7 Triquetra Spiritual Meanings: Symbol and Symbolisms

Have you ever wondered what lies behind the triquetra symbol?

Then, you must have felt exactly how I feel. I have been curious about this beautiful symbol for years. My curiosity has led me to various researches, which have brought about some undeniable discoveries about the triquetra symbol.

There are 7 powerful spiritual meanings of a triquetra, and we are going to explore them all in this article. If you are looking for answers to the spiritual meaning of the triquetra sign, then this is the best article for you.

The triquetra has been used in several architectural designs for centuries. However, it bears a deeper spiritual significance than what we know. You will discover more detail about this power symbol as you read on.

Furthermore, do you know that the triquetra can be a sign from the universe?

Beyond the architectural and ornamental function of the triquetra symbol, it can be sent to you as a sign from the universe. Therefore, it requires attention. By paying attention to the triquetra sign, you will be able to understand the message from the universe and apply it to several aspects of your life.

Read on to discover amazing truths about this beautiful symbol. 

What does a Triquetra Symbolize?

Triquetra symbol

A triquetra is an object of 3 interconnected arches. In the Latin tradition, the triquetra is derived from the word “triquetrus”, which is the Latin word for “three-cornered”.

The triquetra is triangular, but it consists of three overlapping and interconnected arches. It has been used in various drawings, engraved on stones, and used for architectural designs of houses, temples, and palaces. Therefore, the triquetra is popularly known in ancient times. 

Beyond the physical symbolic significance of this object, the triquetra is popularly revered for its affinity with the triple moon goddess. It is believed that the triquetra is a physical carving of the triple moon goddess.

The triple moon goddess also consists of 3 different images namely:

  • The maiden;
  • The mother;
  • And the crone.

It is therefore believed that the triquetra is a carving of the triple moon goddess, which symbolizes feminine energy and fertility. The triquetra is symbolic of fertility and feminine energy.

It is believed that the triquetra will bring childbirth to those that look up to it for childbirth.

In addition to this, the triquetra symbolizes the past, present, and future seasons of our lives.

Whenever we are caught in between the cycles of our lives, the triquetra can be a spiritual compass to let us know what season we are in. With the triquetra, you will be able to understand the different seasons of your life.

These are the symbolic messages from the triquetra. There are 7 different spiritual meanings of this object, which are vital, authentic, and powerful enough to cause a drastic change in your life. 

Triquetra Spiritual Meaning: 7 Messages

Triquetra Spiritual Meaning

Let us look at the different spiritual messages of the triquetra symbol, and how they can transform your life within the shortest possible time. 

1) Abundance

The triquetra symbol brings a message of abundance. When you see this symbol, it is an indication that you are going to enjoy abundance in your life.

Whenever you see the triquetra symbol at a crucial time of your life, you should brace up for the positive change that is coming.

With the triquetra symbol, you will enjoy abundance. Mostly, this will affect your finances.

For example: if you are in debt, the triquetra is a sign that you are going to come out of debt. The triquetra symbol is an indication that you are entering a new season of abundance.

2) Protection

The triquetra symbol is a sign of protection. Whenever you see this symbol, it brings a message of protection, which fills your heart with the assurance that you are safe.

The triquetra symbol comes with the assurance of protection. Due to our relationships and interactions with people, we can become exposed to negative energy.

Negative energy attracts negative events into your life. Whenever you see the triquetra sign, you will enjoy protection and assurance. With the triquetra symbol, you will enjoy protection from harm. This can also extend to other aspects of your life.

3) It magnifies the feminine energy

Whenever you see the triquetra symbol, it indicates feminine energy. The feminine energy has a lot to do with emotions. Therefore, whenever you feel like an emotional wreck, you can invoke the power of the triquetra to grant you emotional stability.

This symbol magnifies your emotional strength – most especially when you are at a crucial point of emotional breakdown. With the power of triquetra, you will be able to manage your emotion effectively and handle the various emotional struggles you are going through.

