Full Worm Moon Spiritual Meaning in 2022 & 2023

The full worm moon’s spiritual meaning in 2022 and 2023 is important to understand. It prepares us for what lies ahead during the full worm moon. 

The names of full moons were given by mostly native Americans and Europeans. Certain things happen during each full moon; these events contribute to the different given names.

Now, when such events take place, spiritual signs are littered around, which we must always pick up. 

Sadly, only a few people understand this truth.

A lot of us see the full moon in the sky without knowing what to do, or what to expect. Therefore, we sleep and wake up the next day with no significant change. 

This is about to change. In this article, we will address one of those full moons. We are taking a closer look at the full worm moon to understand what it brings during its emergence.

In addition to this, you will get guidelines on what to do during the full worm moon.

In 2022 and 2023, when the full worm moon shows up in the sky, there are things to know, and steps to take.

To find out what these are, read this article till the end.

What is the Worm Moon?

Worm Moon

The worm moon is a full moon. During the introduction to this topic, I mentioned that the full moon is given strategic names. The names are given because of certain events that happen during those full moon moments. The worm moon is one of those names.

The worm moon is a full moon. It comes out in the month of March. It was given this name by the old farmer’s almanac.

When you hear the word “worm moon”; it looks easy to understand, right?

From the name, you can assume that earthworms will be seen when this full moon is at its apex. 

Well, that assumption is not entirely wrong, but there are further explanations to bring further clarity.

The worms that will be seen are not earthworms.

The full worm moon derives its name from the larvae of beetles.

The “worm” will emerge from the back of the trees. During the full worm moon, beetle larvae (also called worms) will be seen coming out of their hideouts.

This is where the full worm moon derived its name from. It activates worms, and this also provides the best opportunities for birds to feed

The worm moon is also called the eagle moon, and so on.

When is the Full Worm Moon in 2022?


In 2022, the full worm moon will be seen on the 16th of March, 2022, and in the early morning hours of the 17th of March, 2022.

These are the exact dates to see the full worm moon. The exact time of its full emergence in the sky cannot be determined. You will need to watch out for these on your own. 

From 5 pm EST on the 16th of March, 2022, the full worm moon will be seen in the sky, and it might attain full emergence and brightness around 7 pm -10 pm EST.

Now, this time might not be the same as your time zone, but it should give you a closer timeframe. 

If you missed the full worm moon in 2021, you have the opportunity to witness the full worm moon in 2022.

Now is the time to take advantage of this peculiar moment for yourself.

This is an opportunity that comes ONCE in a year. Unlike every other night, the full worm moon reveals the full radiance and splendor of the moon. It comes with a different kind of energy.

When is the Full Worm moon in 2023?

Full moon

In 2023, the full worm moon will be seen on the 7th of March, 2023.

The full worm moon is the third and last full moon of the winter season. Actually, this is the full moon that marks an end to the winter season. The spring equinox comes shortly after the full worm moon. Therefore, have this at the back of your mind.

The full worm moon in 2023 is another moment to enjoy the amazing power and benefit of the full worm moon.

Other names are given to the full worm moon such as eagles moon, lentel moon, sore eyes moon, sugar moon, and wind strong moon.

Each of these names defines what the month of march brings to the year.

Since it is the end of the winter season, there will be an emergence of birds like crows, eagles, and so on.

It reveals that hunting season is also about to start. The eternal battle between prey and predators is coming to an uprise.

With this information, you can prepare for the full worm moon in 2022 and 2023 altogether.

This gives you an advantage. Now, let us talk about the spiritual meaning of the full worm moon in 2022 and 2023.

Spiritual Meaning of the Full Worm Moon: 9 Messages

Spiritual Meaning of the Full Worm Moon

1) Discover your hidden potential

The full worm moon reveals worms.

During the winter season, worms will not be found at the back of trees. However, when the full worm moon shows up, it brings about the emergence of worms.

Now, what does this say to you? It is an encouragement from the spiritual world.

Through the full worm moon, you will go on a journey to discover your hidden potential.

In the spiritual world, the full worm moon inspires you to look deep within. It tells you that several things are hidden in you, which must be revealed

2) You need to be deliberate

The reason behind your constant failures is your indecisiveness.

Truly, you want to achieve a feat. However, you are not prepared in your mind for such.

It is a confusing way to live.

This is why the universe will send the full worm to you.

When the full worm moon rises in the sky, it means you need to be deliberate. You need to KNOW what you want and be ready to go all out for it. 

You need to have a strong resolve to never stop putting in the required efforts to accomplish your desired objective.

The full worm moon inspires a deliberate and strong-willed mind.

3) You must be ready to persist

Winter seasons are tough on animals, trees, and humans. A lot of animals die during this season, while others persist.

