7 Powerful Prayers for Financial Breakthrough

Financial breakthrough is crucial.

This fact cannot be denied. Without finances, there is practically nothing that can be accomplished on earth. This is why you should never take your financial life for granted. You have to desire a financial breakthrough because it is a major ingredient to accomplishing all of your goals and dreams.

Mediocrity is bad. Therefore, your mindset must be enlarged enough to expect massive wealth and good fortune.

In addition to this, if you are struggling with your financial life, this article is also for you. 

Facing financial difficulty might not be a result of your incompetence or negative mindset. It might simply be due to some spiritual problems. This is why I encourage people to say these 7 powerful prayers for financial breakthrough.

With these prayers, you are going to break out of every limitation, which has been set for you by evil spirits.

The prayer for a financial breakthrough is important to your life. I have never stopped saying these prayers, and it has generated results for me consistently. It is time for you to enjoy such divine privilege.

If you have been struggling with your finance, the following prayers will give you a massive breakthrough in your financial life. The 7 powerful prayers in this article will give you a financial breakthrough.

The only ingredient you need is faith. With faith, everything is possible. With faith, you will be able to break out of every financial limitation in your life and gain the independence you have desired for a long time.

1) Powerful Prayer for Financial Breakthrough

Prayer to print

“God, hear my request and hear my prayer. I’m sick, I’m suffering and I’m going broke. I need your help to stabilize my financial life, earn money, and pay all my debts.

So I turn to You because only You can help me with this problem. Because only You understand my mistakes and only You can support me at all times.

Father God, help me through this difficult financial phase. God, help me to be happy, to have peace, quiet, and prosperity.


Original Angelic Balance Prayer. Copying is prohibited, except with citation.

This powerful prayer is the first type of prayer that can bring financial breakthrough into your life. Therefore, if you desire a breakthrough in your finances, you can start with this prayer. With this powerful prayer, every limitation will be broken.

In Christianity, this powerful prayer can be used for deliverance sessions against the spirit of poverty. With this powerful prayer, angels will be released on your behalf, and they will bring good fortune to your life.

The powerful prayer for financial breakthrough is also crucial to your life because of how it gives you ease and comfort.

The comfortable life that comes with a financial breakthrough cannot be overemphasized.

This is why everyone should say this powerful prayer for a financial breakthrough. You will enjoy a comfortable life that is free of debt. 

When saying this prayer, you can either have a focus or not. All that matters is your desire; your desire must be strongly aligned with money and wealth, and you must approach this prayer with faith. The results are always tangible.

2) Prayer for Financial Increase

Prayer to print

“Today I am praying this prayer because I need Our Lord’s help in my life.

I know money isn’t everything, I know money isn’t the most important thing in the world, but we need it. I need more money to be able to support myself, to be able to support my family, and to be able to have peace.

That’s why I pray this prayer. That’s why I ask Our Lord for help.

I ask You, Father God, to help me earn more money. I ask that you help me to have a better financial life and I ask that you help me to have financial freedom.

So be it,Amen.”

Original Angelic Balance Prayer. Copying is prohibited, except with citation.

This prayer is specific. This prayer is meant for those who have attained a level of financial independence and stability but require an upgrade to meet surging bills.

The prayer for the financial increase cannot be used by financially unstable people. That is, if you don’t have a solid base of income and wealth, you might not enjoy the power of this prayer.

For those who are trying to break through financially, the first prayer will work for you. The prayer for financial increase will increase your earning base. This is the result that comes from this prayer.

Praying for a financial increase can be due to surging bills. Whenever you have bills that are more than your income base, it is time to pray for a financial increase. The answer can come in the form of a new business idea; it might also come through a new deal with bigger clients.

  • Do you desire to upgrade financially?
  • Have you always looked for a way out of surging bills?

The prayer for the financial increase is the best solution to all of these worries. 

3) Prayer for Prosperity and Financial Breakthrough

Prayer to print

“Compassionate God, look at my deep troubles, and have mercy. I run to You for help with this financial adversity, taking shelter beneath Your wings.

Send a miracle from heaven in Your faithful and unending compassion. I praise and lift You high for making a way of escape from this overwhelming flood.

Out of the riches of Your glory, set me on stable ground. Help me to follow Your wisdom and instruction on what to do. May prosperity triumph over poverty. Amen.”

This is another powerful financial prayer that will change your financial life. The prayer for prosperity and financial breakthrough will take you from 0 – 100 within a few months.

This prayer is believed to have magical powers that can speed up your life, and give you massive results within a few months.

However, you have to stick with this prayer for long. Consistency is the key to generating results with this prayer.

The prayer for prosperity and financial breakthrough can be used by everyone. The reason for this is that everyone loves to become prosperous in whatever they do. 

There is a general belief that nobody on earth is tired of making money – no matter how rich they are.

