8 Cricket Spiritual Meanings: In house symbolism

Seeing a cricket in the house is common in places like Africa and Asia. Therefore, a lot of people in those continents don’t see it as anything special. However, there is something special about seeing crickets in the house.

As much as it is normal to find them in your house since they are harmless, you have to pay attention to their presence whenever they show up in your house. There is something about crickets that is supernatural and we are going to look at this in further detail.

Whenever a cricket enters your house, it has come to show you how to live your life.

Cricket has come to lead you into how to enjoy the coming phase of your life. Furthermore, cricket has come to bear a divine message from the spirits to you and your household. This is why you should adore the presence of the cricket whenever you find it in your home. 

There is something magical about crickets. Even if you don’t know of its existence, it will begin to make this beautiful, distinct sound.

Once you hear this sound, you will immediately know that cricket has entered your house. The sound of the cricket is an indication that it has come to give you an important message from the universe.

You should pay attention. You should listen to the message of the cricket whenever it shows up in your house.

Cricket Symbolism

Cricket Symbolism

Cricket has a lot of symbolic meanings across many tribes and religions. Let us look at a few of them:

The Native American tradition sees cricket as a bringer of good fortune and luck.

It is believed that whenever the cricket shows up in your house, it is a sign that something good is about to happen to you.

The African tradition believes that cricket is a symbol of secrets and darkness.

This is a sign that someone is keeping a dark secret that needs to be exposed. Therefore, whenever cricket is found in Africa, it is a sign that there is someone in the housekeeping a secret.

This secret has to be uncovered. Most times, when the cricket begins to make its sound, it is a sign that the secret will be exposed. This is not a bad omen; it is a sign of caution.

In Christianity, cricket is a sign of luck and spiritual knowledge.

It is believed that whenever cricket shows up in your dream, God is telling you to seek higher spiritual knowledge.

These and many more are the symbolic meanings of a cricket. From all of these meanings, I am sure that your mindset has begun to change concerning the normal, but powerful creature called the cricket.

Other deep spiritual messages can be received from the cricket. Read on to find out these powerful messages that can transform your life for the better.

What is cricket’s spiritual meaning? 8 messages

Cricket spiritual meaning

In this section, I am going to reveal the deep spiritual messages that come from cricket.  Let us delve into this in more detail. Here are the 8 spiritual messages from cricket:

1) Something good is about to happen in your life

Brown cricket

Whenever the cricket shows up in your house, it has brought good news to you that something good is going to happen in your life.

Therefore, if you have been experiencing a lot of misfortune and negative circumstances, it is time to cheer up because the universe has shone its light on your path.

From the moment you saw the cricket, you will begin to notice positive changes in every aspect of your life.

2) A member of your family will receive good news

Green cricket

Whenever you find a cricket in your house, it is a sign that you or a member of your family is going to receive good news very soon.

Most times, this news has to do with a promotion at a job.

This news has a lot to do with career progress. If you have someone in your family who is concerned about his/her career’s challenges, take the cricket to the person’s room and allow the positive energy from the cricket to overwhelm the atmosphere of the room.

Once the person enters, the good luck will rub off and it will become evident before that week runs out.

3) A deeper intuition is needed


The antennas of the cricket are the most sensitive part of the cricket’s functional organs. This is how cricket can detect if any harm or threat is near.

Therefore, whenever you see cricket in your home, it brings a message to you about strengthening your intuitive powers.

Without a sharp intuitive power, you are at risk of falling into the hands of those who will exploit you. You are at risk of becoming a victim of mistakes.

When you develop a strong intuitive power, you will be able to sense danger and prevent yourself from falling victim to this danger before it happens.

This is how you will keep yourself safe from people and their evil plans against you. In addition to this, you will also keep yourself from making terrible mistakes and decisions that will negatively affect a major part of your life.

4) You are entering into one of the best times of your life


Cricket is a sign of spiritual transition from one phase of your life to another phase.

Whenever you see a cricket, it is a sign of transition.

However, the best part of this message is that the transition is coming with loads of opportunities, breakthroughs, and exciting moments of life.

The next phase of your life is one of the best times of your life.

This is the part of your life that is filled with every goodness and success you have ever desired.

Therefore, cricket has come to prepare you for this transition and fill you with hope and confidence about the positive change that is coming into your life.

5) Be open-minded to receive direction from the universe concerning what to do

Big cricket

When you get to a point of your life that seems confusing, always trust the cricket to show up on your path to tell you what to do.

