What does it mean when your Left Hand Itches? 11 Meanings

What does it mean spiritually when your left hand irches? There are 11 spiritual meanings of having an itchy left hand!

Each of these meanings comes with a specific message and instruction that addresses our individual lives.

If you have been noticing a consistent pattern of having an itchy left hand, then you should read this article to understand what the spiritual world is trying to say.

What does an Itchy Hand mean Spiritually?

Itchy hand in spiritual world

An itchy hand signifies a will to take an action. In African tradition, it is believed that an itchy hand comes with a burning passion to accomplish a task.

People often experience this when they are angered.

From the story we heard, it is said that the energy that comes from having an itchy hand is similar to the one that comes from having a shaky hand. Both are pointing to the will to take an action.

It helps us to know if we are ready for the responsibility ahead or not.

When you experience an itchy hand, take time to reflect on the things you want to accomplish.

Anyone that clings to your mind after a few days should be acted upon. It tallies with the itchy hand experience you had. 

Spiritually, an itchy hand also talks about fear of failure.

This is saying that you are overdue for certain actions, but your fear of failure is crippling your ability to take bold steps.

This is why you are having the itchy sensation in your hand.

It reflects the fears you are entertaining in your heart and encourages you to grow out of them.

Furthermore, the itchy hand sensation sends a signal of strength and ability. That is, if you are scared of failure because of a feeling of inadequacy, you will get this sensation as a sign from the universe.

The itchy hand is telling you to look within yourself and draw out strength. 

Additionally, you will discover that the itchy sensation in your hand is directional.

This means that it comes to tell you how to make decisions.

  • If the center of your palm itches, then the universe is telling you to go ahead.
  • However, if your fingertips are itchy, then it is a sign to take a pause.

Paying attention to your itchy hand helps you to know what to do, and how to go about your plans.

What does an Itchy Left Hand mean Spiritually?

What does an Itchy Left Hand mean Spiritually

In the spiritual world, an itchy left hand is a sign of inner strength. This sensation brings an eye-opening message. It opens your mind to see the numerous qualities you possess.

Anytime your left hand begins to itch, it reveals that there is a lot of potential you have left untapped and undiscovered.

It is showing you how special and needed you are.

Your best response is to be open enough to this energy. An itchy left hand is a spiritual sign of encouragement. It comes to those that have given up on life.

If you are sad about the outcome of recent efforts, you might have itchy left-hand sensations; this is nothing bad.

It only brings a message of hope. That is, your results are going to become evident in no time.

Another spiritual meaning of having an itchy sensation in your left hand is tied to emotion.

Now, if your left hand begins to itch when you are angry, this is a sign to stay in control.

The itchy sensation on that left hand is there to distract you and channel your emotional energy elsewhere.

The reason is that the energy could cause emotional imbalance if it is not properly channeled away from the situation.

What lesson can we learn from this? It is simple.

With the itchy sensation in your left, you will learn how to stay in control of your emotion.

This does not have to be anger. Even joyous emotional outbursts can get out of control. All of these will be avoided by paying attention to your left itchy hand.

Can an Itchy Left Hand be a Spiritual Message?

Messages from body signs

Yes, an itchy left hand can be a spiritual message. Anytime you have an itchy left hand, you need to take time out to think about WHY it came.

This is important.

Several times, we have missed out on the opportunity to see the spiritual world for ourselves.

This is always due to our lack of spiritual sensitivity and attentiveness to the signs around us.

Whenever the spiritual world uses parts of your body as signs, don’t ignore it, or explain it away biologically and medically. As good and noble as medical science is, there is a lot more to understand from spirituality.

Getting a message from the universe can come through an itchy left hand.

From my experience, it is common among people with low self-esteem and depression.

However, it can come to other categories as well.

If you feel an itchy sensation in your left hand, the spirit world is trying to communicate an important truth to your consciousness.

All you have to do is be open enough to fully capture what they are trying to say.

This article is filled with 11 spiritual meanings of an itchy left hand.

These meanings will guide you properly as you seek to explore what the itchy left-hand means to your life.

What does it mean when your Left Hand Itches: 11 Spiritual Meanings

What does it mean when your Left Hand Itches

Whenever you have an itchy left hand, several things happen in the spirit world. This makes it super-important to know what lies in it for us.

In this section, I am going to reveal the 11 spiritual meanings of having a left-hand itchy sensation. It gives you a clue about what the spiritual world might be trying to show you. 

1) It is time to take action

  • Have you been sitting back?
  • Have you been procrastinating?

The itchy sensation on your left hand has come to encourage and motivate you.

Through this sensation, the universe is telling you to take action. Stop holding yourself back by procrastination or fear of failure.

Take the reins and be ready to plunge fully into the deep.

