Is it Possible to Feel Someone Thinking of You? 7 Signs

Whenever people think of each other, it shows a high level of concern and care for each other.

This is one of the numerous ways to build stronger bonds and establish a confession to true brotherhood, friendship, or sportsmanship.

Whether the person is aware of it or not, thinking about people is a good way to establish deeper bonds.

This is why some religious quarters practice thinking about people before praying for them.

In recent times, we have received queries from people who are inquisitive about the level of concern of their friends, family members, or co-workers.

They are eager to know if they are in the right place or the right association. 

Someone once reached out and asked, “Is it possible to feel it if someone is thinking about me?”.

When this question was asked, it stirred up a curiosity in me, which took me on extensive research about the power of thoughts, and its succeeding possibilities of divine energy transfer.

What I discovered was mind-blowing, and I am going to share them in this article.

  • Have you been concerned about your friends?
  • Is your friend far away, and do you want to communicate through your thoughts?
  • Do you even want to know about the power of thoughts, and how to make use of it for your relationship?

All of these questions are valid, and this article is the right resource to answer them all.

Furthermore, you will come to understand the different spiritual signs that come with the power of thoughts in friendships.

That is, you will have access to the 7 spiritual signs to look out for whenever someone is thinking of you.

Therefore, read this article till the end to discover amazing things about the power and divine energy of thoughts.

Can Thoughts Transmit Energy?

The energy of thoughts

Yes, thoughts can transmit energy. The power of your thoughts cannot be overemphasized. In the real essence, thoughts cannot be understood within this spectrum of time.

Over the past centuries, several psychologists have attempted to break down man’s thoughts into little pieces, but it has not proven the exact power of thoughts.

However, if there is one thing you should know, it is that your thoughts can transmit energy.

Now, let me reveal a powerful secret to you at this point.

In the spiritual realm, the voices you hear are not spoken by the mouth, they are spoken by the mind – the voice of the mind is called thoughts.

For example, prophets said that angels don’t speak with their mouths; they communicate through their minds and you hear it clearly as a loud voice. In the same way, your thoughts can transmit energy from one place to another.

Similarly, the thoughts of other people can transmit energy from one person to another.

This has nothing to do with having psychic abilities.

It is a natural phenomenon that lives in the soul of every man.

Whatever you give your thoughts towards will feel an energetic vibration. This is why people are counseled to pay attention to their thoughts. 

What happens (spiritually) when someone is thinking about you?

Someone thinking about you

Several things happen spiritually when someone is thinking about you. However, the common experience is in the way you feel about the person.

For example, if the person thinking about you is a distant friend that you have forgotten, the energy from that person will come to you.

Once this happens, your soul will begin to turn towards the person, and the image will form.

All of these are signs that such an individual is thinking of you.

In the spiritual world, when someone begins to think of you, there is always a signal of love, friendship, care, concern, or fear.

All of these depend on what the person is channeling his/her thoughts (concerning you) towards.

That is, if the person is thinking of you concerning danger or death, the signal of fear will fill the spiritual atmosphere, and it will come to you. Sometimes, it might come as a dream, or as a message. 

Whenever someone is thinking about you, there is going to be a feeling in your mind that gives you a clue about what is happening. Some of these clues should be acted upon while others should not.

Is it possible to feel when someone is thinking about you?

Feeling someone else feelings

Yes, it is possible to feel when someone is thinking about you.

This is a powerful energy transfer that happens every time.

There is no day you will not feel this. The reason for this is that people will always think and talk about you every day.

Therefore, whenever you begin to feel external energy coming toward you, it might not mean a spiritual attack. It could simply refer to the thoughts of someone that are channeled towards you.

If you have not considered the possibility of feeling the energy of thoughts, let this article be an eye-opener.

It is possible to feel when someone is thinking about you.

Later in this article, I am going to reveal the 7 signs to look out for, but these basic truths need to be established before we get into the 7 signs. 

Knowing that someone is thinking about you comes through a feeling. Can it come through a vision? Yes, it can. However, because the energy comes from the realm of the mind, it will occasionally be transmitted to you through the mind. 

Can you feel when someone is thinking about you?

Feeling when someone is thinking about you

This question is important, and I will answer it in simple terms.

Yes, you can feel when someone is thinking about you.

Feeling this energy happens all of the time. However, not everyone pays attention to this.

Sometimes, we can get so caught up in our daily activities that we abandon simple energy changes that come from the people who care about us. 

