the truth, while others are simply a work of fiction. Regardless, the story behind these superstitions often enlightens us regarding the implications of the involuntary actions taking place in our bodies. 

15 Lower and upper lip twitching superstitions

Lower and upper lip twitching superstitions

Superstitions can be formally defined as any belief or practice that, according to non-believers, is irrational, baseless, and/or related to fate or magic. Superstitions are often looked down upon due to their lack of evidence.

These traditional anecdotes have an image of being regressive and against the progress of science. 

However, there are still a large number of people who believe in the power of superstitions and the truth they hold, which originate from century-old practices and traditions.

Despite being a thing of the distant past, superstitions tend to keep the rapt attention of an audience that is enchanted by these beliefs and the possible truth that may hold. 

Like any other unexplainable occurrence, the involuntary act of Twitching is also surrounded by its fair share of age-old superstitions. Some of which will be discussed shortly. 

1. Prosperity

When your body twitches, it is a way of communication with your spiritual self. Twitching in different parts of your body means different things. When the right upper lip part of your body twitches, it means that you can expect good fortune in your life. 

Although this type of twitching may be irritating, you must not be discouraged by the inconvenience. This rare form of twitching is a sign of an abundance of luck and prosperity. It is a positive omen that indicates happiness, love, and good family relations. 

This goodness may come in different forms. If your right upper lip is twitching, you may come across significant wealth or a large increase in income and money. It is also believed that your relatives may become envious of this wealth. Therefore, you are advised to keep your good fortune private or confidential. 

2. Good Family Relation

For a lot of us, our families can act as an exhausting element with problems that never seem to end. No matter how hard we try, we may not be able to make peace with those who share their blood with us. However, if your right upper lip has been twitching, you are in luck. 

This type of twitching might mean that you will be able to resolve your issues with your family members and maintain harmony in your family. Right upper lip twitching has been primarily known to resolve problems between opposite gender family problems. 

If you are male, your relationship with your mother may improve drastically and create a safe space for you to express yourself. If you are female, your relationship with your father may reach a new common ground where contradicting expectations may be put at rest

Be it daddy or mommy issues; your family problems may just be coming to an end if you have been experiencing this kind of twitching. Moreover, you may also expect gifts from your family members as an act of reconciliation and a symbol of new beginnings. 

3. Relationship 

Some lonely individuals may take the sign for the right upper lip twitching as finding new love and.

However, as a result of this twitching, you may begin a long romantic relationship that will enforce new positive life-affirming habits into your lifestyle

4. Friendship

It is also likely that you form good friendships with people who are not a waste of your time. Another exciting superstition regarding the right upper lip twitching is that you may kiss the person you fancy very soon. 

While the right upper lip twitching brings you prosperity, the left upper lip twitching brings you doom and loss in life. 

5. Loss

Left upper lip twitching is not only irritating to an unbearable degree. It is also a harbinger of doom and misery. It is most definitely a bad omen that you must not take lightly. 

6. Negative Energy

Left upper lip twitching can be exceedingly hurtful to your vibe and aura. You may be surrounded by negative energy and get involved in fights and disputes without good reason.

As a result, you may not act like yourself, and your sense of rationality may take a severe hit. In addition, your tendency to pick fights may genuinely affect your relationships with your family members. 

7. Anger

Due to the left upper lip twitching, all your actions may be instigated by anger. This one emotion may control all your choices and influence your activities without your knowledge of it.

This constant ugly emotion may force you to be hostile and unbearable to be around. Maintaining friendships and even cordial relations may become extremely difficult. 

8. Relationships

Left upper lip twitching is an indication that you may have a fallout with a close friend or a loved one. This may occur due to a serious fight or a long-standing dispute. 

Just like the omens and superstitions behind upper lip twitching, lower lip twitching also has its fair share of superstitions behind it. 

Right lower lip twitching can indicate two different things. First, this form of Twitching usually gives mixed signals where it may be hard to determine if you are being blessed or punished. 

9. Travel Opportunity

If your right lower lip is twitching, this may mean that you will get a chance to travel to a foreign country. This travel opportunity may be something you were previously looking forward to, or it may be something entirely out of the blue (like a lottery or free tickets). 

Regardless of the circumstance, this opportunity is expected to bring great joy and happiness to your life. This unique experience will bring much-needed excitement into your otherwise monotonous life. The trip may change you for good or simply leave you with relaxing, happy memories. 

10. Gambling

Unfortunately, the twitching of the lower right lip has a significant downside to it. Apart from the constant discomfort and irritation, you may lose money in the form of gambling. This may occur at a casino or an exclusive poker game. 

Regardless of the circumstance, the loss of wealth and money is almost unavoidable. This type of gambling may indicate the strength of your prolific thrifty nature. Therefore, it is in your best interests to reevaluate your spendings and think carefully before spending your money

11. Reputation

If your bottom-left lip is twitching, you are in store for some bad news. Unlike the right side, left bottom lip twitching only has adverse effects.

  • Your reputation may take a severe hit, and everything you ever worked for may be put in jeopardy.
  • Your reputation may include the image you built at work or your social standing. Regardless of the circumstance, your placement in society will change for the worse. 

A person of the opposite sex is usually responsible for this type of debasement. If you have been experiencing this type of Twitching, it is in your best interests to stay away from people who may have a motive to damage your reputation and cause you pain.

12. Luck 

If your lips are twitching regularly, you might encounter an opportunity where your good luck will give numerous joy.