During the full worm moon, the sign of the end of winter is given.

Beyond this sign, it teaches you a vital lesson. When things get tough, you must be ready to persist till you win.

The full worm moon inspires you to never give up.

The tough times are similar to the winter season, and the full worm moon brings an assurance that tough times will never last.

Eventually, you are going to get better, and you will become stronger. However, all of these will not be achievable if you give up.

4) A change has come

The full worm moon signifies the end of a season. It is the third and last full moon of the winter season.

It leads to the spring equinox, which introduces the spring season.

Therefore, it brings a message of change. Whenever the full worm moon is in the sky, it tells you to prepare for change. 

Everything in life revolves around changing seasons. We need to be ready for such seasons.

Change brings about transitions, promotions, evolutions, and developments.

Resisting change brings an inhibition to our growth. Therefore, the full worm moon has been sent to help you out of this. It prepares your mind for what lies ahead.

When things are about to change in your life, expect the full worm moon’s sign. Either you have a dream about it, or it shows up just about time.

5) Nobody can stop your rising

At the moment when the full worm moon is in the sky, this is the message you will get. It encourages you.

When the time comes for you to shine, nothing will hinder it. The rising of the full worm moon also tells you to never stop aiming for the top.

You will get there eventually.

This message comes to those at the lowest points of their lives.

It is one of the best inspirational messages I got during the full worm moon in 2021.

When the time comes for you to succeed, everything around you agrees to this fact and contributes to your eventual success.

6) Spiritual sensitivity

The full worm moon is also referred to as the eagle moon.

The reason is that eagles come out towards the end of the winter season. Now, this speaks about spiritual sensitivity.

Eagles are known to be blessed with foresight. They have spiritual eyes that see deeper than other animals.

Since the full worm moon introduces the season of eagles, it also brings about spiritual sensitivity. During the full worm moon, expect to be spiritually sensitive. 

7) Be open to new ideas

This is something you will enjoy during the full worm moon. Whenever it comes out in the sky, your mind comes alive, and you are full of new ideas and concepts.

If you are looking for creative ways to solve a problem, it is best to wait for the full worm moon. During this auspicious moment, it becomes easy to get new ideas.

If you dream of the full worm moon, it also inspires you to be open to new ideas.

This is a message that prevents you from becoming rigid in your mind.

It helps you to be receptive to other people’s opinions and expressions.

8) Good Luck

The spring season comes with rain and fruitfulness. The full worm moon introduces and prepares us for the spring season.

Therefore, it brings good luck and hope to us.

The energy of the full worm moon keeps us hopeful. It releases positive energy into our hearts that gives us good vibes.

Furthermore, the full worm moon attracts good things to our lives.

To make this happen, create an intention during the full worm moon and say it out 7 times. Do this on the 1st and 2nd day of the full worm moon. 

Good luck comes to those who harness the energy of the full worm moon.

9) The holy spirit’s power

In Christanity, the full worm moon is called the wind strong moon or the lenten moon.

It is associated with the holy spirit.

Therefore, when the full worm moon shows up in the sky, it tells you that the power of the Holy Spirit is actively working on your behalf.

This message comes from God to fill your heart with faith.

Furthermore, the full worm moon encourages you to use the power in you to cause tremendous changes in your life.

What should I do during this Lunar Phase?

Burning incense sticks

During the full worm moon phase, do the following:

  • Take moon baths;
  • Perform protection spells and rituals;
  • Take time out to reconnect with yourself;
  • Meditate on the significance of the full worm moon;
  • Say the prayers of protection and good luck;
  • Create an intention in your heart, and write them down;
  • Sit under the full worm moon for a few minutes;
  • You can also perform good luck spells and rituals. While doing this, focus on making money;
  • Write out the things you want to accomplish during the coming season.

All of these help you to harness the energy of this lunar phase. It also makes you a beneficiary of the brightness of the full worm moon’s energy.

Is this Moon Phase Spiritually Important?

About this lunar phase

Yes, this moon phase is spiritually important.

The full worm moon marks the end of the winter season and the beginning of the spring season. Therefore, it serves as a gate between changing seasons.

Times like this are supernatural, and must not be trifled with.

Therefore, the full worm moon is spiritually significant.

Final Words

As we approach the full worm moon, take note of what you just read. Make use of this information for preparations. When the full worm moon comes out, ensure you are ready to make the most out of it. 

Moon Phase Date
January Full Wolf January 6, 2023
Snow Moon February 5, 2023
Full Worm Moon March 7, 2023
Flower Moon May 5, 2023
Black Moon May 19, 2023
Thunder Moon July 3, 2023
Harvest Moon September 29, 2023
Beaver Moon November 27, 2023
Cold Moon December 26, 2023






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