7 Prayers for House Blessing and Protection (With Images)

Moving into a new apartment is good news. Everyone wants to own their house at one point or the other. However, when you move into a new house, there is a need to bless the house. Blessing your house is a powerful method of ensuring that good luck and prosperity are attracted to your house.

In addition to this, the house blessing also protects you from negative energy and evil spirits.

There are different ways to protect your house from evil. The best and simplest method is through prayers. The prayer for house blessing and protection is the best way to ensure a good and conducive spiritual atmosphere in your new home.

There are 7 powerful prayers for house blessing and protection. You must say these prayers within the first week. These prayers will invoke guardian angels in your new home, which will ward off evil and attract only good luck and prosperity into your home.

From my experience, these 7 prayers wield tremendous spiritual power, which is beneficial to your smooth stay in your new home. Therefore, never trivialize the power of these 7 powerful prayers. 

If you are planning to move into a new home, these 7 prayers will bless your house, and protect you from the negativity in your new environment.

  • Do you desire a smooth stay in your new home?
  • Have you been searching for the best prayers to make for your new home?

You have come to the right place. Let us take a look at these 7 powerful prayers for house blessing and protection.

1) Prayer for House Blessing and Protection

Prayer to print

“Dear God, I thank you for this home. I pray that you would come and protect this home against the enemies’ attack. I pray against any evil that tries to enter this home and the strength to overcome temptation.

And I pray we will leave no opportunity for the devil to enter, instead fill this house with your presence Lord and that our family would instead grow in you, in Jesus’ name,

Amen. “

This prayer can be used by those moving into a new home. It can also be used by those who are living in the old home. The prayer for house blessing and protection is necessary for spiritual purification and fortification against every negative energy.

Whenever you move into a new home, you become vulnerable to the energy in that home. It is believed that the inhabitants of a house will experience similar situations as the previous inhabitants of that house.

This means that if the experience of the previous inhabitants were bad, you are likely going to fall victim to this same situation. 

It is almost impossible to get accurate details about the past experiences of the previous inhabitants of that house. Therefore, the best way to protect and insure yourself from repeating negative cycles is through the prayer for house blessing and protection.

This prayer will protect you from every negativity. It will also put an end to every negative cycle in your life. The universe is willing to help us out of every situation. Therefore, we must be eager to pray at all times.

This prayer of house blessing and protection is the fundamental way to cleanse your house of every negative energy. It is a way to pronounce the blessing of God over your house.

2) Short House Blessing Prayer

Prayer to print

“With all my strength I ask God Our Lord to help me, at this precise moment, at this precise time, and right now!

I ask that God our Lord enter this house, enter this home where I live, and bless this house from top to bottom and from bottom to top.

God Our Lord, take away from this house of mine all negativity, all bad energy, and all bad things.

Don’t let anything bad enter my house, now and forever,Amen.”

This house blessing prayer should be consistently made to the universe or higher spirit. When you say this prayer, you are renewing the blessing upon your house.

The short house blessing prayer is for those who have made the prayer for house blessing and protection but want to keep that positive atmosphere in their house for a long time.

With this short house blessing prayer, you will condition the atmosphere in your house, and maintain positive energy, which brings good luck.

Several years ago, we were amazed at how successful a particular neighbor was getting until we realized that he was always saying the short house blessing prayer.

This prayer does not take time.

Within a few seconds, you will be done with the prayer. However, it carries enormous power that can bring good luck into your home. 

This prayer must be done consistently. That is, you should ensure that the short house blessing prayer is carried out every day for the best result.

3) Prayer for Blessing a New Home

Prayer to print

“With the powers of Christ and all the saints, I ask You to enter this house of mine and take away from it all the evil, all the sadness, all the negative energies, and all the negativity that it may have.

With the powers of Christ, my house will be cleansed of negativity, it will be blessed, and it will be full of good energies.

Only God will be able to be present in this house of mine. Only Our Lord will be able to inhabit this house because there is no room for evil or negativity.

So be it,


Congratulations on getting your new home. It is time to proclaim the blessing of God over it.

You don’t need a priest or spiritual elder to carry out this feat. With this simple prayer, you can venerate your new home. This prayer will proclaim blessing upon your new home.

The prayer for blessing a new home must start with thanksgiving. You have to be thankful to God for giving you such a beautiful home to live in. this heart of gratitude will fill your mind with positivity.

To get the best result with this prayer, positivity is the major ingredient. This is why you should start with thanksgiving to condition the spiritual atmosphere and make it suitable for this prayer.

