Candle Flame too High Spiritual Meaning: It’s bad?

Candle flame can burn too high. When it does, there is a message to receive. In this article, we will discuss the different spiritual meanings of a candle flame, and how they affect our lives and spirituality.

The candle flame may be wanting to convey an important message to you. A high and strong flame can mean that there are a lot of energies around you, while a weak flame can indicate bad energies.

Throughout this article I will reveal all the messages you need to know. So, waste no more time and read on below.

Can the Candle Flame Convey a Message?

Yes, the candle flame can convey a message. Whenever you see a sudden reaction from your candle flame, it is trying to get a message across to you.

Spiritually, many things happen around us for a reason, and we must be spiritually sensitive enough to find out these reasons.

If you suddenly see a mysterious reaction from your candle flame, this is something to pay attention to.

Through a candle flame, several things can be seen, heard, and perceived.

This is why it is important to look at your candle flame once in a while to notice the changes in its burning pattern or smoke pattern.

In addition to this, your candle flame can tell if your prayers have been answered or not.

This is for people who burn candles during their prayer hours.

Anytime you burn your candle to pray, watch out for the flames. It will speak at the right time, and the message gives clues about the efficacy or otherwise of your prayer.

Is it normal for a candle flame to get too high?

No, it is not normal for a candle flame to get too high.

In the spiritual world, fire is a powerful element that existed before the worlds were created. It is believed that fire has its own life, and will.

This is why it chooses to burn in a certain way for specific purposes.

Furthermore, the universe can also use the energy from flames to communicate with us.

When a candle flame gets too high, it is a sign to pay attention to.

Normally, a candle is meant to burn moderately because its purpose is to give light to its environment.

There is no need for it to burn too high before the illumination can be achieved. Once it begins to burn too high, there is manipulation from the spirit world, and this is to get your attention.

An example of this is what happened to Moses at the burning bush. The fire called his attention, and he was able to discover his destiny. This is the same when a candle flame gets too high. Something is behind it, and it is very spiritual.

Why is my candle flame so high?

Several reasons can cause your candle flames to get so high. It might be due to a ritual, prayer, or other spiritual elements. Let us talk about this right away.

For ritual purposes, your candle flame is so high because of the following reasons:

  1. Your energy level is high. Anytime you are performing a ritual, and your energy level increases, the flame of your candle will become high. This is a good sign that your vibration is sufficient enough to pull through this spiritual exercise.
  2. If you are invoking a spirit, your candle flame will become high when the spirit comes. The energy from spirits is very high and can influence fire and flames. Therefore, look out for your candle flame while trying to invoke spirits. 

For prayer purposes, whenever your candle flame gets so high, it is a sign of answered prayers. Especially if the flame is burning straight up. This means that your prayers have been accepted, and the answers have come.

Candle flames burn high when there is a spiritual shift in our energy levels.

We don’t need to be in control of this.

Sometimes, people might be enjoying the warmth from their candle flame, and it suddenly gets very high. This is uncontrollable. The flame is only reacting to the sudden increase in your energy vibration.

Candle Flame too high: 9 Spiritual Meanings

When a candle flame becomes too high, there are 9 meanings to get from it. These messages can address our lives in general as well as spirituality.

Therefore, you must be open-hearted to receive on both ends. These are the 9 spiritual meanings of a candle flame burning too high:

1) An increase in your energy level

When your energy level increases, the candle flame around you will suddenly increase. This is a reaction to what took place in your soul.

It is believed that our energy levels and vibration affects the earth and fire.

Therefore, keeping fire around you might give you a clue into the current frequency of your energy.

An increase in energy level simply means that your chakras are functioning properly. In addition to this, it is a sign of positivity and attracts good luck to your life. 

2) A sign of passion

Fire is a spiritual omen for passion. However, it can speak about passion from 3 dimensions:

  1. Burning out a fire: This is a sign of burning out passion. It means that the person has lost passion due to seemingly impossible breakthroughs.
  2. A moderate fire talks about maintaining the balance between passion and laxity.
  3. When a flame gets too high, it speaks about a burning passion mixed with a readiness to give all it takes.

Anytime your candle flame increases in intensity, this is speaking about you. It reveals that you have a burning passion to accomplish a task, and you are ready to give it your best shot.

In another shade of reality, it is encouraging you to have the passion that comes with fire. The reason is that it will help you to get things done faster and efficiently.

3) A spirit is around

Spirits are made from air and smoke.

Therefore, they can influence the burning of our candle flames. Anytime your candle flame burns very high and air blows it sideways, this is an indication that a spirit has come into your home.

