Is he thinking about me 2

What Is He Thinking, Tarot?

Tarot Card: The Empress Reversed

YOUR CARD: The Empress Reversed


He is an indecisive person and doesn’t know what he wants out of life. He likes you and likes to think about you, but he has other women who can’t get out of his mind.

If you like this man, you better hurry. He is undecided and can make any decision from now on. This Tarot card can explain everything to you. Just read the card interpretation!

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The Empress meaning for your relationship

The empress is a strong positive indicator that brings a gleam of hope into the life of any player that gets it. The empress tarot card is a strong card for femininity and motherhood. If you are a female, the empress card encourages you to tap into the powers you have for self-evolution. If you get the empress card as a male, then it might be a sign of strong parenting abilities.

Several aspects of our lives can be affected by the empress card. Therefore, it is pertinent that a proper understanding of this card becomes residual in our minds. However, the focus of this Tarot spread is on our relationship or love life.

The Empress Reversed

If you are in a relationship, the empress reversed is a sign of resistance. It is a sign that you are holding back from expressing your emotions because of the fear of being exploited. 

Femininity is always associated with tenderness; which makes one vulnerable. Therefore, a lot of people don’t want to express that side of themselves to prevent themselves from being exploited. 

This case is similar to yours. The empress reversed reveals that you have been holding back because of that fear, and it is beginning to affect your relationship negatively because your spouse feels you are holding back due to a lack of love and trust.

If you are single, then the empress reversed is an indication of lack of decision on whom to marry. This is as a result of the various choices you have, which have given you a distorted opinion about who is best for you or not. 

Therefore, the empress reversed is a sign that you might take long to find your true love because of your indecision and distorted opinion about who your soul twin should look like.

The empress reversed is a sign that you are trying to gain the approval of people by suppressing your qualities and values. The empress reversed has come to tell you about developing mental and emotional stability, which keeps you grounded and confident in yourself irrespective of the acceptance of people or not.

The Empress Upright 

When you find the empress upright tarot card, it is a sign of fruitfulness in your relationship life. The mother universe is the source of all fruitfulness. Therefore, the woman sign is an indication of abundance and multiplication.

Finding the empress upright card brings fruitfulness and fulfillment to your relationship. This card indicates that you will find satisfaction with your spouse. 

If you are married, the empress upright tarot card is a strong indication of pregnancy and raising kids. Therefore, you have to be prepared for this before engaging in any sexual activity. When playing the tarot card game and the empress upright shows up, it is a clear indication that you are expecting a child soon.

Furthermore, the empress upright card brings a strong message of developing strong parenting skills to nurture your child. This instruction is mostly for the fathers because the image is feminine, which brings a similarity between the empress and the feminine gender. 

Therefore, if you find this card as a male, you have to learn about parenting. If you are yet to give birth to a child, then you are privileged. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn about becoming a good parent before you give birth. 

The empress upright tarot card is also a sign of a pleasant sexual life in a relationship. Most times, the reason for the love and friendship in relationships is tied to the pleasant sexual life. Therefore, if you have been asking questions about the sweetness in your relationship, then the empress upright card has come to reveal to you that it is tied to your sexual life. It is a sign that your partner derives pleasure and is pleased.

The empress upright tarot card also reveals commitment in a relationship. When playing the tarot card game, if you pick the empress, it is a sign of commitment. It reveals the heart of your partner and assures you of his/her commitment. Therefore, it will breed trust in your heart and make you confident of a long-lasting love relationship.

When the Empress comes out more than once

When the empress comes out more than once, then it means you have been ignoring the message of the empress. It is a sign that you have deliberately ignored your falling apart relationship because of your fear and skepticism. 

Therefore, the consistent appearance of the empress has come to point your attention to the urgency in its message. Finding the empress more than once in your tarot card game is a strong indication of an inevitability. That is, if something is not done with immediate effect, irreparable damage might be caused in your relationship.

When I get the empress, is it a good sign?

The empress is a good card to get in tarot.

This card has a strong connection with love and sex. Therefore, getting the tarot card brings pleasure into your love life.

Its connection with femininity makes love easier to express. Therefore, you are going to easily enjoy love from your spouse. The empress tarot card sign brings hope and positivity to everyone in a relationship. 

If you are single, then the empress is a reminder that your soul twin is going to locate you. It is an indication of a blossoming love life, which will lead to a beautiful family.






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