7 Eye of Horus Spiritual Meanings: The Egyptian Third Eye

What is the Eye Of Horus spiritual meaning and symbolism? Let’s find out!

This is a sensitive spiritual subject, which people have not found accurate answers for. However, this article has provided top-notch insights into the eyes of Horus, which will empower you with the requisite knowledge to take advantage of this powerful spiritual and mystical object.

The Egyptian third eye is a powerful spiritual figure that can bring about transformation in the life of anyone that believes in its potency. Therefore, this article is one of the greatest resources you will find concerning this subject.

We will be looking at the deep spiritual meanings of the eyes of Horus, which the Egyptians call the third eye. Several people look up to this spiritual figure for restoration and strength. All over the world, the eyes of Horus are worshipped and seen as an icon of hope to those who have lost hope.

In this article, we are going to be observing the different spiritual meanings of this powerful and revered spiritual symbol, and how it can cause a positive change in our lives.

Have you ever wondered about the significance of the Egyptian third eye?

Then, read this article till the end to find out.

What is the Eye of Horus?

Eye of Horus Symbol
Eye of Horus Symbol

In ancient Egyptian folklore, Horus was a god, who brought joy and healing into the lives of many people. There is a story behind the Egyptian third eye, which has a direct impact on the different spiritual meanings.

Horus got into a fight with Seth, and this was where he lost his eye. During the struggle, Seth removed the eyes of Horus. However, those eyes magically grew back. Some believed that it was Hathor that magically grew the eyes of Horus back to shape.

Because of this event, several people have attributed a lot of positive meanings to the eyes of Horus. The eyes of Horus have been used as a symbol on the amulets of warriors as well.

Below is an image of the eyes of Horus for a better description

 From this image, you will observe special markings in the eye of Horus or the Egyptian third eye as it is popularly known. 

This image has been used by warriors over the centuries and it has brought good luck and fortune to them in battles.

Horus is associated with the falcon bird or the cheetah animal. Therefore, there are some similarities between the spiritual meanings of these animals and Horus’s eye.

Whenever you see the symbol of the Egyptian third eye, it is a sign of good luck and fortune. There are more detailed explanations in this article concerning the spiritual meanings of the third eyes of Horus. 

The eyes of Horus are signs of hope, good luck, and restoration.

The Third Eye of Horus Symbolism

The Third Eye of Horus

The third eye of Horus is symbolic of Hope.

Whenever this eye is seen, it brings hope to the heart of everyone who finds it. When you get to a point of depression, desperation, and total failure, hope fades out. The reason for this is that there is no way out.

At this point, it is always hard to believe what people are telling you. It is difficult to become optimistic about the future.

Therefore, the best way for the universe to help you out of this situation is to send the third eye of Horus to you. Whenever you see the third eye of Horus in your dream, it is a symbol of hope. This is a message from the universe to give you hope.

This symbol will inspire hope in your heart, which will supply strength to you to never give up on your dreams. This will motivate you to never stop dreaming and making efforts at becoming a better version of yourself.

This is the common and predominant symbolic meaning of the third eye of Horus. There are other symbolic meanings; however, we are going to observe them as we study the 7 spiritual meanings of the Egyptian third eye.

Eye of Horus Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages

Eye of Horus Spiritual Meaning

7 powerful messages can be gotten from the eye of Horus. Each of these messages carries a powerful force, which can transform your mindset, and eventually your life.

Therefore, you have to pay attention to the different spiritual meanings of the eye of Horus. By doing this, you will be able to draw strength from Horus for the current situation of your life.

1) There is healing for you

The eye of Horus mysteriously grew back after it was removed by Seth during a tussle. Therefore, it is a perfect image to release healing. Whenever you see the eye of Horus, it is an indication that you will become whole.

If you are going through health issues, the eye of Horus is a spiritual sign that healing has come. There is another beautiful fact about this spiritual message; you can transfer the energy from the eye of Horus to a sick member of your family.

If you are not having health challenges, you can release the energy from Horus’s eye to another member of your family, who is sick. However, the universe will send the eye of Horus to indicate a wave of healing. 

2) Don’t give up

The removal of the eye of Horus is an indication of an irreparable situation. It is an indication of a terrible situation that has no possible remedy. However, a solution came because the eye Horus refused to give up.

The restoration of the eye of Horus is here to motivate you to never give up. If you have started a business or academic pursuit, allow the eye of hours to inspire persistence into your heart.

You need to be persistent. With persistence, you will experience success and restoration in every aspect of your life.

The eye of Horus will appear to you in dreams or as a symbol on walls to motivate you against giving up.

