5 Prayers to Comfort a Grieving Friend: Lost Someone

Today I will show you some prayets to comfort a grieving friend who lost someone.

It is devastating to lose a loved one. The pain that comes from never seeing the face of the dead anymore makes it a more difficult reality.

Now, the pain does not have to be yours. It might be your friend’s, and you must be there to comfort such an individual.

The words you speak and your presence might make the grieving friend better at the moment. However, it will not permanently heal the wounds. Therefore, what should you do if your friend is not healing as expected?

The best answer is through prayer. Yes, you read that correctly.

Prayer is a powerful weapon that can be wielded by everyone. It is a powerful spiritual exercise that releases massive energy for prayer.

This is what you should use more often.

Losing someone goes beyond the tears; it wedges a hole into the soul of the grieving one and eventually leads to a broken spirit.

This is why it is important to pray for the comfort of a grieving friend. As much as it is okay to be there physically for your friend, create time to be there spiritually, and this is achievable through prayers.

If you desire to pray but don’t know what to say, I have outlined the 5 prayers to comfort a grieving friend. This prayer can be used by anyone. It works fast and heals up a broken soul easily. 

1) Prayer to Comfort a Grieving Friend

Prayer to print

“God our Lord, today I don’t pray to ask anything for myself but to ask something for my friend (friend’s name).

That person is suffering, sad, and helpless because he has lost someone. He lost someone very important to him and he is suffering a lot, and that’s why he needs your help.

(Friend’s name) needs Your help to have the strength to fight right now. He needs your help to have the strength to get through this very complicated time of grief.

Please, God our Lord, give strength to this friend of mine and help him to overcome this difficult phase.


Original Angelic Balance Prayer. Copying is prohibited, except with citation.

This is the first spiritual point of contact that should be made. Once you hear the news from your friend, say your condolence, and fall on your knees to say this prayer to comfort your grieving friend. This prayer is important because it serves as a spiritual balm that begins the healing process. 

The benefits of the prayer to comfort a grieving friend are as follows:

  1. It will help your grieving friend to not give in to suicidal thoughts.
  2. It gives your friend peace – even amid the sorrowful moments.
  3. It allows your friend’s heart to be mended within a short while.

How should you pray this prayer?

After receiving the news, start praying within 30 minutes. You can fall on your knees, walk around or lift your hands. Allow the sorrowful energy of your friend to fill you up and begin to say these words of prayer.

Once all of these are put in place, the prayer to comfort a grieving friend will be effective.

2) Prayer for a Friend who Lost a Loved One

Prayer to print

“God in Heaven, today I’m very sad, not for me, but for my friend (friend’s name) who lost a very important person in his life.

My friend (friend’s name) lost his great love, he lost his better half and his soul mate and that’s one of the worst things that can happen.

That’s why I pray this prayer to you, God our Lord, to give strength, faith, and hope to my friend (friend’s name) who needs it so much.

I pray to you to give strength to (friend’s name) to get through this difficult time and to be happy again.


Original Angelic Balance Prayer. Copying is prohibited, except with citation.

After saying the prayer to comfort a grieving friend, this is the prayer to say after a few days. You can repeat the prayer to comfort a grieving friend for 3-4 days before saying this prayer.

The intensity of this prayer depends on how sorrowful your friend is. If he/she is beginning to get over the loss, then this prayer should be made with thanksgiving. However, if he/she keeps sinking deep into depression, then you should get serious with this prayer. 

The prayer for a friend who lost a loved one will help your grieving friend to see the possibility of a better life.

Especially if your friend just lost a guardian or parent. With this prayer, your grieving friend will begin to see the positive side of life without their lost loved one.

Therefore, this prayer is important because it is a healing prayer to help your grieving friend out of the sorrowful state.

While saying this prayer, you can use the picture of your grieving friend as a point of contact.

3) Strength Prayer to Comfort a Grieving Friend

Prayer to print

“My God, I ask You through this prayer to comfort the heart, body, and soul of (friend’s name) who is suffering a lot at this moment.

My God, I ask You with all my faith, through this prayer, to help (friend’s name) to have more courage, strength, and faith regarding the future.

Don’t let (friend’s name) give up on life, give up on being happy and living every day.

Shows (friend’s name) that life is not over and that you can still be very happy.


Original Angelic Balance Prayer. Copying is prohibited, except with citation.

During grief, one of the most important things is strength. This is why you should say the strength prayer to comfort a grieving friend. In the spiritual world, the strength prayer to comfort a grieving friend invokes the spirit of the dead.

While saying this prayer, your grieving friend might dream of seeing his/her lost loved one. When they wake up from this dream, a surge of strength will rush through their entire being. 

This prayer can be said as many times as possible. You should not stop saying this prayer until you see the result.

Furthermore, you can say this prayer 3-4 times a day.

Repeating this prayer every day makes the healing process easy. You can also say the prayer with your grieving friend (if he/she is spiritually inclined). It is believed that this works out perfectly as well.

Praying for strength allows your grieving friend to see light at the end of the tunnel. Even amid grief, your friend will become emotionally strong to comfort others and even make them laugh.

All of these supernatural energetic outbursts will be made possible by the strength prayer to comfort a grieving friend.

4) Short Prayer for Grieving Friend

Prayer to print

“We pray that in this time of loss,You’ll feel God’s love much moreAnd that you’ll find your comfortIn the presence of the LordWe pray God pours upon you,His sweet amazing graceAnd overflow your heart with peaceAs you live in His embrace.”

Original Angelic Balance Prayer. Copying is prohibited, except with citation.

This is shorter than other prayers in this article because it is can be done in a matter of seconds or less than 5 minutes.

If you have a busy schedule, the short prayer for a grieving friend suffices. You might not have the time to pray for 1 hour, but you can spare some seconds or up to 5 minutes to say this prayer. Just like other prayers in this article, the short prayer for grieving friends helps your friend to stay sane. 

Losing a loved one can get mentally draining – especially if the person was close to you, and you are dependent on him/her.

The impact of such loss can be far-reaching. Therefore, saying this short prayer for your grieving friend is the best way to help him heal up faster. It is also a way to keep your friend sane.

When should you say this prayer? You can say this prayer any time of the day. Once you receive the news, start saying the prayer.

You don’t need 100% concentration to make this happen. Once your mind is on your friend, it is enough. Therefore, you can be doing other things (if you are a busy person), and still say this prayer.

5) Prayer for a Friend who Lost his Mother

Losing a friend is hurting, but losing a mother feels like hell. This means that there is nobody to call your mother, lean on, and be loved by.

You need to pray for your friend who lost his mother. It is the best way to ensure that he doesn’t drift into a depression and maybe suicide. Furthermore, this prayer also puts the soul of your friend’s mother at peace. 

It is believed that the prayer for a friend who lost his mother will help your friend to sleep well (if he has sleep problems because of the loss).

Can this Prayer be used for anyone?

Yes, this prayer can be used for anyone.

It can be used for both males and females. Furthermore, it can be used for your distant or close friends. It has a wide capacity to accommodate the energy of all your friends (whether you are close with them or not). 

When can I say the Prayers?

Start saying the prayers the moment you receive the news. If you cannot do that because of your busy schedule, then, say it at night before sleeping.

Make sure that the prayers to comfort a grieving friend are said within 24 hours after hearing the sad news. This helps the energy of the prayer to reach your friend faster.

Final Words

Being a good friend to your grieving friend does not end in physically appearing to show condolences for your friend. It also extends to how you pray for him or her. Therefore, make use of these 5 prayers to comfort a grieving friend.

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