9 Fig Tree Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism: Bad Luck?

Since ancient times figs have been cherished because of their delicious flavor, nutritional value and medicinal properties.

They are known as one of the oldest fruit in the world.

Figs were known as the poor’s man food, as dried figs are rich in fiber, iron and minerals.

Have you ever wondered about its spiritual significance? 

They have rich history of spiritual significance.

They are symbols of love, fertility, abundance, happiness, prosperity, longevity and good luck.

Fig trees are used as different symbols depending upon culture and religion.

Some cultures view them as the symbol of fertility, while others view them as a symbol of wisdom.

  • In the Quran, fig is mentioned as the fruit of heaven.
  • In the Bible, fig is mentioned most often.

To further understand the spiritual significance of fig trees and to know whether they really bring bad luck to us, let’s read on.

What do Figs Represent?

Red fig
Red fig

The fig tree is among one of the oldest trees. It is representative of various symbols in different cultures and religions.

Fig tree is representative of fertility, prosperity and abundance.

They are often used in different fertility rituals and ceremonies. It is also believe that eating figs will increase your chances of fertility.

On the other hand they are also representatives of knowledge and wisdom.

In Islam

Fig tree is among one of the five plants mentioned in the Quran. It is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge.

In Christianity

Fig and fig tree both are mentioned in the Bible. It is symbolic of fertility and prosperity.

In Hinduism

In Hinduism, the fig tree is a symbol of purity and chastity. It’s a omen of positive changes.

In Buddhism

Fig trees are often found around Buddhist shrines. It is believed that Buddha had found enlightenment while sitting under fig tree.  

In Ancient Greece

It is a symbol of abundance and fertility.

It was believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

In Greek mythology, when Zeus was pursuing Ge and her son, Sykeus in the war of the Titans, in order to save her son, Ge metamorphosed into a fig tree.

It was also believed that the god of fertility was born beneath a fig tree.

In Ancient Rome

In ancient Rome, Fig tree was a symbol of fertility and abundance.

It was believed to bring good luck, prosperity and success.

Additionally, it was seen as the symbol of wealth.

In Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, it was seen as the symbol of prosperity and fertility.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a Chinese system of harmony and balance.

Fig tree is among the popular elements of Feng Shui, which is believed to bring good luck and fortune.

Fig trees are used to be placed in the entryway or near front door, to encourage these positive energies.

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What does a Fig Tree mean Spiritually?

Fig Tree in Spiritual World

Fig tree has been used as spiritual symbol abundantly among various cultures and religions.

They are used as spiritual representations of fertility, abundance, prosperity, wisdom and good luck.

It is also a sign of spiritual progress and a deep connection with the spiritual realm.

Here are some of the spiritual meanings of a fig tree.

  1. A sign of fertility and abundance 

In some cultures, a fig tree is seen as a sign of fertility and abundance.

  1. A sign of spiritual growth 

It is also seen as a sign of spiritual growth. It can be a sign that you are growing and developing spiritually.

  1. A sign of a deeper connection with the divine

The fig tree is also a sign of deep connection with the spiritual realm. This tree symbolizes divine guidance.

  1. A sign of deeper understanding

A fig tree is a sign of deeper understanding of yourself and your surroundings.

It represents to be aware and observant of everything around you.

The key for success in life is knowing yourself.

Only when you truly know yourself, then you will realize your worth and full potential.

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Fig Tree Symbolism

Fig Tree
Fig Tree

The fig is often considered as a sacred fruit representing all the good in the world.

It is used as the symbol of fertility, abundance, prosperity and good luck.

Its symbolism varies depending on the culture and religion but it was always associated with positive things.

The fig tree is an ancient symbol of fertility, wisdom, and strength.

The fig fruit was considered a sacred food by many cultures. They have been depicted in cave paintings and ancient tapestries.

The fig tree is mentioned several times in the Bible. The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden also mentioned fig tree. After eating from the Tree of Knowledge, Adam and Eve realize they are exposed and cover themselves with fig leaves. 

So what do figs actually symbolize?

Ultimately, it depends on your cultural context and personal interpretation.

But whether you see them as a symbol of faith or fertility, wisdom or decadence, there’s no denying that figs have been associated with a great deal of symbolic meaning throughout history.

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9 Fig Tree Spiritual Meanings and Messages

Fig Tree Spiritual Meaning

Fig trees has immense spiritual importance throughout the history. In many cultures and religions, fig tree is associated with fertility, abundance, good luck and spiritual awakening. Let’s explore further, the spiritual meanings and messages behind fig tree.

1) A Fig Tree in the Snow

A fig tree in the snow have two symbols.

The combination of these two symbols is auspicious.

It represents time and season.

In this world, your time is limited. It is a reminder to invest your time wisely

2) Fig Wood

Fig wood is the by-product of fig tree, just like your every action has consequences.

