9 Mourning Dove Spiritual Meanings & Symbolism (Grey Dove)

Have you ever heard of the mourning dove? If you haven’t, then you are just like me some years ago. 

All through my teenage years, I only knew about white doves.

The stories we were told from the bible depicted doves as only white.

As I advanced in age, certain spiritual things began to happen around me, which triggered my curiosity.

I started to see a different breed of bird around me

This bird was brownish with grey feathers. It had a sorrowful look and coos in a depressing way.

Whenever it flies, the wings whistle subtly.

Over time, I began to develop a stronger bond with this bird until it became an obsession

Although, I was careful to not dabble in dark spirituality. So, I sought counsel from spiritual elders.

This was when it became clear that I had been visited by a mourning dove, and that it was my spiritual guide. Well, my life got a whole lot better after that.

This might have been your experience as well. Worry no more!

This article is about my experience with the mourning dove in addition to the research I made concerning the spiritual meanings and symbolism of a mourning dove.

Therefore, read on to find out the deep mysteries of this dove.

Mourning Dove Symbolism

Mourning Dove Symbolism

The mourning dove symbolism speaks of maintaining inner peace even amid a storm.

During my experience with this creature, I was simultaneously in a dark moment in my life.

However, the powerful thing that happened to me was the way I could maintain stability despite the things I was going through

It became clear to me that one of the virtues of this dove was inner peace. Therefore, if you see it around you, expect it to be peaceful.

This does not mean you will not go through difficult moments.

However, your mind will not be fazed by such dark times.

Through the power of this creature, not only will you be stable mentally; but your mind will also become positive all of a sudden.

Another symbolism of the mourning dove speaks of patience. This is a powerful spiritual attribute of this creature.

Whenever it shows up in your life, it might be a warning sign against haste.

No matter how urgent a situation is, you must do all in your power to guard against impatience.

This is why you are getting a sign from this dove.

Mourning Dove Spiritual Meaning

Mourning Dove Spiritual Meaning

The spiritual meaning of this dove varies.

Questions like the following should be asked:

  • What time did you see the dove?
  • Was it cooing when you saw it?
  • Is the dove big or small?

When you ask those questions, it helps you to streamline the messages you will get.

However, let me help you by outlining the relevant and common spiritual meanings of finding this bird.

Firstly, it is believed that seeing the mourning dove at night is a form of bad omen from the spiritual world.

It could be a sign of losing a loved one, or a sign to prepare you for what lies in the future.

Secondly, this animal could bring a warning sign against taking a wrong step.

For example, if you suddenly find this bird on your path while going to work, or visiting a friend, it might be telling you to reconsider any decision you have made. This is meant to help you to rediscover yourself, redefine your decisions, and return to the right track.

Finally, the mourning dove is a sign of boldness.

Anytime you find it cooing, it is telling you to confidently speak up.

With this type of sign, you will finally overcome your hidden fears and low self-esteem.

What does it mean when a Grey Dove Visits You? 5 Messages

Meaning of a dove's visit

The best way to answer this question is by revealing the 5 hidden messages behind an encounter like this. Therefore, let us discuss the 5 messages you can get when a grey dove visits you.

1) You need Clarity

Anytime you need to find answers to certain questions in your heart, the grey dove might be sent to you as an answer.

Also, you can pray to the universe to send this dove to you for clarity.

It is believed that the dove comes to associate itself with you at the point of your confusion.

Therefore, open your mind to its energy. You will enjoy clarity and finally, know what to do. 

2) Things will get better

Have you been going through a tough moment in your life? It is normal to feel depressed.

Especially when it becomes too unbearable and also lingers for so long.

However, whenever the grey dove begins to visit you in the morning, it might be a good sign that things will get better soon

Ancient Asian culture believes that the presence of this bird means something good is about to happen.

This is why you should open your heart to its omen.

Anytime the grey dove shows up in moments of pressure and depression, take it as a positive omen that everything will get better soon.

3) It is time to break every limit

Anytime a grey dove flies over your head, it means the time has come for you to break every limit.

The barriers you have set for yourself are about to be lifted.

Now, this message is also an inspiration.

It tells you to start trying out new things.

4) The spirit of your loved one is around

Because of the deep spirituality attached to this animal, it is believed to be closely linked to the land of the dead.

Therefore, the spirits of loved ones can inhabit it while transporting themselves to the realm of the living.

This is why seeing a grey dove could mean that the spirit of your loved one has come

5) Emotional Stability

It is believed that the grey dove blesses us with emotional stability.

This is the divine ability to never be moved by situations of life.

It is also the strength to never be manipulated by people. Whenever you find this bird around you, it helps you to restore balance to your emotional life.

With this message, you won’t be carried away by people’s flatteries or criticisms. 

Why are Doves Hanging Around My House? 4 Messages

Mourning dove in my house

Why should doves hang around your house? The birds that are likely found around people’s homes are pigeons.

Birds like doves should never be found around our homes.

Except for certain spiritual reasons, which we will discuss right now. There are 4 messages from seeing doves around your house. Let us talk about them.

1. It is a spiritual sign of the presence of the holy spirit

When Jesus was about to be baptized by the holy spirit, the dove was a sign that God sent.