The prayer for blessing your new home will invoke the angels, who are going to protect you and fill your life with peace as you live in your new home. 

It is necessary to make this prayer whenever you move into a new home. Proclaiming God’s blessing over a new home is similar to inviting him to dwell in that house. 

Make this prayer now.

4) Prayer to Cover your Home

Prayer to print

“Oh Lord, I pray for your blessing on this home. Some problems have risen that I did not see coming and I fear how much money I may have to put into repairing these issues.

I know I can fix the minor issues, but the heater is out. Father, I pray that this issue is really an easy, small problem and that I won’t have to purchase a new unit to keep the house warm.

Father, give me peace to know that Your blessing is still here even in the midst of uncertainty.”

In the Christian religion, covering your possessions with the blood of Jesus is the best way to ensure protection.

Therefore, you can apply this to your home. Whenever you move into a new home, it is okay to cover it with the blood of Jesus for protection. The blood of Jesus is powerful enough to protect you from harm. In addition to this, the blood of Jesus will shield you from negative energy.

The prayer to cover your home can also be done by burning black candles.

It is believed that the black smoke will spiritually form a covering over your house. This covering is a warning sign to evil spirits. With this covering, evil spirits will stay away from your home and allow you to live in peace. 

By saying this prayer to cover your home, you will enjoy supernatural peace and bliss in your home. You will also be free of every spiritual attack.

5) Simple House Blessing Prayer

Prayer to print

“My God, bless this house and let no evil enter. Keep away the bad things, come with us to stay. My soul belongs to you, only to you I can surrender it.

I promise, from the bottom of my soul, only by your law to guide me I think of you all the time, you are above everything, because of the love I have for you, I live in this world.


This house blessing prayer can be used as a mantra every morning.

The simple house blessing prayer does not require additional spiritual pragmatism or dexterity.

The only requirement is to say the words correctly. As long as you say these words properly, the results will be evident. 

The simple house blessing prayer is meant to condition the atmosphere in your home. It can be made alongside the short house blessing prayer.

The short house blessing prayer goes together with this prayer because they deliver the same result.

Therefore, whenever you are making the simple house blessing prayer, it is advisable to also make the short house blessing prayer for spiritual synergy and powerful effect.

6) Prayer for Protection and Blessing Home and Family

Prayer to print

“Heavenly Father, I trust You and all Your powers, because I know You are very powerful.

That’s why I pray to You because I know You can help me bless my home, my family, and my whole life.

Heavenly Father, I am praying this prayer to You because I need Your help and Your protection.

I need Your help to remove all evil in this house and I need Your protection to protect me and my family from all the evil that may exist in this house.

Please Heavenly Father, help us and protect us.


This is a little different from every prayer in this article. Rather than praying for your house, this special prayer carries your family members along. I love this prayer for its encompassing nature.

With this prayer, you cannot leave any stone unturned because it has covered all the aspects that might be affected when you move into a new home with negative energy and spiritual attacks.

With this prayer of protection, your family members will be safe from spiritual attacks and your home will be kept in peace. 

This prayer will ensure your safety while living in this new home.

7) Power Catholic Prayer for Home Blessing

With the use of holy water, you can perform this powerful catholic prayer for home blessing. This is a different prayer from every other prayer in this article. The power of catholic prayer for home blessing invokes the spirit of holy saints, who purges your home of every contamination and fill your home with divine glory and splendor.

The power of catholic prayer for home blessing will invite the Lord Jesus into your home. With Jesus in your home, you can be assured of safety and peace.

You should say this prayer to God every day until you receive an assurance that the spirits of the holy saints are with you. 

Should I Pray Indoors?

You need to cover your entire house. Therefore, staying indoors might not be effective enough. The house blessing and protection prayer is meant to cover the entire house.

Therefore, you should not only say these prayers indoors but outdoors as well.

The house blessing and protection should create an external barrier on the outside of your house against every form of negative energy and attack. Therefore, ensure to cover the entire perimeter of your home when saying these prayers.

Should I say these Prayers whenever I buy a new house?

You should say these prayers whenever you buy a new house.

This answer is straightforward. If you want to protect yourself from every form of spiritual attack, saying these prayers is very crucial before you fully move into your new home.

With these prayers, ghosts will be forced to leave your new home.

Never ignore the power of these 7 prayers for house blessing and protection.

Final Words

Peace and safety will dwell with you as you ask the universe for its blessing and protection over your home. With these prayers, you will be free from negative energies, spiritual attacks, and repeated cycles.

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