People throughout history have firmly believed that lip twitching is a sureshot sign of good luck and prosperity. You may want to tap into this opportunity and buy some lottery tickets or invest in stocks. 

Be wary not to misread the signs of the spiritual world and end up with a gambling addiction. It is a thin line between listening to your spiritual subconscious and taking advantage of these age-old superstitions. 

13. Health

Another popular superstition when it comes to lip twitching, states that your health is bound to be adversely affected by the status of your lip twitching.

If your lips are twitching intensely for a short duration, this adverse change in health is going to occur soon. If your lips are twitching mildly for a long duration, this adverse change in health will occur at a later date. 

You must remember that an adverse change in health might be good or bad. Your health may get much worse and you may end up in a fatal position or may become much healthier and increase your lifespan drastically

14. Tragedy

Just like how the birds go silent before a predator attacks or something bad happens, lip twitching is also believed to indicate a sense of upcoming tragedy. It might be your body’s way of telling you that you are to be prepared for an immeasurable tragedy.

This might occur in various forms. Your country may go into war, there may be a natural disaster in your location. It may also be a more personal tragedy. You may lose a loved one or maybe your pet will die.

15. Message

Lastly, your lip twitching process may simply be a message from the netherworlds. It may be a call to action, a signal to rise above the inaction and do what must be done.

This call to action may be different for everybody. It might be a decision you have been putting off or simply a habit you need to break. Regardless of the circumstance, it is up to you to listen to your subconscious self and take the appropriate action.

Why does my bottom lip keep twitching?

Why does my bottom lip keep twitching

Bottom lip twitching

Bottom lip Twitching can often be highly irritating to function on a daily basis.

It can occur due to multiple reasons, some of which may be medical. There may be other spiritual reasons too. If you are experiencing this form of twitching when you are talking, you need not be discouraged by the inconvenience of this action. 

Although It is annoying to deal with, this form of twitching is known to be seen as a good omen. It is a positive, life-affirming indication that shows that you will come across new friends on your path of life. 

Upper lip twitching

Upper lip twitching has numerous causes behind it. Your upper lip may be twitching due to medical reasons like a nervous system issue or it may simply be a way of communication from your spiritual conscience. 

You may encounter these new friends at the workplace or in general society. It is also likely that you will run into old friends that you have not been in touch with and rekindle a dormant friendship. However, you are also blessed with existing friends and lovers who are willing to have your back during such times of distress. 

They will help you fight with your enemies and keep you grounded. Overall, lip twitching when you are speaking is known to be a good sign of your social life and what’s to become of it.

Both lip twitching

As mentioned earlier, lip twitching can have a very likely medical reasoning behind it. However, it can also be a powerful call to action from your dormant subconscious. You must listen if it is the latter. 

If both your lips are twitching, it means that the spiritual world has mixed signals for you. You may end up with adverse outcomes that damage your relationships or positive results that enhance your life and keep you moving forward. You may get into unnecessary fights and disputes and act against your general sense of rationality. 

Your relationships with people you don’t get along with will especially be endangered even further during this period. It is in your best interests to avoid getting into a confrontation with people that you are not compatible with.

Should I do something?

Top and bottom lip twitching treatment

If your lip twitching ever gets too unbearable, you can always turn to home remedies to fix this issue. According to previous research, there are various medical reasons behind the action of Lip twitching. 

However, some of these extra precautions may help you avoid the twitching. For example, if you drink caffeine regularly, this might be the reason behind your lip twitching. 

How to prevent and stop lip twitch:

  • In order to prevent your lips from twitching uncontrollably, you may want to reduce your caffeine intake. It would be even better if you stopped ingesting caffeine into your body for a few days until your health is restored.
  • Similarly, if you are an alcoholic or you consume alcohol on a regular basis this might also lead to your lips twitching. The obvious solution would be to cut down on alcohol or even wholly avoid it until your health is fully restored.
  • Another notoriously common reason behind lip twitching is low potassium levels in the body. A potassium deficiency can cause uncontrollable muscle spasms, and lip twitching is one of them. In order to restore your deficiency, it is in your best interest to eat foods that will help bring up the levels of potassium in your body. Some suggestions for the foods include Bananas, Avocados, broccoli, and spinach.
  • Initially, you can try putting pressure on your lips with your fingers to stop the twitching. This may work for some cases. This method is usually the first response to the action of Lip twitching. 

However, if your lips do not stop twitching despite your best efforts at using home remedies, then it may be time to visit a doctor and get a concrete diagnosis of what the problem is. Medical conditions like parathyroid disorder and Nervous disorder can also cause lip twitching. 

If this is the case, then only the professional help of a doctor can cure you. In such cases, without medical intervention, you may end up seriously injured, or you may even lose your life. 


Upper and down lip twitching conclusion

You may reject all these claims due to the lack of scientific and physical evidence at the end of the day.

Regardless, these superstitions and omens are the results of thousands of years of traditions and practices that have been observed by people who lived before us. Although taking these claims with a pinch of salt is advised, you must not wholly diminish the truth that many of these superstitions hold. 

Some people swear by these superstitions and believe that they have the answers to all of the universe’s questions. There are also many others who believe they are pure fiction and are meant for those who live by delusions.

Some were disappointed after expecting good things after reading about superstitions, while others were pleasantly surprised. Regardless of the outcome, It is always in one’s best interests to listen to your body, observe from your life experiences, and derive the obvious conclusions. 

So, do you already know some superstitions and spiritual meanings about the lower and upper lips twitching? Please, leave your comment below!

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