Dream About Killing Someone And Hiding The Body: 7 Meanings

Have you ever dreamed of killing someone while sleeping? Do you think your dream about killing someone and hiding the body or leaving it unburied depicts some dreadful things to come into your life? For most people, having this kind of vision is quite alarming.

Generally, if you are a person with a good heart and intentions and you don’t wish harm to others, then such visions will surely make you sweat and unnerved. Obviously, taking someone’s life is the last thing you can ever consider. Even if you are extremely mad with someone, your anger doesn’t reach a point where you can inflict pain on others or kill them.  

Individuals who are habitual with malevolent intentions rarely have dreams about killing someone. 

Spiritual Meaning Of A Dream About Killing Someone And Hiding The Body

Spiritual Meaning Of A Dream About Killing Someone And Hiding The Body

Spiritually, killing in your dream doesn’t make you a classic murderer. It rather symbolizes:

  • Your plea to kill or get rid of a part of your own personality
  • Your hospitality toward a particular person
  • A sign of offering or your need for power
  • Your struggle to escape from that influence probably exerted by the person you killed in your dream.
  • A solution to a problem by killing a part of it
  • You have the problem of stress, short temper, and self-control
  • You care for someone too much and you’re afraid that you might hurt them accidentally
  • Aggression or unspent anger. Sometimes you are trying so hard to hold your inner rage and frustrations toward someone or something in reality that your subconscious is releasing these emotions while you are asleep. 

If you dream about killing someone and hiding the body, then it actually means you are strong enough to face your problems and will not be held accountable for the consequences of your actions. 

On the other hand…

On the other hand, if you killed someone in your dream and left the body unburied or ran away from the crime’s scene. Then it may suggests that you don’t have the strength to face your problems and you will be held responsible for the consequences of your negative actions.

Killing someone in your dreams appeals you that you have strong enough impulses that, if unchecked by your waking mind, you could perform actions that might lead to murder. Depending on the type of murder, it could indicate problems with rage or a long standing hate. 

Even the people you kill in a dream, whether it is someone known to you or someone you don’t know, are a representation of a part of you. When you hate them or want to kill them, you are at this time trying to kill an aspect about yourself that you do not want to face. 

Killing an unknown person and hiding the body

There can be two reasons behind killing a  stranger – Either you are planning for something big or a psychopath.

For example: you dream about killing someone and hiding the body. Now you might think that if the police somehow find the dead body, they will surely try to find out the people who are linked with that person. 

In that case, you might think that you should kill another one or two random persons and hide them in the same place. That might change the motive of the killing. When police cannot find any link between those three dead bodies, it will be more confusing for them. And you will get enough time to leave the place or change your identity.

On the other side of the ground, there are psychopaths. If a person kills someone and doesn’t get caught by the police. He or she grows interested in this matter.

Sooner or later, these kinds of people become serial killers. It is basically a psychological disorder known as an antisocial personality disorder. 

In this situation, the person disagrees with obeying the law and social norms. Usually, that person has to have a long record of fights and arrests. Most of them are very skillful in lying. This disorder is generally found in men and mostly among teens. 

Killing your boss in your dreams

It is true that a certain percentage of employees have the desire to kill their bosses. In the world of service, every serviceman knows about how the bosses dance over the head, creating continuous work and mental pressure.

Some people can handle this, and some can’t. And in most cases, those who can’t take the torture either leave the job and commit suicide. But a very few people among them have the reverse chemical disorders in their minds. 

Dreaming killing your boss

Therefore, instead of quitting the job or committing suicide, they grow the desire to kill the bose to close the matter once in for all. Long-standing. Sometimes this dream or desire grows by experiencing something very awful. 

For example: two company employees are excellent friends and have been working together for so many years. Now their new boss has been so arrogant and creates lots of pressure on the employees. Both of them see that so many of their fellow employees have started resigning from the company. But that doesn’t affect their boss, and he starts recruiting new people and continues the torture. 

One day one of those two friends commits suicide due to an excessive amount of work pressure. The other person just can’t stop his tears.

But the incident doesn’t put any effect on the boss, and he is acting as, “So What,” nothing has happened. In this situation, the thing that comes to that other person’s mind is the desire to kill his boss and hide his body from the world.

Killing a Friend

When you dream about killing someone and hiding the body, it can be your friend. There can be many reasons behind that. Usually, your friend is that buddy with whom you can share anything.

Sometimes you share that information about your life with your friend, which you cannot share with anyone else. Now, if that so-called very good friend of yours betrays you, it leaves no other option but to kill your friend. There can be various situations. 

Dreaming killing your friend

For example, your friend has done something fraud using your name, and the police have started to chase you. You already knew that you were going to be arrested for that reason.

During that situation, the anger that comes out from you can sometimes become violent. You may start thinking that you are going to jail without even doing anything. 

In that case, let there be a crime under your name – kill that friend. There can be different situations like you find out about the extramarital affair of your wife with your best friend, or somehow your friend has made permanent damage to your family.

Killing a family member

Family is always precious to everyone except those who have suffered abuse or loss in the past. It is always a dream for everyone to save his or her family by any means. We all go through different phases in life, and most of them are dramatic and difficult.

Not all the time the danger comes to your family from outside. Sometimes it can be your relative, maybe the close one who possesses something very bad for your family. 

Dreams where you kill a family member

For example: one of your relatives is trying to snatch the property or all the money you have. And to do that, he or she is leaving no stone unturned. Interestingly, you know everything but can’t do anything because that person is your close relative. 

Therefore, you eventually start keeping the anger within yourself. But one day, it will explode, and then you will have a strong desire to kill that family member and hide the dead body from everyone.

Killing someone you don’t like

Killing someone you don’t like is not a sign of a normal person. It is mostly the symptoms of psychopaths. It is basically a psychological disorder known as an antisocial personality disorder. In this situation, the person disagrees with obeying the law and social norms. Usually, that person has to have a long record of fights and arrests. 

Dreams in which you kill strangers

Most of them are very skillful in lying. This disorder is generally found in men and mostly among teens. If you do not go through proper psychological treatment, it will start increasing. And you will start killing people just because you don’t like them.

Can dreaming about killing someone and hiding the body indicate sadness or bad luck?

Dreaming about killing someone

Yes! Of course! Killing someone cannot be a good thing. Initially, it will relieve you that you have killed that person who had done the worst with you.

But after that, you have to think about hiding him or her from society. You will always live in fear of getting caught by the police. Therefore, it, of course, is bad luck for you.

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