Do The Dead Know we Miss and Love Them? Answered!

This is another question we have received from a lot of people and I am going to answer it in this article.

When it comes to questions about the afterlife, a lot of people have shied away from answering these questions. However, in this article, I am going to be talking about some of the things that concern the afterlife.

When it comes to the intuition of dead ones, you must come to understand that spirits operate on a higher frequency of knowledge than we can ever think of or imagine. Therefore, the spirits of the dead know that we miss and love them. They can feel this energy from the spiritual realm.

There are a lot of things attached to this subject. Therefore, don’t run off after seeing this answer. Keep reading to find out more intrinsic information that will help your mind concerning the afterlife.

Do the dead know that we miss and love them?

Do the dead know that we miss and love them

Yes, the dead can feel our emotions.

I need to explain something profoundly to you at this point.

Most times, we think that the spiritual world is high up in the heavens. However, it is not so. The spiritual world and the physical world are intertwined.

This is why you will find some portals and pathways at certain places in the earth realm.

Therefore, whenever your loved one dies, they have not gone far away from you. They have simply stopped existing in the physical form. However, they are not far away from you. 

Once you allow this knowledge to sink into your consciousness, then you are going to feel free to express your emotions to the spirit of your loved one.

The dead can feel our love and desperation to have them back in our lives.

This is the reason why they send us gifts and signals. If this gets intense to a point, the dead can come back into our homes as animals. They can come to keep us company for years before leaving. 

The dead can sense our love from the spirit realm. The dead can know if we miss and love them.

This question can be further answered from 3 aspects and categories:

A loved one that died


This is a common question from people who have lost a loved one. Your lost loved one can feel your love. Most times, they also love you dearly and miss you.

Therefore, it is not difficult for them to pick up your energy and vibration whenever you feel sad about the loss.

In addition to this, most times, we are the ones that fail to feel what our dead loved one feels because we are living on a lower frequency than the spiritual realm. However, our lost loved ones feel that we miss and love them. And they feel the same way as well.

Deceased family member

Deceased family member

This can be relative. It depends on your relationship with the family member.

If you are not close enough with this person, then it is possible for your energy and vibration to not be easily noticed by the spirit.

The family member is likely to feel the emotion of those closest to him/her while they were alive. Therefore, this depends on how close you are to the individual.

Someone we know who died

Deceased friend

If the person who died is someone you know, then they can know if you love and miss them.

As I have stated earlier it is easy to pick up signals and frequencies from the spiritual realm.

Therefore, if the person that dies is close to you or if the person is someone you know, then he/she can know if you miss and love him/her. The bond you share will build a connection between both of you even after death.

Is there communication after death? Explanation in the bible

Communication after death

The bible states that there is a possibility of communicating after death

One story in the bible that stands out is the story of Saul.

In the books of 1 Samuel 28:3-25; 31; 1 Chronicle 10. 

Saul consulted the witch of Endor, who conjured the spirit of Samuel from the underworld. Saul needed to ask a lot of questions and he got answers from Samuel immediately.

It was reported that Saul saw the physical appearance of Samuel after the witch of Endor conjured the spirit of the prophet Samuel from the dead. Therefore, communication after death is possible.

From the story in the bible, we saw that Saul consulted a medium, who turned out to be a witch before a communication channel can be established. Therefore, communication with the dead is a possibility.

A lot of people who have contested against this can see the clear evidence in this article. Speaking with the dead has been practiced for centuries and even millenniums – the bible is a book that dates back to 6 millenniums and we just saw this act.

It is not difficult to speak with the dead. Consulting a medium is the easiest way to establish communication after death.

The bible has clearly shown us that we can communicate after death.

According to the spirit world, is it possible to speak with the dead?

Speak with the dead

According to the spirit world, you can speak with the dead. 

The spiritual world is always trying to communicate with you at every given opportunity.

Therefore, the channel is always open for you to establish a connection with the dead. The realm of the spirit is always accessible.

When it comes to speaking with the dead, there is no resistance from the spirit world as regards this.

Once you know how to do this, then the dead can be summoned for communication.

As we’ve already talked about, the best way is to consult a medium. If you want to get 5 free minutes, click here and take the opportunity to get your consultation on MysticSense.

Do people who died visit us on earth?

Visits from the deceased

This is another question that has been asked by people. They want to know if the dead can visit us on earth. Well, the dead can visit us on earth.

This is why you can have appearances of the dead in your dream or physically in your house. Seeing the dead in your house is possible – most especially if you have close ties with this person. 

Dead people can visit us on earth by taking on a lot of forms:

  • The dead can take on the form of an animal. They can come in form of a butterfly or in form of one of their favorite pets that you are familiar with. Therefore, whenever you find a butterfly in your house, then it is a sign that the dead have come to visit you.
  • The dead can come to visit you in the form of an inanimate object. Something like a bangle or a prized possession. Whenever you find something like this, then it can be a sign of the presence of the dead who has come to visit you.
  • The dead can also appear to you physically. This is not common. There must be a longing that has gone beyond a yearning to see this person. When the desire to see this person has become a thing of life and death, then it is possible to see the physical presence of the dead.

The spirit world is in our midst. Therefore, the dead is right in our midst. We can feel their presence and know that they are around us.

Are the people who died presently in our lives?


The people who died are always present in our lives. They are always a part of our everyday activities. They are always keeping us company whenever we are alone or unhappy. 

Have you suddenly felt a bolt of joy when you are depressed? Most times, if the reason for your sorrow is tied to the loss of a loved one, the joy you are feeling is the assurance from this person that you are not alone.

Therefore, whenever you lose someone dear to your heart, you must always remember that they know how you feel and you are never alone.

They are always present to give us joy, hope, and assurance.

I have also heard of an incident, where someone was rescued from an accident by her lost loved one. It was af6er the incident that this lady knew what just happened.

Our lost loved ones who have died are present in our lives to guide us and make us happy.

Never think you are alone. We are always accompanied by those who have departed.

Final words

Have you been feeling unhappy because of the loss of your loved one?

Then this article should bring you hope and joy because the person you miss is still very much around you.

You can communicate your feeling to this person, and he/she can understand how you feel. Therefore, you must realize that you are not alone.

Communicating with the dead is a normal phenomenon in the bible. Therefore, remove every doubt in your heart that it is impossible to speak with your lost loved one. They can hear you and are ready to communicate with you every time.

So, do you already know if the dead know we miss and love them? If you still have any questions, feel free to leave your comments below!

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