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What Is He Thinking, Tarot?


YOUR CARD: The Lovers Upright 


He loves you and spends a lot of time thinking about you. He’s afraid your relationship won’t go as he expects. He is afraid that things will go wrong and that he will end up suffering from it.

This man doesn’t think about other women. He just thinks about you, because you were the woman who has marked him the most so far. This Tarot card can explain everything to you. Just read the card interpretation!

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The Lovers meaning for your relationship

Whenever you see the lover’s sign, it carries a lot of spiritual meaning for your relationship.

The lover’s sign has the image of a male and female, who are naked and trying to hold hands. In the bible, it looks like that image of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. 

Whenever this card shows up in your card game, then you need to pay attention to it and learn from it for your relationship. If you are finding it hard to understand the spiritual meaning of the lover’s card, then read this article till the end to get answers to your questions.

The Lovers Upright

The lover’s upright card is the best card for a relationship. From the image, you can depict the desire of two soul mates to communicate with themselves. The tarot upright comes with a strong emotional connection between two kindred spirits. 

Therefore, anyone who gets the lovers upright will find love. Furthermore, it can also indicate the desire of your heart to find your true love. If you are single, the lovers upright is a sign that you are going to meet your soul mate very soon. 

However, if you are married, it is a sign that your relationship is going to enter a new wave of love and bliss. The garden is a symbol of marital bliss. Therefore, when you see this tarot card, you should expect a positive change in your love life. 

This brings a connection between you and your soul mate and establishes perfect love and harmony. If you have been experiencing a fallout in your relationship, the lover upright sign has come to tell you that the relationship will not fallout; rather, the love will be rekindled and the passion will be reignited. 

This is a good sign for your relationship and love life. The lovers upright show that your love life is going to flourish.

The Love Reversed

This is a sign of issues in your relationship. When you see the lovers reversed tarot card, it is a sign that even though the relationship looks beautiful on the outside, many underlying issues need to be sorted out.

The lovers reversed tarot card is not a good indication for your relationship, but your relationship must become stronger. The lover reversed tarot card brings a sign that many things need to be fixed in your relationship for it to blossom. The following issues will be revealed by the lover reversed tarot card.

  • Trust issues: When the lover reversed card shows up in your tarot card reading game, the player who gets this card needs to sort out the trust issues in his or her relationship. Both parties in that relationship are finding it hard to trust one another. This might be due to a previous mistake or a negative premonition of infidelity. Therefore, the love reversed card is an indication that both parties should discuss and settle this issue to prevent fallout.
  • Infidelity: Another possible reason for the fallout is due to infidelity in the relationship. If you are the culprit, then you are at a risk of being caught, which will lead to a fallout instantly. Therefore, the lovers reversed has come to indicate that it is time to become loyal to your relationship.

Therefore, when you see the lover reversed tarot card, you need to pay close attention to your love life. Even if things are going on smoothly in your sexual life, it is not an indication that the relationship is healthy.  Every issue must be resolved for the relationship to become healthy, stable, and blissful.

When the Lovers come out more than once

This is an indication that your relationship is crucial to your self-development.

When the lovers upright come out more than once, then it is a double or triple confirmation that your love life is perfect and without issues. It also indicates a perfect union that is fueled with consistent attractiveness between both parties. The lovers upright are believed to strengthen the bond between two lovers. This is why you should pay attention to the lovers’ tarot card when it comes out consistently.

In the spirit realm and the act of cartomancy, when a card comes out more than once, it is meant to bring an assurance that the current [phase of your life is closely linked with the image in the tarot card. Therefore, when the player gets the lover’s upright card more than once, it is a symbol of perfect love life either for your current relationship or future relationship (if you are single).

If the lovers reversed card comes out more than once, then it is a sign that you need to pay more attention to your love life more than anything because it is on the verge of falling apart. All the issues in your love life need to be addressed to prevent a breakup. You need to learn how to ask the relevant questions to know what to do to sustain your relationship.

When I get the Lovers, is it a good sign?

The lover’s tarot card is a good sign about your love life.

The lover’s upright tarot card is a good sign that your love life is full of harmony. If you are single, the lover’s upright tarot card is an indication that you are going to find the perfect and true love.

The lover reversed tarot card might look like a bad sign, but in reality, it is a good sign because it will help you to discover every underlying issue in your relationship to make it stronger.






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