Spirits come to either communicate with you, protect you, or harm you.

Therefore, watch out for what happens next. If something breaks in your home afterward, it is not a good sign. However, if nothing happens after you get this message, then the spirit is here to protect you.

4) The presence of an angel

Biblically, angels are made from fire.

This is what the bible agrees on, and many people have seen angels in form of fire.

Whenever you are praying with a candle, and the flame suddenly gets too high, it is a clear indication of an angelic presence.

During times of prayer, angels roam around freely to grant us our requests. Therefore, your prayers have been answered. God has sent his angel to deliver this message to you.

5) Direction

Your candle flame will burn high to direct you. Anytime you observe a sudden increase in the burning of your candle flame, it is saying that the direction you need has come.

In essence, it is telling you to follow the light. It is believed that if the candle flame points left after burning high, it is telling you to follow your emotions.

If it points right after burning high, it is encouraging you to pay attention to your inward intuition.

However, if it points straight up, this is telling you to pray much more and wait for further instructions.

6) Leave your comfort zone

When candle flames get too high, the room’s temperature increases, and this can make us uncomfortable.

Because of the heat, we might begin to sweat profusely or get very thirsty. Anytime such happens to you, it is a message.

Should you drink water or open the window for ventilation? Yes, you should do that for health purposes.

However, you must know that this is telling you to leave your comfort zone.

Your candle flame got so high enough to challenge you to get water or open the window as a sign that God is challenging you to leave your comfort zone. You might be scared of what lies on the other side, but as you trust in the spirit’s leading, you will experience little or no contradiction.

7) Trying times are coming

Fire is used for trials. It can reveal to us when trying times are coming.

Through your candle flame, you can get a glimpse of your future.

If you are praying concerning your future, and a candle flame suddenly increases, it is clear that trying times lie ahead. The bible calls this the furnace of affliction. 

8) Letting go of what holds you back

The sudden outburst of your candle flame can be referred to as a breakthrough, or a breakout.

Anytime it happens, the universe is telling you to let go of what holds you back and break out of the shackles of your mind just like the candle flame.

9) Inner strength

Through a candle flame, you will be blessed with inner strength to bear under pressure.

When candle flames get too high, observe the candles. You will realize that the candles are holding the fire – even though they are melting, they are still doing their job.

This tells you that there is an ability you have that can withstand pressure.

You need to realize this and begin to use it.

Why is the flame on my candle so small?

The reason is that you are not putting in enough effort to get what you want from life.

Whenever the flame on your candle becomes small, it encourages you to put in more effort.

In addition to this, your candle flame is so small because you lack the passion to stay in the game. You are contemplating giving up everything you have ever held dear because of failure and disappointment.

Other Interpretations of the Candle Flame in Spirituality

Apart from a candle flame burning too high or too low, there are other interpretations of the candle flame that can be gotten. Let us look at these 5 special candle flame meanings.

Flame constantly going out:

This is weird – isn’t it? Why should your candle flame go out constantly? Well, this should make a lot of sense spiritually.

Firstly, your candle flame is constantly going out because you give up easily. This is what the spiritual world is trying to say.

Furthermore, the flame is constantly going out because the universe wants you to stop taking an action.

Anytime you light a candle, and the flame goes out, it is saying NO. The action or step you are about to take is not the will of the universe, and it has negative consequences.

Very weak candle flame:

This means that you have failed to pay attention to your inner intuition for long, and its voice is becoming too weak.

Having a weak candle flame is also a sign that your prayers have not been answered because you are weak in faith. This is mostly a warning sign from the universe.

Very red candle flame:

Flames are believed to be originally red from the spiritual world. If you see a very red candle flame, it is spiritually saying that you should maintain your originality.

Never reduce yourself to fit into anyone’s definition.

Furthermore, having a very red candle flame is good for rituals. It makes your prayers ascend to the heavens quickly.

Flickering candle flame:

A flickering candle flame is a sign of hope. It shows that the universe is about to say something, and encourages you to be on alert.

It keeps you focused and spiritually sensitive.

Black candle flame:

This indicates a release of negativity.

That is, the negative energy you have held in your soul is being released, and you are receiving positivity for good luck.

Should I be concerned about these messages?

Yes, you should be concerned about getting these messages from a candle flame.

As you pay attention to these messages, instructions will be given, and you will get accustomed to the spirituality of flames.

Final Words

The next time your candle flame burns too high or too low, see it as an opportunity to get a message from the universe. Always refer to this article for insights concerning the spiritual meaning of candle flame.

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