9 Strong Prayers For Inner Peace And Calm: Help From God

Are you feeling that the events around you are out of control and starting to affect your mental and emotional peace? One of the most complex parts of knowing peace is realizing it has nothing to do with control.

 Ask the Lord for tranquility of mind, heart, and soul as we live to be in union with Him. Believe in the peace that is found in Jesus Christ through the reality of His word.

 If you’re having trouble trusting God or finding the words to pray above the sounds of the raging storms, feel free to offer those words to the Lord right now!

When anxiety and fear begin to shake the foundation of your peace and tranquility, the power of prayer can bring us our inner peace and calm back.

1) Prayer For Inner Peace And Calm

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“Jesus, my savior, too much of a trigger is around me, making me nervous. The news is full of mayhem, name-calling, and panic. Everywhere I look, I am reminded of the crisis around me.

But Jesus, I pray that you will be my inner peace. Although everything outside and around me may feel violent, I know you have peace that surpasses all understanding.

Father God, my heart is full of chaos and haze. I feel like I am drowning in my situation, and my heart is filled with fear and confusion.

I need the strength and comfort that only you can give, Amen.”

Finding peace in your daily life can often seem impossible when facing difficult news in your life or in your larger community. 

But reading, listening, or reciting this prayer for peace can be a way to find clarity in the moment and strength for the future.

And if you follow Christianity, these prayers can help you find peace of mind.

Life is full of challenges, and ups and downs but we need to prove we can handle them.

You can also say this beautiful prayer to help with anxiety, worry, and fear.

2) Strong Prayer For Peace Of Mind And Heart

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“Dear Lord, You are the Risen Christ, the Prince of Peace, the Mighty God, and the Eternal Counselor. Give us peace of mind and help our hearts not to be troubled in these challenging and uncertain times.

Give us the strength and grace to trust you even when we can’t see the way. Remind us that you will never let us go and that you will always hold us in the arms of your everlasting love.

We ask all this in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.”

When you’re dealing with heartbreak, recovering from an illness, or dealing with family issues at home, this prayer for peace of mind and heart will help you feel strong and at peace on your road to recovery. 

It asks God to remove anxiety and stress and provide clarity of mind to feel peace in your life.

As sometimes we can’t move on because of our past or old trauma.

By saying this beautiful prayer, you’ll start to feel peace of mind and heart right away.

3) Beautiful Prayer For Calmness And Peace

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“Lord, I seek peace but come up short. I look, but I think it is nowhere. Whenever I try to find peace in you, I get confused and anxious. What can I do?

I pray to you and ask that you give me the inner peace to sustain me in your mighty power. Only You can comfort my soul, God. When all is lost in the world, O God, I am found in You.

I struggle to keep myself calm. I am frequently worrying and planning for the future. But God, you say you want me and still love me. Pull me in, God, and hold me fast in my trouble.

Listen to my cry and come to my aid. Amen.”

During these tumultuous times, it’s even more important to step away from the situation, find a quiet place, and consider peaceful ways to help you feel calm. 

These beautiful prayers for peace will help you rediscover peace and serve as a stepping stone toward finding the strength to handle the less peaceful moments in your life.

It can be hard to deal with your problems alone, so you can find comfort and strength in God.

This prayer will also help to give you strength during difficult times in your life.

4) Short Prayer For Mental Strength And Anxiety

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“My body is sick, and my mind is weak. I overcome fear, and I know I need strength. Heavenly Lord, I implore that you give me the strength to heal.

I have to face new challenges that cause me a lot of anxiety. I’m afraid I can’t face them alone. Be with me, dear Father, and guide me with your love.

Please, Holy Spirit. Amen.”

When you feel anxious, everything seems overwhelming. But as a Christian, you can turn to God when you are worried. 

As He is our Creator and loving Father, connecting with Him through these prayers can bring you peace, calm your troubled mind, and give you mental strength.

We should pray every day, not only in moments of need. God is always watching to protect us and He knows the pain you’ve been feeling.

5) Powerful Prayer For Hope In Life

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“Dear God, please give me hope in times of uncertainty and discomfort. Help me trust your plan for my life and that everything will work out for my good.

Give me the strength and courage to face each day with positivity and determination, knowing that Your love and grace will carry me forward.

I feel devastated and uncertain about the future. Please give me hope and help me believe that everything will work out for my good. Your perfect timing and your eternal glory help me to trust. Amen.”

Prayers for hope in life can provide comfort and strength in difficult times and help us to hold on to the belief that things will eventually get better. 