Therefore, this prayer can be used by the rich and poor. Whenever you make this prayer, the universe will release angels. These angels will go into your future and cause things to align for your favor, which will bring financial breakthroughs and prosperity into your life.

In addition to this, the prayer for prosperity and financial breakthrough will change your luck. If you have bad luck, this prayer will change it to good luck, which is an essential ingredient for good things to constantly happen in your life.

4) Prayer for a Financial Miracle

Prayer to print

“Eternal God, Your word says that I should not worry about what I shall eat, or what I shall drink or what I shall wear.

Therefore, I know that I shouldn’t worry about my finances. For the pagans chase after these things, and You, my heavenly Father, know that I need them.

Lord, You know that I need a financial miracle right now. You know that I need an overflow of money, let the drought that currently occupies my bank account be gone.Amen.”

This type of prayer seeks to address a specific problem. If you are having any urgent financial need, you can ask the universe for a miracle. The prayer for a financial miracle will not make you wealthy. It will only provide the money that is needed to sort out a major financial obligation.

Anytime a financial difficulty arises, this prayer can provide a corresponding financial miracle to overcome that difficulty.

Whenever you make this prayer, you have to ensure that your mind has a specific need. This is how you are going to get the result you seek. Without a focus, this prayer will not work.

The prayer for a financial miracle brings instant results, which solves a current financial difficulty, and gives you peace.

5) Prayer to Save my Finances

Prayer to print

“God Father, I’m going through a very complicated financial phase. I have a lot of financial problems, a lot of debt, and a lot of bills to pay.

I know I got myself into this problem, but the truth is, I can’t get out of it alone. The truth is that I need Your help to give me strength and opportunities to have a better financial life.

Father God, help me make more money, pay off all my debts and save my financial life.

Get me out of this hole, help me and support me.


Original Angelic Balance Prayer. Copying is prohibited, except with citation.

This prayer will bring you out of liquidation.

When you realize that your finances are taking a downward turn, this is the best prayer to make. This prayer should be made with a heart that is looking for divine help and intervention. You should make this prayer with a specific goal in mind, which is to save your finances. 

The prayer to save my finances is a powerful prayer that has brought people out of liquidation. It has supplied people with the wisdom to avoid a major financial crisis.

Therefore, there is an assurance of positive results with this prayer.

You have to constantly ask the universe to save your finances from crumbling, and it is this prayer that brings such a result.

6) Prayer to be a Good Steward of Money

Prayer to print

“Father God, I am praying this prayer to you to ask you for something simple but important. I know that money is not everything and that money does not bring happiness, but the truth is that we need money to be able to have a dignified life.

That’s why I pray this prayer to You. I pray to You to help me have better financial control. To help me manage my money and finances.

To help me not spend money where it’s not needed and to help me achieve a more stable financial life.

God the Father, help me, support me and guide me in this problem.


Original Angelic Balance Prayer. Copying is prohibited, except with citation.

Mismanagement is a major reason for financial instability. This is why you should never stop asking the universe for the power to be a good steward of money. Without proper stewardship of money, it is impossible to amass wealth over time.

This prayer will curb your appetite, build a strong character in you, and help you to learn how to manage the money in your hands effectively.

Therefore, if you are having issues with managing money, the prayer to be a good steward of money will work for you.

7) Prayer against Financial Blockages

This prayer addresses the spiritual aspect than the physical aspect. Financial blockages are the limits that are set by demons to prevent you from making money.

This is the spiritual reason for many people’s struggle with a financial breakthrough. 

Therefore, to enjoy a financial breakthrough, you must pray against every form of financial blockages. You must pray against everything that serves as a stoppage to your breakthrough. This prayer can be made with incense for spiritual protection against the spirit of poverty.

With this prayer, every limit will be lifted, and you will enjoy a financial breakthrough.

Are these Prayers Powerful?

The 7 powerful prayers are powerful enough to grant you a quick financial breakthrough when it is done the right way.

Whenever you want to make this prayer, it is okay to burn a bay or basil leaf. You can also burn cinnamon sticks as incense. This will attract the spirit of prosperity into your life.

Can I say these Prayers every day?

The prayer for a financial breakthrough can be said every day. This prayer does not have a limit. I say these prayers every day. To get quick and consistent results, you should pray these prayers every day. 

Can I Pray for someone else?

Praying for someone else is a good option.

It shows your love and concern for such an individual.

Before you carry out this act, write down the name of the person on a white paper, with your desire for him/her. After doing this, burn incense and call upon the spirit of prosperity before saying these prayers. By doing this, the intended result will become visible in the life of the person.

Final Words

The 7 powerful prayers for financial breakthrough will bring fortune and prosperity into your life. If you desire to see a positive change in your finances, these prayers are the best ways to enforce those changes within the shortest possible time.

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