7 Sunny Side up Baby Superstitions: It’s Bad Luck?

There are 7 superstitions concerning a sunny-side-up baby, which we will discuss in this article. If you want to understand more about the spiritual meaning of a sunny-side-up baby, then, don’t joke with what you are about to read.

Normally, a baby is supposed to be face down in the womb of its mother. This is the proper position of the baby in the womb.

Therefore, whenever a baby is facing up in the womb, we call it the sunny side up baby.

In medical practice, it is called the occiput posterior position.

Now, this is not a serious condition, and several moms with such children have delivered with ease.

Therefore, having a baby with face-up is not a medical condition to worry about.

However, the spiritual world has one or two things to say about this baby. You need to understand that coincidences don’t exist in the spiritual world. That is, everything that happens in the spiritual world has a reason.

The position of your baby in the womb and at delivery is a spiritual sign of the baby’s future.

In addition to this, it is a spiritual message concerning the life of both parents. Therefore, pay attention to your sunny side up baby.

Baby born face up: The Spiritual Meaning

Baby born face up

A sunny-side-up baby or a baby that is born face-up is special. You need to keep this in your mind. Just like the angel Gabriel spoke to Mary about the birth of Jesus, a sunny-side-up baby is speaking about the future of the child.

Now, there are several beliefs concerning this baby, and we will look into them later. However, let us discuss the spiritual meaning of a baby born face up.

A sunny side up baby’s spiritual meaning starts with uniqueness.

That is, the spiritual world has placed this child in such a position to pass a message about his uniqueness.

Severally, parents have abandoned the special and unique features of their children, and this has affected how they play their roles as parents.

Therefore, if a child is specially designed for a purpose, the universe will ensure that his parents don’t joke with destiny by making his birth remarkable. One of such ways is by making him a sunny-side-up baby. 

Furthermore, a baby born face up will grow up to depend on God.

Facing up in the spiritual world is a sign of trusting in God.

Therefore, whenever you see such a child praying or acting in faith, don’t hinder him. This is how he was fashioned by God. The child’s journey will be a journey of faith, and he will achieve impossible things with this virtue.

Baby born Face up Myths

Baby born Face up Myths

Medically, the head of the sunny side up baby is positioned down. However, the head is facing the mother’s abdomen, which makes the baby’s skull rest against the back of the mother’s pelvis.

This position is a spiritual one, and we need to decode the mystery behind it.

There are myths about the baby born face up, which we should talk about.

The first myth is that babies that are born face up will always get closer to their mothers than their fathers.

The reason for this is that the baby has developed intimacy with his mother in the womb.

It is believed that babies that are born face up always remember their mothers before their fathers. If you see a child clinging so hard to his/her mother, there is a high tendency that he is a sunny-side-up baby.

Ancient myths also say that a baby born face up is a spiritual being.

That is, this child was not made from sex.

Although, sex happened between 2 opposite sexes; the being simply used that as a cover.

Most times, it is an angel that comes in the form of a baby. They decided to take that position to pass a message that he is not an ordinary being.

7 Sunny Side Up Baby Superstitions

Sunny Side Up Baby Superstitions

The following superstitions are about a sunny-side-up baby. If you have a sunny side up baby, then, pay attention to what you are about to read in this section:

1) The child will be an explorer

The position of the baby is like that of an explorer. It is believed that a sunny-side-up baby will love to explore new things.

Furthermore, myths have it that a sunny-side-up baby will always come up with new inventions that will change the world.

It is said that everyone that has brought new inventions into the world was a sunny-side-up baby. Therefore, expect great things from your sunny side up baby.

2) Your mind needs a repair

This has nothing to do with the baby. Whenever the baby in your womb is facing up, don’t only pay attention to the spiritual meaning of the baby. Pay attention to what it is saying about you.

It is said that the mind is the womb of thoughts, ideas, and realities.

Therefore, if anything tampers with the mind, your thoughts, ideas, and realities will be disrupted.

The physical explanation of this is the sunny-side-up baby in your womb.

The universe is using this to reveal that your mind is not in the right state. It is saying that your mind needs refurbishing.

You have allowed too much negativity to corrupt the purity of your mind, and all your thoughts are becoming abnormal – just like the sunny-side-up baby in your womb.

3) Giving birth to an angel

African religion believes that a sunny-side-up baby is an angel. This explains why it is looking up in the womb.

Therefore, treat the child specially.

Furthermore, it is said that a time will come when the child will leave you and pursue his destiny just like Jesus.

When that time comes, don’t stop him.

Now, we need to put a disclaimer here: this is mere superstition. We have not heard of people experiencing this in real life. But who knows! Your sunny-side-up baby might be that special.

Therefore, keep that in mind.

4) The baby will be a reader

Yes, this is another spiritual meaning of a sunny-side-up baby.

Whenever you have this type of baby, it is a sign that the baby will be a voracious reader as he grows.

He will love to explore new things, and this will prompt him to read books a lot. Once you observe this trait, don’t stop him. 

5) The baby will be betrayed

Just like Jesus was betrayed, sunny side up babies are always easily betrayed by the people they trust.

The reason for this is that they are not emotionally stable.

A sunny-side-up baby can cry easily.

He can trust easily and can get hurt easily.

If you don’t help this child as a parent, the weakness will become a target for bad people, and they will betray your child, hurt him badly and affect his esteem.

It is believed that a sunny side baby should be trained to become emotionally stable.

6) You were not expecting a child

Whenever you have a sunny-side-up baby, it is believed that you were not expecting a child.

This happens at one time or the other.

Across generations, the universe will always find someone to possess with a special child.

This person will not expect to have a child, but it will happen nonetheless.

If you are married, a sunny-side-up baby is going to be a surprise baby because it will come at a time you were not expecting.

Take this child as a gift from God, and nurture him properly. In Yoruba culture, the child is going to name great someday.

7) A baby of vengeance

Yoruba culture believes that a baby born face-up is coming for vengeance.

Yoruba people believe that whenever a spirit returns to the world for vengeance, it will be born differently from other babies, and one of such ways is to be born face up. 

All of these superstitions are based on the beliefs of religious and traditional parastatals.

However, the lesson to glean from all of these is that a sunny-side-up baby is special. Treat them as special children.

Could it Indicate Bad Luck?

Happy baby

No, a sunny-side-up baby is not a sign of bad luck.

This baby was born for a special purpose, and not to wreak havoc on his parents. Whether your sunny-side-up baby is male or female, it is a sign of good luck.

Don’t be scared of having a baby that is born face up. 

Final Words

A sunny-side-up baby is a gift from the universe. Such a child is born for a purpose and given to help your mind.

Therefore, after receiving the report of your baby scan, meditate on your sunny side up baby, and begin to plan on how to properly nurture and guide him/her into destiny. Sunny side-up babies are spiritual. Therefore, don’t take your baby for granted if he/she is born face up.

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