The left-hand itching is a spiritual sign that prompts us to act on our dreams, goals, and plans.

Therefore, getting this message from the spiritual world should not be taken for granted.

Once you begin to feel an itchy sensation in your left hand, it is saying that the time to take serious action has come.

2) You are bold

Man being brave

For people that are timid, your left-hand itches because of this.

The reason behind this sensation is to make you bolder and more courageous.

If you wake up in the morning with an itchy left hand, it is a spiritual sign that spurs your heart to take bold steps during the day.

It comes to help you out of your feelings of insecurity and fear.

With this sensation, you need to understand that the spiritual world is supporting your every move, and they will protect you from making mistakes.

A realization of this will help you not hold back during the day.

3) You are taking the wrong step

Whenever you begin to feel uncomfortable with your itchy left hand, it is a warning sign.

This has come to warn you against an action or step you have taken. Feeling uncomfortable with your itchy left hand is saying that you are not doing the right thing at the moment.

This sign has come to help you out of the situation.

Do you know why? Stopping that action will prevent negative results.

Therefore, see the uncomfortable feeling that comes from your itchy left hand as a sign to hold back from doing what you have started.

4) Someone needs your help

Helping hand

When you feel an itchy sensation in your left hand, it indicates that someone needs your help.

The universe is coming to you with this message because you can be of help to people.

Don’t refuse to lend out a helping hand to the needy.

Now, you might not know the person that is in need at the moment.

However, after this sensation, pay attention to everyone that comes around you.

Once they seek your help, don’t hold back from helping and attending to their needs. 

5) You are not paying enough attention

If you dream of having an itchy left hand, it means that the universe has given you this sign in the physical, but you have not been paying attention.

This is why the sign came to you in the dream. You have not been paying attention to the physical signs around you because of the noise in your soul.

The dream world creates an avenue for your soul to get what is needed, and also understand what the universe has to say.

Now, this brings a general spiritual message concerning attentiveness to spiritual signs around.

When an itchy left-hand sensation comes to you in a dream, it is telling you to pay attention to the spiritual signs around you.

There is a message you have ignored and missed because of your lack of spiritual attentiveness.

6) Stop overthinking


In the spiritual world, the itchy left hand is a sign of mental pressure. It signifies overthinking.

Now, why do you think this way? It is surely due to an unfavorable condition.

The itchy sensation in your left-hand shows you that the universe understands what you are going through.

It reveals that God is concerned about you, and actively working for you to have everything your heart desires.

Therefore, embrace boldness, courage, and optimism.

Stop overthinking and exerting mental pressure on yourself. 

7) You are more than enough

Have you ever looked down on yourself in the past? Then, this spiritual message is for you.

The reason behind your itchy left hand is called a morale booster. It brings a message of developing healthy self-esteem.

In the spiritual world, having an itchy left-hand means that you have more than it takes to be strong.

It reveals that there is a whole lot of good you can accomplish around you.

In the spiritual world, the itchy sensation on your left hand has come to lift your spirit out of depression and low self-esteem.

8) Money is coming

Money sign
  • Do you need capital for a business startup?
  • How about needing money to urgently attend to a need?

All of these can be possible through the energy from an itchy left hand.

In African culture, it is believed that people will have itchy left-hand sensations when money is coming into their handed.

Therefore, take this as your message.

Having this sensation gives an assurance that you are going to prosper.

9) You are trying to start something new

The sensation you feel on your left hand is a sign of starting something new.

This sensation reveals the anxiety in your heart about the outcome of this new venture.

Whenever you dream of an itchy left hand, it comes with this same message.

If you are scared of starting something new, this itchy sensation in your left hand is saying that there is no reason to be scared. Do you know why? It is because the universe is watching over you.

10) Healing

Spiritual healing

This message is for those who have suffered betrayals and other emotional traumas in the past.

Having an itchy left-hand means that you have started healing up emotionally.

Also, it is an encouragement for you to let go of what happened in the past, and move on with the present reality.

11) Someone is thinking about you

The itchy sensation you feel in your left hand also means that someone is thinking about you.

This might be your spouse, friend, or relatives.

Getting this message means that you have good people around.

Should I be Concerned about this Spiritual Symptom?

Left hand

Yes, you should be concerned about it. Having an itchy sensation in your left-hand does not happen without reasons.

Therefore, don’t ignore its spiritual significance and essence.

Whenever you have an itchy left hand, be open enough in your mind to probe and understand what it tries to say and reveal.

Final Words

Having an itchy left hand is a spiritual sign that brings good luck, prosperity, and healing.

Therefore, don’t ignore it. Once you observe a consistent pattern of having an itchy left hand, take it a step further by praying about it, and getting divine intuition about it. Additionally, the information in this article will also serve as a guide.

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