Whenever cricket shows up at this point of your life, then it is bringing a direct message from the universe.

The universe has sent the cricket to tell you to open up your mind to receive the divine wisdom and guidance that will take you out of the state of confusion that you have found yourself in.

Your mind has been closed off against the spiritual realm, and that is why you are confused. The moment you open up your heart to the universe, you will experience clarity and light.

6) Learn to speak up


The sound of the cricket is bringing a message to you – most especially if you are always scared of expressing yourself because of low self-esteem.

The cricket has come to tell you that it is okay to speak up. Whenever you have an opinion, always learn to speak up – even if you are scared of rejection.

Most times, you realize that the wisdom you have is what people need for their lives. In addition to this, if you are not happy about something, stop holding it in.

Always learn to speak up. You owe nobody your silence. Take away every fear or low self-esteem. You have the right to speak up and say your mind. Therefore, begin to do that from now. This is the message of cricket.

7) You deserve every good thing of life

Cricket in grass

The cricket has come to remind you that every good thing in life is yours. Never allow your past mistakes to make you feel like you don’t deserve to be happy.

You deserve happiness. Therefore, you have to believe it strongly in your heart before you will begin to see the possibilities around you.

8) There is a change of energy happening around you


The voice of the cricket is known to bring a change of energy.

If negative energy is inside your house, the voice of the cricket has come to flush out every negative energy and fill your house with positive energy.

Therefore, you should always fill your heart and words with positivity to keep that energy from the cricket in your house.

Hearing crickets spiritual meaning

Hearing crickets spiritual meaning

Whenever you hear a cricket, it has some meanings in the spirit realm. Let us look at the different spiritual meanings of hearing a cricket.

  • It is a sign that the spirit of your lost loved one is trying to communicate with you. Whenever you hear the cricket at the moment of a deep loss of someone close to you, then it is most likely that the spirit of the deceased has come to visit you through the cricket, and is trying to communicate with you through the voice of the cricket.
  • There is a change in energy. I have stated this earlier. Whenever you hear a cricket, it is a sign of change in vibration and energy in your house.
  • Cricket has come to encourage you to always use your words to attract what you want. The voice of the cricket brings positive energy to it. Therefore, you should be like the cricket. Always learn to use your voice to attract what you want into your life.

Spiritual meaning of crickets in your home

Crickets in your home

Finding the cricket in your home simply means that the cricket has found a comfortable place to stay.

In the spirit, it is a sign that you have found a comfortable place to thrive. This might have to do with your workplace or your relationship. It is a sign of great peace and comfort, which you are experiencing at the moment.

Furthermore, whenever a cricket comes into your house, it is a sign that good fortune is going to visit you very soon. You are going to become very fortunate and attract favors into your life from every side.

What does it mean when a cricket lands on you?


Whenever a cricket lands on you, it means that you have spiritually positioned yourself for the universe to always connect with.

Previously, the universe might have been trying to connect with your soul, but you have been too far away. However, at this point, your soul has become aligned with the universe and they can communicate with you easily.

Furthermore, it also means that you have become rightly positioned for goodness to locate you. You have become rightly positioned to experience good luck. 

In addition to this, whenever a cricket lands on you, it is transferring its energy to you. Therefore, from that moment, you will begin to enjoy the power of cricket in your affairs.

The prophetic meaning of a cricket

Prophetic meaning of a cricket

Prophetically, cricket is a symbol of protection against evil.

Just like the dog, whenever cricket is found in your house, it is a sign from the universe that an evil occurrence is about to happen, but the cricket has come as a spiritual guardian to protect you from becoming a victim of evil.

Furthermore, cricket is a prophetic animal that brings light into every dark place of our lives.

The spiritual song of the cricket is believed to illuminate our soul and fill us with hope and confidence that everything will be alright.

Final words

Crickets are indeed fragile. However, the power in this fragile creature can transform your life beyond what you can ever imagine.

Therefore, if you need guidance in any aspect of your life, trust in the power of cricket. Never kill the cricket whenever it shows up in your house because of the goodness and prosperity you stand to enjoy with this special creature’s presence.

By allowing the power of the cricket to rub off on you, you will become open to all the positive charges of the universe, which will eventually attract every goodness and favors in the world to you.

Therefore, crickets are creatures of good luck, fortune, and prosperity. You should be full of joy when you find it in your home.

So, do you already know the cricket spiritual meaning and symbolism in your house? Fell free to leave your comments below!

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