7 Spiritual Meanings of Dreaming in a Dream: Is it Normal?

What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming in a dream? Why does this happen? Let’s find out!

Dreams are a special part of our lives. This is why we must never take them for granted. One of the ways the universe communicates with us is through dreams.

No matter how your dream turns out, it is still a sign from the universe – either good or bad. Understanding this will help you to embrace the different messages that come through dreams.

One of the ways to also understand what the universe is saying through dreams is what you experience in those dreams. Amongst all of these experiences is a special but rare experience called dreaming in a dream.

Undoubtedly, dreaming in a dream is a spiritual experience. It is almost like experiencing a flashback in another flashback.

This is a very rare experience. This is why it is special and should be treated as such.

It looks like a box of paradoxes, where two opposite things are happening together.

  • How can you be dreaming, and still see yourself dreaming?
  • How possible is it to see yourself dreaming in a dream?

These questions require an answer, and we will discuss them in detail.

Therefore, if you desire to find answers concerning the spiritual meaning of dreaming in a dream, you should read this article till the end.

Is it Normal to Dream within a Dream?

Dreams and confusion

This experience is called a false awakening. Psychology and medical science believe that dreaming within a dream is one of the ways that your body deceives you.

It gives you this subtle feeling that you are awake, when in fact, you are not. This is not a medical condition. It is believed that reducing stress and anxiety can cure the situation. 

However, the spiritual realm believes in the opposite.

Whenever it comes to having dreams within a dream, it is a spiritual condition.

This is beyond normal. It is a deliberate attempt of the universe to get your attention. Sometimes, this will happen to you whenever a message has to be delivered urgently.

Dreaming within a dream is spiritual, and not normal.

This is why it is rare. You might not have this experience in 5 years. The universe rarely uses this experience to speak to us.

However, whenever they do, it is best to listen to the message and act on further instructions. Whenever you dream within a dream, never treat it as a normal phenomenon.

Why do we have Dreams within Dreams?

Dreams within dreams meaning

Several reasons contribute to having dreams within dreams. Let us discuss them in this section:

  1. You will have dreams within dreams whenever you are anxious about something. You see, it is believed that our desires, anxieties, and passions have a way of affecting the things we see in our dreams, and the experiences we have in our dreams.
    • This is why it is advisable to clear your mind off every anxiety before you sleep. Sleeping with anxiety might cause having dreams within dreams. This is a major reason for such experiences. 
  1. Whenever the spiritual world has a message for you, you might have dreams within dreams.
    • Sometimes, the message is important, but because of your lack of attentiveness, the universe will have to insert it into your dreams. This is why you will suddenly see yourself dreaming in a dream. Now, this is not a bad condition. 
  1. You will have dreams within dreams whenever you are trying to manipulate what you see. Now, this is the bad one.
    • The reason for this is that the manipulation will disrupt the flow of energy from your soul, sever your connection with the spiritual world (while you sleep), and distort the pure images from the spiritual world. 

These 3 reasons are common among why we have dreams within dreams. Now, let us discuss the different spiritual meanings of having dreams within dreams.

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming in a Dream: 7 Messages

Spiritual Meaning of Dreaming in a Dream

When you dream in a dream, it is not a normal situation. I am sure that you understand and believe this already. There is a spiritual side to having dreams in a dream, and we will discuss this right away.

Whenever you dream within a dream, the following 7 spiritual meanings can be gleaned from that experience.

1) Self-deceit

This is majorly a warning sign from the spiritual world. Having a dream within a dream means self-deceit.

It is saying that you are hiding under a false mindset that everything is alright – when in reality, everything is not.

This type of mindset will blind you from the truth, it will blind you from doing the important things, and also slow you down on your journey to success.

2) Too many spiritual messages are coming at once

Yes, this is another spiritual meaning. Every dream we have is believed to be a message from the divine.

Therefore, whenever you begin to have dreams within a dream, it is a connection to several spiritual messages.

This means that the spiritual world is trying to send many messages to you at once. Most times, the dreams will unfold within each other because the messages from them are intertwined. 

3) Someone is trying to send a message to you

Dreams are like movies. Whenever another dream begins to play in your dream, it is a sign that another movie is trying to disrupt your movie.

Now, this is not always going to be from the spiritual world. Your friend, family members, or a spiritual elder might also be sending a message to you.

Someone is trying to penetrate your soul, and deposit a message for you to get.

Therefore, pay more attention to the dream inside your dream to get the message from this individual.

4) Spiritual alignment

Having a dream within a dream is believed to be a sign of spiritual alignment. This means that your spirit is searching for the right plane to rest on.

For example, if you feel to have lost touch with the spiritual world, your spirit will go on a journey of alignment. It will begin to search for the correct frequency in the spirit world.

Now, the sign you will have is seeing dreams within a dream. It is a sign of spiritual searching.

Therefore, remain in that dream until the search is over. It is believed that such an experience will lead to spiritual awakening and discovery.

5) Something good is coming

Whenever you have an initial dream of losing money, but you slept in that dream, and dreamt about making millions, the most important is the second dream.

The universe is using this dream to assure you that something good is about to happen to you.

The first dream of losing money describes your life in reality, while the second dream of making millions is a prophecy of what will happen to you shortly.

Therefore, this is a message of hope and assurance.

6) Master your prophetic gift

The experience of having dreams within dreams might be a sign that your prophetic gift is trying to find expression.

Furthermore, it might be a sign that you have not developed skills with your prophetic gift.

Having dreams within dreams might be a sign that you have the special gift of a seer.

However, you need to master it properly. Doing this will help you to bring the gift under control. It will also help you to channel it properly.

7) Anxiety

Having dreams within dreams is a spiritual sign of anxiety.

This means that you are anxious about several things, and they are beginning to play out in your dream.

What is the universe saying with this dream? The universe is encouraging you to stop being anxious.

The bible encourages us to be anxious for nothing. Therefore, embrace this instruction from the bible, and trust God to help you out of your situation.

How to Interpret a Dream within another Dream

Interpreting strange dreams

If you want to interpret a dream within another dream, pay attention to the following:

  1. The state of your mind before you slept. If you were anxious before you slept, then the dream might be an assurance. However, if your mind was at peace before you slept, then, it can be anything else (an instruction, guidance, caution, and so on).
  1. Pay attention to what happened in that dream. The images in that dream will give you a clue as to what the universe is saying.
  1. Pay attention to the dream you had before the second dream. This is not always necessary, but it can also give you a clue concerning the interpretation of a dream within another dream.

Having a Dream inside a Dream: It’s a bad Spiritual Sign?

Bad spiritual signs from dreams

No, it is not a bad spiritual sign. Having a dream inside a dream mostly brings assurance and caution. It speaks about nothing evil. Therefore, don’t be worried about it.

Should I be concerned?

Woman sleeping

Well, science might tell you to be concerned, but spirituality is saying you should pay attention.

These are 2 different attitudes.

Concern brings worry and anxiety, while attention brings clarity and purpose.

Therefore, rather than feeling concerned, pay attention to get the message.

Final Words

Don’t be scared of having dreams within dreams. It is not a bad spiritual condition. It has come to guide you, assure you, and answer the deepest questions of your heart.

Therefore, be attentive enough, pay attention to the information in this article, and you are on your way to enjoying the best part of your life.

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