In the same way, doves can be a sign of the presence of God’s spirit around us.

Whenever they begin to hang around your house, it means that the holy spirit is around you.

Therefore, take time out to pray to Him.

The atmosphere around you is conducive enough for a miracle. In that atmosphere, your prayers will be answered. 

2. Forgiveness

Doves will hang around your house to inspire forgiveness.

For example, if someone hurts you badly, you will find doves around your house as a reminder that forgiveness is divine. You need to let go of every offense in your heart and truly forgive people. 

Whenever you find it hard to forgive people for their mistakes, your peace of mind is a price you will pay.

This is why you need to embrace the message from these doves.

They are sent to help your heart. With the energy they exude, you will not only let go of the hurts in your heart but also experience true peace of mind.

3. Something good is about to happen

It is believed that doves are an omen of good luck.

They will come into our lives in a moment of goodness and positivity.

Anytime doves begin to hang around your home, it means something positive is about to happen to you.

Therefore, prepare for these amazing and positive moments.

Through the energy from doves, every negative situation in your life will be removed.

Furthermore, this could be a sign of opportunities.

Especially if you find them on your doorstep. It means opportunities are knocking on your door.

4. Money and Abundance

If the doves are more than 10, then, it is believed to be a sign of prosperity and abundance.

This means an end has come to every lack in your life.

With this message, a door of wealth has been opened to you in the spiritual world.

This is why you should be optimistic about this type of spiritual omen.

Do you desire to enjoy prosperity and wealth? Then, don’t chase away the doves around your home.

Embrace their presence, and they will reward you greatly.

Number of Grey Dove’s Spiritual Meaning

2 Mourning doves spiritual meaning

One of the factors to consider while interpreting the spiritual meaning of a grey dove is the number of doves you find around.

Numbers speak a whole lot concerning our lives. Therefore, combining them with the energy of grey doves will make a lot of sense in our lives. 

The following are examples of the number of grey doves you can find around, and how they will speak to us with their numbers.

2 Mourning Doves Meaning:

Anytime you see 2 mourning doves, it is believed to be a sign that your spouse is yearning for more love and care.

This message is for people in a marital or romantic relationship.

Therefore, if you are single, it might not apply to you.

Now, another message you can get from this is that your soul twin is trying to communicate with you.

If you are single, seeing 2 grey doves means you might be connected to your soul mate very soon. It reveals that you are in a season of finding true love. 

All of these messages are to help people to have a beautiful love life that will not only be full of romance, but of pure love, friendship, and commitment to each other.

3 Mourning Doves Meaning:

This means that all your desires will be manifested. 3 mourning doves are a sign of manifestation.

Have you had a desire to achieve something?

Then, dreaming of 3 grey doves or seeing them in real life indicates that everything you desire to accomplish will come to pass shortly.

You don’t need to bother about how to bring them to pass. When the time comes, the means to fulfill them will show up right before your very eyes. 

Therefore, take this spiritual sign as positive.

You can go further by casting a new desire with the expectation to see the manifestation.

4 Mourning Doves Meaning:

Seeing 4 mourning doves in your dream or real life talks about the four cardinal points of the earth.

It also means that your perspective or view does not have to be correct.

Therefore, open your mind to receive ideas from other people.

Additionally, it tells you to make good use of the time you have.

5 Mourning Doves Meaning:

In the spiritual world, seeing 5 mourning doves could be a sign of favor and grace.

Since doves are associated with the holy spirit, 5 of them can be a sign of enjoying favor and grace from the holy spirit.

Additionally, this could also be a positive sign that you are not alone.

Therefore, be encouraged and move on with your life.

Are Mourning Doves a Good Spiritual Sign?

Grey doves and spiritual signs

Yes, they are a good spiritual sign.

Don’t get carried away by the name.

Seeing them does not imply that you will mourn or go through a terrible life situation.

The name was given to it because of how sorrowful it sounds. However, out of this sorrowful sound comes a lot of positive messages and omens. 

This is why you should count yourself privileged to see this spirit animal.

It brings a message of:

  • Encouragement;
  • Comfort;
  • Hope;
  • Good luck;
  • And emotional stability.

Whether you find it in the morning, afternoon, or evening, you can get positive messages from a mourning dove.

Is Seeing a Grey Dove a Good Message from Heaven?

Grey doves and their messages

Yes, it is a good sign from heaven.

Doves are believed to be birds from heaven. I once read folklore that claimed these birds as a gift from the universe.

All of these beliefs and superstitions about them further prove the spirituality of this creature

Additionally, with the positive energy surrounding them, you can expect to get positive messages and omens.

Therefore, the next time you see a grey dove, open your mind to its essence.

Let your inner eyes see it as a sign from heaven. It could be the sign of your guardian angel or some other good omen from the spiritual world. 

Final Words

This article has done justice to the spiritual essence of seeing mourning doves around.

Now, you have the responsibility to not only embrace the presence of this powerful spiritual creature but also obey the instruction and message it brings

If you ever encounter this creature, ensure you ask the universe for the meaning.

Although, you can use the information in this article to get a clue of what it’s trying to say.

But that does not mean you cannot get further spiritual messages that are more personal and detailed. Therefore, be opened to all these possibilities.

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