For every decision you make or every action you perform, you have to endure its consequences.

If you perform good deeds, good things will come to you and if you perform bad deeds, negative energy will surround you.

3) A Withered Fig Tree

A withered fig tree delivers a message to watch your words.

To be mindful of what you say.

When you are constantly coming across a withered fig tree, it is a message that you are becoming too careless about your words.

4) Abundance

Fig tree symbolizes abundance.

It is a sign from above that you will get abundance in every sphere of life.

Whether, it is wealth or love in a relationship.

It is an omen of prosperity and wealth.

Maybe you might be lacking in some aspect of your life, it is a message for you that good days are going to begin.

5) Mental Healing

The leaf of a fig tree is a sign of mental healing.

Maybe you have exposed yourself too much to the toxic environment and now it is affecting your mental health, causing you stress, anxiety and depression.

It is a message to start defining your boundaries and learn to say no, when required.

For once put yourself above and let yourself to heal mentally. You should relax and unwind. Maybe it’s time to take that vacation.

6) Growth

Fig tree is also a symbol of growth.

It signifies the process of growth.

This growth could be spiritual or material.

The spiritual growth required for the spiritual enlightenment.

It might be a message from the heavens, to work on your spiritual life, to develop a deep connection with the divine. It is a sign that we are not making efforts spiritually. 

The material growth could be personal, financial or academic.

It is a message to start working hard to move forward in your personal, financial and academic life. And be the better version of yourself.

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7) Results of Your Efforts

Fig trees are symbolic for the achievement of your goals.

It represents that your struggles and efforts will bear fruit.

Maybe you are struggling so tirelessly to achieve your goals and you don’t see any change.

It may dishearten you or you may lose your hope.

This is a message for you to not lose hope, to hold on to your dreams just a little longer. Good days will come.

You will be able to see the results of your efforts soon.

8) Eating Figs in Your Dream

Eating figs in your dream is a good omen.

It is a sign of prosperity and happiness.

Dreaming about eating ripe figs in your dreams is a sign of good luck.

Picking fresh figs from a tree in a dream is a sign of the achievement of the goals.

Dreaming about dried figs is not auspicious as dreaming about fresh figs.

Dried figs are signs of misery and financial crisis.

Dreaming about eating figs and not able to find them to eat, indicates that something is wrong with your plans.

9) Be Careful of the Company You Keep

Fig tree is a reminder for you to be careful about the company you keep.

You might have surrounded yourself with the bad and negative people.

They might be toxic for your mental health.

So, it is a sign from the heavens to be aware of the people you surround yourself with.

Fig Tree Dream Meaning

Fig tree in dreams

Fig tree is considered a sacred tree throughout ages. They have been in religious texts for thousands of years. Adam and Eve used fig leaves to cover themselves, when they were exiled from the heavens.

The meaning of fig tree in dreams can vary depending on your culture and background.

They symbolize good fortune, prosperity, and abundance.

Dreaming of figs is often associated with abundance, prosperity, success and good luck.

It is also a sign of fertility and growth.

This growth could be material or spiritual.

It could be a sign that you are making progress to achieve your goals or you are progressing towards spiritual enlightenment.

Dreaming about fig tree is associated with growth, fertility, and abundance.

Whereas, dreaming about fig is associated with joy, pleasure and satisfaction.

As fig trees are a symbol of abundance and prosperity.

So, dreaming about it is a sign of new beginnings and success

Dreaming about eating ripe figs is a sign of good luck and picking fresh figs from a tree is a sign that your goals will be achieved. Dreaming about dried figs is not auspicious as ripe figs.

Is a Fig Tree a Good Omen?

Positive and negative signs from trees in dreams

The fig tree have been using as a powerful symbol in varied cultures and religions throughout history.

It is a symbol of fertility, abundance, wisdom, knowledge, transformation and healing.

It is a sign of our connection to it.

The fig tree is a symbol of good luck. It have always been associated with positive things.

It is a foreteller of good fortune. Italian families plant fig trees to encourage prosperity, good luck and positive energies to enter their house.

In some cultures, sitting under a fig tree is a sign of blessing and security.

Should I be Concerned?

Negative messages from the fig tree

Yes, you should be concerned about the spirituality of the fig trees.

  • They have auspicious spiritual symbolic meanings.
  • They are a sign of your deep connection to the spiritual world.
  • They have rich history of spiritual significance in varied cultures and religions.
  • And they are among the oldest trees that ever existed!

It is a sign of great spiritual relevance.

Final Words

Fig tree are a symbol of happiness and good luck.

Your context and background might impact the meaning of fig tree but overall it is the symbol of the good in the world.

Seeing a fig tree is an omen of positive energies that a new beginning is just on the horizon. You have to keep faith that those tough and challenging times will end soon.






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