With the feminine energy, you are going to become emotionally strong.

This does not have to do with the female gender alone. The masculine gender can also benefit from the power of triquetra because it deals with our emotional balance and strength.

4) Life is in phases

The triquetra symbol is identical to the triple moon goddess. The triple moon goddess explains the different phases of life to us. Therefore, whenever you see the triquetra symbol, it should constantly remind you that life is in phases and stages.

You must be patient enough to pass through these stages. Some stages of our lives might not be comfortable, but they are necessary for our evolution and fulfillment. 

Whenever you begin to feel uncomfortable with your life, the triquetra can appear to you as a sign of reassurance that you are in the right place, and the right phase.

5) It is time to go after spiritual enlightenment

The triquetra comes in a triangular shape. In the spirit world, the triangular shape is a sign of spiritual enlightenment.

Whenever you see the triquetra symbol, it is an indication that you should go after spiritual enlightenment.

Spiritual enlightenment is important for your spiritual development. The triquetra has come to instruct you that it is time to become spiritually enlightened. 

6) All your desires will come to pass

The triquetra is a sign that all of your desires will come to pass. When you have a desire, calling upon the triquetra can bring all your wishes to reality.

With the triquetra, you will be empowered to manifest all of your desires. The triquetra is a sign from the universe that your desires will come to pass, and you will be satisfied with everything you desire. 

7) You are united in your soul

The number 3 stands for unity.

Therefore, whenever you see the triquetra, it can be a sign that your soul and spirit are united. It can be an indication that you have attained a level of spiritual sensitivity and alignment between your soul and spirit. 

Triquetra Symbol Meaning in Wicca

Triquetra Symbol Meaning in Wicca

In Wicca, the triquetra represents different things. We will attempt to cover all the different spiritual meanings of the triquetra.

Let us look at these different spiritual meanings:

  • In Wicca, the triquetra represents the mind, body, and spirit. This symbol advocate for a balance between the three dimensions of our body. If we are ever going to attain spiritual awakening, we must learn how to create a balance between the mind, body, and spirit. In addition to this, we must learn how to nurture them spiritually.
  • The triquetra symbol in witchcraft also represents the force of nature, and how interconnected they are. The land, sea, and air are interconnected, and we must also realize that we are connected to the 3 dimensions of nature. we must learn to find the balance within our body; because it will help us to conserve enough energy for witchcraft practices.

Triquetra Meaning in Pagan

Triquetra with 3 circles

In paganism, the triquetra represents the triple moon goddess symbol. The triple moon goddess and the triquetra share the same spiritual meaning in paganism.

The triple moon goddess represents the different cycles of life and feminine energy.

The maiden represents the beginning stages of life. 

The mother represents the fertility stage. This is where ideas are formed and implemented. It is also the stage of childbirth for the woman.

The crone is the final stage of life, which is also referred to as old age. This is the cycle of wisdom. In this cycle of life, you are filled with wisdom as a result of the past experiences of your life. It is at this stage you will begin to invest in posterity.

In paganism., the triquetra symbol inspires you to take advantage of your life while you still have it.

Triquetra with Circle Spiritual Meaning

Triquetra with Circle

The triquetra with circle talks about the movement of our lives from one phase to another. It also signifies how our life’s cycles are interconnected with each other.

They roll in and out of each other. This is why a lot of people don’t realize when they stepped into a new cycle of life. Except you are spiritually sensitive, it is hard to understand the different cycles of your life.

The triquetra with the circle is an inspiration for us to be spiritually sensitive and discerning.

Final Words

Beyond the architectural beauty of the triquetra, we have been able to see the deep spiritual messages and meaning behind the triquetra symbol. Therefore, make use of the knowledge you have to your advantage, and let it teach you wisdom for your life.

If you still have any questions or even any recommendation, feel free to share with us in the comments below!

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