There was a sad story I heard from a friend. She lost her mother without knowing it. However, she was feeling the energy in her soul, which kept pestering her to call her mother. Little did she know that her mother was on the sick bed, and thinking about her.

Well, she missed the opportunity to share her mother’s last moments. This story sucks, but it can happen to anyone. 

Therefore, you have to learn how to pay attention to your soul, chakras, and energetic transfers.

Whenever someone is thinking about you, it will resonate with you, and you should be discerning enough to pick up the signal.

This is how to enjoy the power of thoughts from other people.

How do you know when someone is thinking about you? 7 Signs

How do you know when someone is thinking about you

We have established the basic foundational truths about the power of thoughts, and their energy transmission accuracy.

Furthermore, we have spoken extensively about the possibility of feeling something in your soul whenever someone is thinking about you.

However, this article will not be complete without talking about the 7 signs to look out for.

That is, we need to know the practical things to check out to know when someone is thinking about us.

1) Dreaming about the person coming to visit

This is the first sign to look out for.

Whenever someone is thinking about you, you might see the person visiting you in a dream.

Anytime this happens, it is a spiritual sign that the person you saw in the dream is thinking about you – and most times, the person misses you.

This can be your friend, family member, or your crush.

What should you do when you wake up? Try to check up on the person, or pay a visit to him/her. Dreaming about someone coming to visit is one of the signs to know when someone is thinking about you.

2) Dreaming about the person running after you

Whenever you see someone running after you in a dream, it is a sign that the person is thinking about you.

However, this is a little bit different.

Note this: Whenever you dream about someone that is running after you, it is a spiritual sign of danger. That is, the person is warning you against taking the wrong step.

Secretly, the person is thinking about you, worried about you, and praying for you.

This is why you had such a dream. Once you get this sign, try to find out what you are doing wrong (that the person is trying to warn against) and stop it.

3) You feel like seeing the person

The way you feel can tell if someone is thinking of you or not.

It is one of the things to look out for in the power of thoughts and energy transfer.

Whenever you suddenly feel a strong urge to see someone, it is most likely because the person is also thinking about you.

It is because the person also desires to see you.

4) Seeing someone’s name everywhere

Whenever you keep seeing someone’s name everywhere, it is an indication that the person is thinking about you.

Visions are powerful tools that can help you detect the thoughts of people.

Whenever someone is thinking about you, you will keep seeing the name of such an individual everywhere you go.

This is a sign that the person needs your attention.

Most times, this is a sign that you are not paying enough attention to the person. This might be your friend, sibling, or spouse.

Therefore, start paying attention to such an individual to eliminate every negative thought.

5) You feel like having sex with the person

Now, this has to be your spouse.

When you suddenly feel like having sex with your boyfriend or girlfriend, it does not always have to be based on your horny feeling.

Your spouse might be transmitting this energy to you as a sign that she/he misses you.

This is why you are feeling this way.

Now, should you act on it? Yes, you should act on it by checking up on your lover, showering your kind words to him/her, and spending time with him/her.

Simply try to make up time for your spouse.

6) Dream of getting a text message

Whenever you dream of getting a text message from your mum saying “I miss you”, it is a spiritual sign that she misses you.

Now, if your mum is dead, it is a spiritual sign that your mother’s spirit is around you, and communicating a message that she misses you.

However, if she is alive, simply check up on her, send gifts to her, and make her feel loved.

The universe will send this sign to you whenever your mum needs you. Therefore, ensure to be sensitive enough to pick up this sign.

7) You feel annoyed when thinking about someone

This is a sign that the individual is plotting evil against you.

Whenever someone is thinking about you in the negative, you will suddenly feel annoyed at the person.

Once this happens, it is a clear spiritual sign to stay away from such an individual.

This is saying that the person means no good. Spiritually, this is a red signal, and you should walk away from that friendship.

Getting goosebumps when you think of someone: is it normal?

Arm goosebumps

Getting goosebumps when you think of someone does not frequently happen to people.

This is why it is not normal.

It is believed that people get goosebumps when thinking of people that are dead.

Why will you get goosebumps because you are thinking of the dead? It is because the energy you release will attract the spirit of the one you are thinking of, and one of the main ways to feel the presence of spirits is through goosebumps.

Therefore, getting goosebumps when thinking of someone is beyond the normal.

Final Words

The power of thoughts cannot be overemphasized, and it can be used to show concern and love for others.

We believe that you will pay attention to the 7 signs listed in this article to know when someone is thinking about you, and most importantly WHAT they are thinking about you.

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