Whether you’re facing personal challenges, the power of prayer can help us find the strength and resilience you need to move forward in life.

But God is good and fair, He will help you during this bad moment of your life.

6) Strong Prayer For Peace In The Family

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“Father, I pray you to give my family strength and peace in their lives. Bless them spiritually so they hunger and thirst after you and your righteousness and are satisfied.

I pray that our families may always live in peace. We are coping as a family. We understand each other, and we must be patient.

Please support us in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Prayers for the family can provide comfort and guidance as we seek to strengthen and support the relationships that are most important to us.

 Whether we are dealing with challenges within our family, maintaining close relationships with loved ones prayer helps us find strength and clarity. You can pray these prayers for peace in the family.

If your family hasn’t been getting along maybe you should try to understand if there isn’t someone sending negative energies to you.

You can also check this prayer to remove negative energy from your home.

7) Beautiful Prayer For Inner Strength

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“God of Heaven’s, my Father, you are near me. Even in the valley overshadowed by the awful specter of death, you are with me with my every breath

In this season of turmoil and shadows, I need your strength. Father, strengthen me with your Spirit. Please give me the strength to resist the tricks of the enemy.

I ask this in the name of your Son, who did not waver in his resolve as he faced the cross. Amen.”

When times get tough, and fear threatens to overwhelm us.

We turn to God for heavenly strength to overcome our circumstances. You can say this prayer for inner strength.

You can say this prayer as many times as you need but you can also pray for someone close to you.

8) Prayer For Calm And Love In Life

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“Almighty God, we thank you for our lives; we praise you for your generous mercy and dignity. We thank you for your loyalty even though we are not so loyal to you.

Lord Jesus, we ask you to give us peace in our mind, body, soul, and Spirit and to fill our lives with love. We want you to heal and remove everything that is causing stress, sadness, and grief in our lives.

May your angels of peace go before us when we go out and be with us when we return in the name of Jesus. Amen.”

These are prayers for calm and love in life, but the other prayers on this list are also ideal for wisdom, and peace.

You can use these prayers for comfort whenever you struggle with your emotions or encounter many obstacles in your daily life.

If you’re still feeling like you can’t move forward in life you should consider also saying a prayer to protect you from evil spirits.

9) Strong Prayer To Gain Inner Peace

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“Father, I ask you to take away my worries and doubts. Please help me to persevere toward the right path in life. When I feel stressed or worried, bring me a peaceful perspective so that I can see the truth in everything. 

Help me to overlook the pains of yesterday so that I can follow you in life. I pray that you give me power and a peaceful mind as I begin each day. Amen.”

This prayer will help you to gain inner peace. Inner peace seems elusive at times.

The constant flow of information and entertainment that bombards us, coupled with the fast-paced lifestyles we are pressured to lead, can keep us on the edge of our wits and keep us there. 

How Many Times Can I Say These Prayers?

There is no hard and fast rule for any prayers. You can say these prayers without limiting time, place, and situation.

Even you can say these prayers many times in an hour or day.

Just believe that God is always listening to your prayers because he is free from the rules of time and space.

As long as your prayers are not answered as you wished or better than what you demanded, you should not leave these prayers.

God loves to hear from his creations and always replies to their prayers. So, we should always pray before God for what we desire.

Will These Prayers Can Help To Gain Inner Peace and Be Calmer?

Yes, these prayers can help to gain inner peace. It means you believe that nothing is in your control and let the Almighty do His work to help you.

You get inner peace when you believe that God is listening to your prayers.

Just feel the calmness of mind when you pray to the Almighty God. It lets you lose the uncertainty that things are in your control.

Almighty God controls everything, and He will surely reward you with what you demand and inner peace and calmness of mind.

Can I Pray For Someone Else?

Of course, you can pray for someone else.

Sometimes other person doesn’t believe or have the courage to stand before God.

So, when you pray for someone else, it shows how much you care for them and help them to believe in God.

May that someone be your parents, siblings, spouse, children, friends, colleague, or anyone you met on your journey; if you have seen them in conflict with their selves or anxious, pray for them, and you will also be rewarded for your virtue along with that same person.

Final Thoughts

Maybe your day has just started and your thoughts are already spinning out of control, or maybe it’s the middle of the night and you’re struggling to relax. Whatever difficulty you are facing, the enemy is attacking your peace.

Mind In these overwhelming moments, as your mind, fills with fear and worry; the best place to turn for peace is a deep relationship with God. We are not meant to try to control and fix everything that ails us – we were created to rest in God’s love! 

These prayers for peace of mind can provide the words that can help you release your worries and anxieties to the One who created you.






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