7 Meanings of the Name Isabella in the Bible: It’s beautiful?

What is the meaning of the name Isabella in the Bible? Names can have different meanings, some good and some less good. That’s why I decided to write this article.

  • Do you plan to name your daughter Isabella?
  • Are you bearing the name Isabella?
  • Do you have a friend named Isabella?
  • Are you curious about the meaning of this name in the bible?

Then, this article is for you. In the spiritual world, names are significant. Therefore, you have to be careful about the names you give your child, or bear. Names can predict your future; they can indicate the events of your past life, and so on. This is why you should not trivialize the importance of names.

There are more than a million names out there.

However, Isabella falls among the scarcely used names. In addition to this, people who bear this name don’t know the meaning or prediction that hangs around this name. 

Recently, there has been an increase in people’s inquiries about the name called Isabella.

Therefore, it became a necessity to put together this article for your consumption. In this article, you will understand what it means to bear the name Isabella. In addition to this, I will talk about the origin of this name, and what it means in the bible.

Therefore, pay attention to everything you are about to read in this article.

The Origin of the name Isabella

Isabella originated from the Hebrew language. It is believed that the name points to the ability of God to transform people’s lives. The word Bella means beautiful. This talks about the beauty of life, and the beauty of character.

People who bear this name are associated with beauty. 

Originally, the name Isabella is translated from the word Elisheba. In the Spanish and Italian languages, Elisheba is translated as Isabella. Therefore, understanding the meaning of Elisheba is necessary to understand the meaning of Isabella. 

In the Hebrew language, Elisheba means “God is my oath”.

Now, in the Hebrew language, Oath-taking is sacred. It is used for forgiveness of sins, offering sacrifices, and friendship purposes.

Therefore, whenever you hear the word “God is my oath”, it talks about salvation and friendship. It means that God is your surety, and he is your assurance.

The name Isabella also carries this meaning. Apart from this, it talks about the beauty of God in man. 

Furthermore, this is a gender-specific name. Isabella is a name for females. The word Bella means beautiful, and it is attributed to the feminine gender. 

What is the meaning of the name Isabella?

Isabella means “God is my oath”.

This name talks about the assurance and faith in God. This is a name given as a result of the miraculous acts of God. Whenever someone sees the act of God, he/she might give this name to their daughter as a reminder of God’s promise to them.

The name Isabella also means an oath of thanksgiving to God. People give this name to their daughters as an oath to God. This means that whenever the name Isabella is called, they will remember their oath, and give thanks to God.

This name inspires thanksgiving. 

Another meaning of the word Isabella points to confidence. If you have doubted God in the past, this name will prove to you that God can be trusted.

The bible talks about this in the book of Hebrews.

Whenever you begin to lose faith in God, you might hear this name in the spirit realm. In addition to this, you might meet someone bearing the word Isabella. 

7 Meanings of the name Isabella in the Bible

1) Life is beautiful

The name Isabella describes the beauty of Life. Whenever you hear this name, it is a message of encouragement.

This is a name that comes to those that have given up on life.

It is a message to encourage these people. Beyond your situation, life is beautiful. Having this mindset will change several things about you. Furthermore, it will affect the results you will generate. It is also believed that the people who bear this name are always beautiful.

2) Confidence in God

Whenever you hear this name, it inspires confidence in God. If you need a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness, you can give yourself the name Isabella.

This name points to the power and ability of God to fulfill everything he has promised. In the bible, God’s word is final.

Therefore, he is going to fulfill what he has promised. I get this message whenever I hear the name, Isabella. Isabella is a name of trust. It is a name that displays the faithfulness of God. It is a name that inspires faith in God – even in the face of contradictory situations.

3) Consecration

Another spiritual meaning of Isabella points to consecration. It is believed that the name Isabella will spur a heart of service to God.

In the bible, this is a name that reminds you of the benefits of your service to God.

If you find it hard to stay consecrated to God, your angel might call you Isabella. Whenever this happens, take it as a sign from the universe to serve God. Service to God can be done in prayer, worship, giving alms, or bible study. 

4) Emotional stability

In the bible, God encourages us to be temperate. This is the ability to maintain stable emotional energy even in the face of pressure.

Now, people with the name Isabella are believed to be gifted with this ability. They are believed to be anointed with the spirit of temperance. If you don’t bear this name, you can learn from the name, and apply the same principle to your life.

Becoming emotionally stable will affect your decision-making ability. It will also affect your relational skill. Isabella talks about emotional stability and reveals the benefit of becoming emotionally stable.

5) Self-discovery

Whenever you hear the name Isabella, it should inspire you to discover your abilities, talents, and skills.

Isabella means self-discovery. In the bible, God wants us to understand who we are. He wants us to come to terms with our spiritual purpose.

When you discover who you are, it will be easy to understand your purpose on earth. In addition to this, self-discovery will prevent low self-esteem. This is an important message.

Let this name inspire self-discovery and awareness. You need to pay attention to your skills, abilities, likes, dislikes, and emotional triggers. This is how to start a journey of self-awareness.

6) Spiritual connection

Isabella means spiritual connection. People with this name need to be connected to the spiritual world. The bible talks about God’s relationship with his people. It is important for God’s children to also build a relationship with Him.

You have to become spiritually sensitive to your environment. With spiritual sensitivity, you will enjoy the following:

  • Your spiritual sight will be sharp. You will be able to pick different spiritual signs.
  • You will see into the future, and predict events before they happen.
  • And your energy level will operate at a higher frequency. This will make you stronger than negativity.

7) Creativity

God is interested in your mind. He wants to use it for his glory. However, you need to let him in. One of the ways to accomplish this is to pray every day and feed on the bible.

Furthermore, learn to use your mind constructively. People with this name are believed to be creative people.

Therefore, it is an inspiration to use your mind constructively, and open up yourself to be influenced by God.

The bible talks about God requesting for the hearts of men. Isabella is a short word for this request. Isabella means “God needs me”. Therefore, make yourself available by opening up your mind to God.

Does Isabella mean Beautiful?

Yes, Isabella means beautiful.

The word “Bella” means beautiful. It is believed that Isabella is given to people that are blessed with beauty. According to our research, some culture believes that Isabella means “Blessed by beauty”. Therefore, you can give your daughter this name. 

In addition to this, bearing the name Isabella should improve your self-esteem. This name talks about the beauty of your character, heart, and body. It should be an encouragement to keep you confident in yourself. 

Is Isabella a good name for my daughter?

Yes, you can give your daughter the name Isabella. This name will improve the confidence of your daughter. The energy from this name will ingrain some qualities into your daughter. 

  • Isabella will make your daughter beautiful.
  • Isabella will make your daughter creative and sharp in her mind.
  • Isabella will make your daughter confident in her abilities and skills.
  • Isabella will make your daughter close to God.

This name is perfect for your daughter.

Final Words


The secret behind Isabella has been revealed in this article. Therefore, let this help you to understand the spiritual meaning of this name.

Furthermore, it will help you to make decisions about naming your daughter. As you open your mind to the virtues of Isabella, you will enjoy peace, confidence, and spirituality. 

So, what did you think about the meaning of the name Isabella in the Bible and in the Spiritual World? Please, feel free to leave your comments below!

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