Whenever you give up, there is a release of negative energy, which will affect the majority of your life. You have to develop an attitude of defiance against giving up on your dreams so soon.

3) Spiritual foresight

The bible talks about the eyes as light. It is with the eyes that we can see what lies ahead. Therefore, whenever you see the eye of Horus, it is a sign that you should ask the universe for spiritual foresight.

  • With spiritual foresight, you will be able to see what lies ahead in your future and prepare adequately for it.
  • With spiritual foresight, you will not be caught unawares by the events and situations.

Whenever you see the eye for hours, it is an indication to ask for spiritual sight. The universe is telling you to pay attention to your spiritual foresight because it is crucial to accurate decisions and judgment.

4) The past is over

Death is the beginning of a new life. The restoration of the eye of Horus is a sign that your past is over, and a new chapter has been opened for your life.

Whenever you see the eye of Horus, it is an encouragement for you to move on with your life. The things that happened in your past should not stop you from looking ahead to a perfect future.

You might have made mistakes in your past, but it is time to take away your focus from the errors and put on a garment of optimism for the coming beautiful future.

5) You were made for victory

This is something you have to constantly remind yourself. Defeat is not your forte. Therefore, you should never accept the reality of defeat.

Whenever you suffer disappointments or defeat in any aspect of your life, don’t let it keep you down. Rather, allow the defeat to be an inspiration for you to keep trying your best to win every battle.

Seth took away the eye of Horus, but it was magically restored.

This means that no hope is lost.

You were made for victory, and even if the situation of your life looks the opposite, things can still turn around for your good. You have to remain optimistic and full of hope to see the result.

6) You are protected from evil forces

The eye of Horus is a great protective symbol.

During the medieval days, the sign of Horus’s eye was attached to the amulets and weapons of warriors as a sign of victory and protection. Whenever you see the eye for hours, it is a message from the universe that you are impenetrable to evil forces.

Whenever you feel insecure as a result of the choking negative energy around you, it is best to call upon the spirit of the eye of Horus.

The eye of Horus will release a protective charm around you for safety.

With the eye of Horus, you will not fall victim to any evil situation. It brings healing and safety to everyone around you as well. the encompassing power of Horus is the perfect ingredient to ensure your safety from spiritual attacks.

7) Good luck

The eye of Horus is a sign of good luck. It is believed that whenever the eye of Horus shows up in your dream, fortune and wealth will come into your life.

The beautiful carvings in the eye of Horus attract wealth into our lives. Whenever you see the eye of Horus, it is an indication that good luck has come into your life.

With the eye of Horus, you should expect good things to happen henceforth. The eye of Horus is an icon of positivity, hope, and strength. Therefore, you should be glad to get this symbol as a token from the universe.

Egyptian Third Eye Symbol Meaning

Third Eye

The Egyptian third eye symbol means protection from evil forces.

Having the Egyptian third eye symbol on your body will protect you from every form of negative energy. 

Our relationship with people can bring negativity into our lives. Therefore, we must consciously protect ourselves from becoming negatively affected. With the Egyptian third eye symbol, the universe will release protective energy, which will keep you safe.

The Egyptian third eye symbol means protection. Everyone that has this symbol will enjoy protection.

What is the Eye of Horus used for?

Spiritual protection

The eye of Horus is used for the following:

  • Protection from negative forces. With the eye of Horus, you will be able to ward off negative energies and spiritual attacks.
  • It will attract good luck into your life. By using the eye of Horus, good luck and prosperity will come into your life. The eye of Horus is believed to open you up to diverse opportunities. 

In the olden days, the eye of Horus is used by warriors whenever they were going for battles. It is believed to bring them victory. It was believed that the eye of Horus supplied supernatural strength and wisdom to the warriors.

Can the Eye of Horus Bring Negativity?

Negative energies

The eye of Horus cannot bring negativity into your life.

With the eye of Horus, you will attract positivity and good luck into your life. The eye of Horus is believed to bring good luck into the lives of the people who have it as a symbol or have encountered it in the dream.

When the eye of Horus was magically restored by the god Hathor, it brought joy to everyone. With the restored eye of Horus, it was easy for him to heal people and take away their pains, which brought joy and happiness to the lives of people.

Therefore, the eye of Horus does not bring negativity. It attracts good luck and brings healing and prosperity to the lives of people.

Final Words

The eye of Horus will bring prosperity and healing into your life as you open your heart to its powers.

With the deep spiritual information from this article, you are well equipped to discern the spiritual significance of the eye of Horus and make use of it to your advantage.

So, do you already know what is the Eye of Horus spiritual meaning and symbolism for the Egyptian? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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