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What Is He Thinking, Tarot?

The Sun in Tarot

YOUR CARD: The Sun Upright 


He doesn’t have time to think about love right now. He has a very busy head with other, more serious problems in life that he needs to resolve.

He needs to solve past problems and present problems. Love life will have to wait, at least for now. This Tarot card can explain everything to you. Just read the card interpretation!

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The Sun meaning for your relationship

In a tarot card game, the sun is a major arcana sign that must be paid attention to. Whenever the sun comes up in a tarot card game, it generally brings a sign of positivity, energy, and light. The sun is associated with positivity; therefore, it is normal that the same energy will accompany its tarot sign.

The sun in the tarot can talk about every aspect of our lives. However, the focus of this article is on the relationship. This is one major aspect of our lives that must not be taken for granted, and the tarot card is a great way to discover hidden truths about the present and future reality of our love lives.

Therefore, we are going to explore the correlation between the sun in tarot and our relationship.

The sign of the sun in the tarot has the picture of a naked infant on a horse under the sun. Furthermore, the picture reveals little sunflowers growing in the background. This image can be easily misrepresented without the proper knowledge of tarot card reading.

Let this article help you to discover the meaning of the sun tarot card for your relationship. We are going to observe the sun upright tarot card and the sun reversed tarot card.

The Sun Upright

Whenever you see the sun upright card, it is a positive sign concerning your relationship. It depicts a bright future for your love life. It is believed that when you have doubts about your spouse, the sun upright card will explain everything you need to know about your spouse, which will fill you with confidence that you have made the right decision.

Furthermore, the sun upright tarot card will take away every doubt in your heart concerning the failure of your relationship. If you are single, the sun upright card is a sign that you will find the love of your life soon. Most times, it might indicate that your soul mate is around you as a friend, but things will rapidly change, and you will become lovers.

The sun upright tarot card is also an indication of a celebration. This is a sign of a wedding. Therefore, you should prepare for this – if you have not gotten a premonition before the tarot card game. 

The sun upright tarot card brings you and your spouse to a new level of openness, which will lead to a new level of joy and friendship.

The message from the tarot card does not have to be new; it might be a confirmation about something you already knew, but are not sure of. Therefore, if the sun upright reveals a blossoming love life, it might be a confirmation of something you have gotten from another spiritual source.

The sun upright tarot card brings a new season of joy and happiness into your relationship. The sun upright reveals that your relationship will enter a new phase of love, joy, fun, and intimate friendship. Therefore, finding the sun upright should create an expectation of good things in your relationship. When the sun shines on your relationship, it brings the good news that is full of positivity and oneness.

The Sun Reversed

When you see the sun reversed tarot card, it is an indication that there are going to be rough times in your relationship. It is an indication of endless conflicts and unforgiveness.

When you see the sun reversed tarot card, it has come to reveal the unpleasantness in your relationship. This does not have to be a prophecy; it might be a description of what is presently happening in your relationship. The sun reversed tarot card is an indication that the journey is rough, and there is a possibility of fallout if this emotion is not properly managed.

The sun reversed tarot card might also be an indication of a rough journey ahead in your relationship. Therefore, if the journey seems smooth at the moment, it is time to prepare for the storms ahead.

The sun reversed tarot card also reveals the possibility of a canceled wedding plan as a result of irreconcilable differences between both partners. 

Therefore, the universe has revealed the sun reversed tarot card to inform you of this event. 

Therefore, the best way to prevent this from happening is to resolve every conflict and learn to forgive because the sun reversed sign brings a strong atmosphere of hate and unforgiveness along with it. 

When the sun comes out more than once

Whenever the sun comes out more than once in your tarot card game, it is an indication that your relationship life needs more attention at the moment.

When you see the sun reversed tarot card more than once, then there is a high possibility of fallout in your relationship. The reason for this is tied to an unresolved conflict and an unwillingness of your spouse to continue the journey with you. The sun reversed tarot card is a sign of a breakup. When it shows up more than once, then you should prepare for the inevitable.

The sun upright tarot card is a sign of fun and positivity. When it shows up more than once, it means a positive turnaround in your relationship. It might also lead to the discovery of intimate truths about your spouse, which will make you love him/her deeply and more affectionately than ever before.

When I get the sun, is it a good sign?

The sun in the tarot is a good sign when you get the sun upright card. It brings positivity and high expectations concerning your relationship. Therefore, you should be happy to have the sun upright tarot card.

However, when you find the sun reversed tarot card sign, it is an indication of a deep void in your relationship. Therefore, it is not a good sign – most especially when it appears more than once.

The sun tarot card can be a good or bad sign depending on the position of the sun.

Therefore, you have to pay attention to the position of the image on your tarot sun card to understand the sign it brings.






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