What does it Mean When it Rains After Someone Dies? 7 Signs

Losing someone to death is inevitable as life itself, but knowing this does not make it less painful. The loss of someone is an event that the living cannot escape.

But what if it starts to rain or pour heavily right after the death of your closed one? 

Suddenly, the whole world turns into a cold mess when you feel like your life has fallen apart with loss. At the same time, this can feel like a relief.

The downpour is as intense as your emotions. The world feels upset, and you are too. It looks outside how you feel inside.

Rain can come at a time of a burial or after hearing the news of someone’s death, but each time feels like an omen.

The rain has held many meanings over time, and its timely arrival can bring with it a profound experience. Let us look at what it means when it rains after someone dies.

What does the bible say about rain at a funeral?


In the Bible, rain comes in two forms, an omen, and a blessing.

Rain is a blessing and a way of showing God’s pleasure, as in the Bible, civilizations were punished and shown displeasure for not having rain.

Rain is also associated with the Holy Ghost. This means that rain is a sign of good luck and all that comes from it is blessed. 

The rain is a form of God sending comfort to you.

It is an acknowledgment of your pain. A consolation brought through nature.

According to Matthew 8:26, rain is God’s tears of sorrow and joy at the arrival of a soul.

So this is a sign that God is pleased to meet the soul while understanding the grief of the deceased loved ones. 

As it says in the Bible in Ecclesiastes 11:3:

“If the clouds are full of water, they pour rain on the earth. Whether a tree falls to the south or to the north, in the place where it falls, there it will lie.”

What does it mean when it rains at a funeral?

Raining at the funeral means concommunication of the deceased.

Rain pouring down at a funeral is considered a kind of omen for most people.

The rain is thought to express not only the sorrow of nature itself but also represents consolation for the grieving.

The water drops from the sky to represent a cleansing of sorrow and pain as it washes away into the ground. The rain washes away your tears with its own water.

The rain takes all the dust and imperfection and moves it to the ground. It clears negative and heavy energy. It makes space.

Another meaning is that the deceased person is now accepted to heaven, and their soul has finally departed.

The Heavens are crying out in joy to meet them.

What does it mean when it rains after someone dies?

What does it mean when it rains after someone dies?

When it rains after someone dies, it only amplifies what you already feel.

The raindrops, whether it be a gentle drizzle or a rushy downpour, hold significance to us.

It speaks to the range of emotions that we feel inside us. It represents the chaos and the enormity of the grief we feel.

The rain honors how you feel!

Rain also is a reminder of the cycle of life. It washes away the world and reminds us of how all things begin and end somewhere. Water evaporates into the sky and then pours down.

This cycle of life is a reminder of how energy transforms during our time here. You will constantly keep moving.

7 Reasons and signs why it rains after someone dies

Rain and deceased loved ones

When it comes to the reasons why it seems to rain after someone dies, we humans have held many beliefs throughout time, with different cultures and beliefs.

All these beliefs are comfort, hope, and signs that help us through this time of loss.

1) Their Sins Are Forgiven

A popular belief that stands is that rain falls away from the sky to represent the person being forgiven for their signs.

The rain represents the cleansing of the slate of their actions, and now they are being entered into heaven.

The higher power has forgiven them, and the rain ushers you to ease your anxiety, especially if you have been praying on their behalf.

2) Nature Is Grieving

In many belief systems, this rain is supposed to represent the tears of the universe.

For some people, this means that the angels are grieving; for others, Mother Earth is feeling your loss with you.

The heavens are crying for the departing of this soul for you.

The symbolism associated with rainfall following someone’s passing is powerful for those mourning their death. 

In this case, the rain is here to tell you that everything around you feels and knows your grief. The universe is grieving with you too. You are being offered consolation.

3) Your Deceased Is Present With You

For some people, the rain is a sign that their deceased loved one is watching over them.

With the soul not being able to manifest in a visible form, it chooses rain to remind you of its presence.

Here the rain is your loved one saying they are standing with you.

Your loved one will always be energy. They have only shifted from one energetic form to another.

Remember that they are only gone from the physical plane but exist in the energetic one.

All energy transforms and shifts but doesn’t ever disappear, they simply have shifted planes.

4) Heaven Is Welcoming Them

They say the rain is the tears of joy that heaven cries when it welcomes a beloved soul.

When the rain starts to pour after your loved ones’ death, they are welcomed on the other side.

They are not alone and are taken to a place where they stay peaceful and happy.

So fret not and know they are being cared for by the universe. Heaven welcomes with joy and is rejoicing.

5) Grief Is A Sign of Love

When the rain pours over the ground, whatever we feel is mirrored by our surroundings.

When nature lets loose, this reminds us that our emotions are okay. You feel the loss because of how much you love or care for someone.

You should never feel ashamed of your emotions. After all, the intensity of those emotions only represents how much you cared.

You are allowed to feel. Let your body express what it is holding.

Take your time if needed. There are no true timelines for grief or getting over some things.

Acknowledge your process! Allow yourself to grieve, cry, and let loose with how you feel.

6) Someone Special

Sometimes we only realize, after death, what someone means to us and how important they are.

When the rain comes, and it reminds you of them, this is you acknowledging what they have meant to you.

It is how you understand their importance, for something so profound and beautiful like the rain is now associated with them.

After their death, the rain comes to remind you that you still have them in your heart and memories.

They are not lost to you in every way. A part of you that knows them is still with you.

7) Cleansing A Slate

When the rain washes over a city or a place after someone dies, this is a reminder of how water washes away dust and dirt away into the ground.

In the same way, time will wash away and slowly ground your emotions and grief.

Experiencing these emotions is a part of your life. Accepting what has happened will help you move on.

This loss can be acknowledged while recognizing that life does move on.

We can live our life while we are still here. You can still make the most of the present.

Make the most of your time now and realize how precious time is! Know that beginning come after each end! 

It’s also common to see rainbow showing in the sky when someone dies.

Is rain after someone dies a bad sign?

The spiritual messages from rain

The rain is never a bad sign. It is a sign of comfort, of consolation, and of having our grief validated.

This sight brings comfort to us and our beliefs about death.

The rain also holds the meaning of a new beginning, as water is meant to wash into the ground to provide nourishment to grow.

In the midst of loss and end, we are reminded of what comes after it, whether that be a new beginning or a new cycle.

The rain reminds the power of your emotions, how powerful it is, and that we must release them too as time passes.

It is a sign of good, of hope and the universe telling you it is here with you. 

Final Words

In the end, raining after someone dies seems right and acceptable. This natural event holds feelings of consolation and acknowledgment of the loss of life that has occurred.

It is intense and not something we can control. It actually brings what we feel.

All in all, it is just like death and life itself. We learn we are not alone.

As nature responds to us and our loss, it becomes a moment when we try to survive and make peace with what has happened.

We can only hope, pray and believe the deceased soul has gone to heaven and is now at peace!






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